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  1. Should they not publish they're abroad roaming charges? It's sharp practice to charge so much and one that a responsible provider should, i feel, make you aware of. I didn't cancel the DDM, just claimed back the 2 DD that they took. I thought i would be in a better position to negotiate with the cash in my bank.
  2. Think the main thing is if you are on the electrol roll or not. I've got bad credit and the first time they wouldn't clear me due to not being on the electrol roll, signed up and got the contract fine.
  3. Following a recent holiday to Dom Rep i came home to be greeted with a MASSIVE phone bill. I didn't make any phone calls whilst i was away so was surprised to see the £700 bill. The charges we made up from Data Charges. They bill said that i was averaging 91 hours of data charges per day. No obviously that isn't possible and when i spoke to my provider they said that that was the only way they could make the cost fit the week i was away. I've paid the bill by direct debit, it actually spanned across two invoices. A month later on and i claimed back these direct debits under the direct debit gaurentee. It's been over a week now and no letter or call from my provider and the phone still working. What should i do next?
  4. Hi, Those lovely beings at lowells have placed a default against my name. They are unable to prove of any debt. I imagine that this debt was sold to them in error however they have still placed a default against my name. Could anyone please advise the steps i can take to have this default removed and claim for consquential lose because of it. You help and guidance is much appricated. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply, it's all going on at the moment! After a 45 minute slog with a helpful representive my holiday has been re-instated. I have to admit i did nearly loose it at one point, the reality of loosing over a grand, no holiday and a desperatly upset girlfriend with no joint christmas or birthday present did nearly push me over the edge. That said the holiday is now booked and they have taken the balance. Dom Rep here i come!
  6. I have contacted o2 directly now about the information, or lack of it, from my SAR. This has seemed to provoke a good response and i am awaiting their final view. If it transpires that they didn't send me all the information help about me on the SAR i may have a bargining chip. Lowells have not contacted me. Anyone know if a SAR includeds recorded phone calls?
  7. I booked a holiday with Thompson via the internet. I paid the inital £100 desposit when booking just before Christmas. I paid another £1000 on February the 2nd and told the representive that the final payment would be made early march, despite the holiday due to take place on March 16th he said that this was fine (total holiday value circa £1600). Between February 2nd and today i received the flight tickets, detailed flight information/pick up information and a free guide book. When i called today to make the final payment i was told that the holiday had been cancelled due to non payment and that payment has to be received within 6 weeks prior to the holiday and that i had lost the money. i need to now if Thomson can legally accept money knowing that the final payment could not be made until March. Do i have any rights at all And will a SAR include the telephone call. When you ring up it says that calls are recorded. I have contact my phone provider and got the date and time that i was told by the representive that payment in March would be ok. Any help greatly appricated, i can't afford to lose this much money and both my girlfriend and i are devestated that we appear to have lost a fantastic holiday. It's worth pointing out that, to this date, i have not received written confirmation or notice that the holiday has been cancelled. When i called today the representive said that they did try to contact me once but were unable to reach me. This was by phone. :x
  8. Thanks for the reply ODC and your help with the BPO letter, if i could buy you a drink i would. I'm really ****ed off that they've put a default against my name when i don't owe any money, why are they allowed to do this! I'm not an unreasonable guy and if i owed the money i'd pay it, fact is i don't yet am being hounded and punished for a debt i don't owe. I need confirmation on the letter i drafted above so i can get this default off my record. Re Agent Moulder, i could do that but it still wouldn't get the default off my back and if anything probably make me look guilty. I own my own property, registered on the Electrol Roll so if they wanted to could find out where i currently reside.
  9. Good morning all, My continued thanks to all that have assisted with this matter. A bit of good news today i suppose, today I received a grovelling letter from BPO collections apologising and confirming that they had "closed the account and returned to Lowell Financial". Furthermore they have provided an 0870 number for legal advice...how kind. This has inspired me to attempt to bring closure to this matter once and for all and also strengthens my belief that if indeed the claimed debt does exist, Lowell's couldn't prove it anyway. There is a default on my credit file in relation to this, I suspect from Lowell's although it says communication supplier (see screen print below) I could do with some advice from those in the know as to who this default may have originated from. I feel that this default is on my credit file unlawfully and would like to claim compensation for credit I have since taken out as it no doubt has resulted in a higher that normal interest rate. I have below drafted a letter to Lowell's who would appear to have stopped writing to me since I requested proof of this debt and their formal complaints procedure. They seem to be passing this to different collection agencies in the hope that I just pay it. Could someone please review the letter before I send it so that I don't jeopardise my case and what I have stated is legal, fair and correct? Again my thanks to you guys and gals for all your help, advice and support. It really is appreciated! Screen print from credit file, is this Lowells doing or o2? Purposed letter, could someone please take a look at this for me? To Whom It May Concern: After receiving communication from BPO Collections I can now add another illegal offence that you have committed, quite a catalogue of these unlawful acts is building up and it is feared that this communication with yourselves will result in another. Further to my letter dated 4th August 2008 (to which I have received no reply from yourselves) I am disappointed that I have not received your formal complaints procedure as requested. Furthermore proof of the claimed debt has also not been provided (as requested) and strengthens my believe that even if this debt did exist you couldn’t prove it anyway. As you are aware Lowell’s placed a default on my credit file, this has affected my credit rating and increased my rate of interest on credit I have obtained. If you can prove that there is a debt on this account I will have no problem paying it. Proof meaning a signed contract between myself and O2, communication between 02 and myself detailing said charges (statements, letters etc) Once this has been provided and accepted I will then need proof that this debt has been sold/passed over to Lowell’s and, if paid, no further action will be taken and this default will be removed from my credit file. You have 7 days from the date of this letter to reply in writing before I ask my solicitor to act on my behalf and, amongst other offences that you have committed against me, claim compensation on credit I have obtained since this default you have unlawfully placed on my account. Best Regards
  10. I currently have a case with Lowells that i to the best of my knowledge is unlawful so would be delighted to provide details.
  11. Do i need to be notified that O2 have sold the debt and my details to Lowells???
  12. ODC my thanks to you for taking the time to write that and read through my thread. Thank you Reading another thread on here regarding Lowells i have never recived a NOA let alone agreeded to any such transaction. Yet Lowells have placed a default on my account which, if i understand correctly, they are not legally allowed to do and i am in a position to now threaten them. Oh how the tables (hopefully) have turned. This bloody debt doesn't even exist My thanks again to every member who has helped. It really is appricated and without knowing about this forum it's easy to pay and that keeps these tailfins in business!
  13. Belive it or not this is still dragging on. I've not had any further communication from Lowells since sending my letter in August last year. In this letter is asked for proof of the debt which has not been provided. Today i get a letter from BPO collections which follows the same sort of line as the previous letters from Lowels and their red debt collection department. Basically pay in a few days or we're taking you to court. Proof has still not been provided that this debt actually exists and furthermore no proof that any debt has been solded to Lowells/Red Debt/BPO Why are they allowed to default my credit file? If they have failed to provided the proof of debt within 28 days are they still allowed to chase it? Please advise me guys & girls Thanks!
  14. Despite two written requests for Lowells complaints proceedure i've not had one, after 42mans letter i've not had any contact with them at all! I know i shouldn't pay anything to them but this is effecting my credit score and restircting my from getting credit that i need right now! Are they allowed to place a default on my credit file when it would appear they can't confirm the debt.
  15. Bit small actually, this link should take you to the full size version http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b73/5t1g/balance.jpg
  16. Ok below is the only usefull bit of infomation from the SAR (learning the lingo now eh!) what do you make of this
  17. No its 2005. I'm unsure whether to complain to o2, go stright to the Information Commissioners Office or just pay the poxy debt. I know thats giving in but at least it's done then. I wonder if o2 and lowells have been in talks about this and have purposly held back the letter confirming the debt was written off. A more detailed look at the 1 page statement reveals a £45 credit for a phone that wasn't fit for purpose as apposed to writting off the above debt! If only i'd kept that forking letter...and i work for a document management company! Got to pop out now but will upload the statement later on today!
  18. Morning all! I've had my subject access request back from O2 which sadly doesn't have any correspondance between them and me. It seems to only contain a list of notes on my account and all of them relate to getting this subject access request. Are they suppose to by law send me everything? I know that they sent me a letter clearing this debt but they've not sent it to me, what can i do to get this? If there was debt building up the account surely O2 would have written to me to inform me of this, again nothing of this nature has been sent back to me from o2. Since sending 42mans draft i've had no more communication from Lowells
  19. 42 Man, thankyou for your detailed response. I will send this off to them and also the Subject Access Request to O2 which should, thinking about it, get me the corresponadance that stated this account balance had been cleared. Thanks again and i will keep you posted on this Steve
  20. Plus they sent this spread sheet to my old address after i sent them, via recorded delivery, my solictors address and stated (see top post for letter i sent) that all future corrispondance should go there. Can i legally ignore this letter?
  21. ^ Tell me about it, i'll scan this so called proof tomorrow and upload for you all to see. Lowells are certain that this is all the proof i need lol
  22. Ok but then i need to buy 40 days with lowells, what can i write to them to obtain this. I was thinking proof that this so called debt has been sold to lowells, proof of the contract i sign with o2 and i still need proof of the debt as the screen print they sent anyone could have done in excell!
  23. Ok Lowells have responded to my request for proof of this debt. This proof consists of a screen print of an excel spread sheet. Is this proof enough? I can't make head nor tail of the data there are no call charges just monthly lump sums. The letter ends saying that there is no reason why i shouldn't pay the outstanding and unless a clear the balance or start a re-payment plan in 7 days etc etc:-x What should i do
  24. Is there a template letter for S.A.R Also, what is this. Thanks for your help
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