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  1. Yes sorry my bad, that is the mine, I thought you ment the other ones for the same amp Sorry mate, carry on They just sell these amps with the wrong description on them to get you to buy them and if you dont know what 3200watts should sound like then they get your cash for a sub standard piece of kit Its all very shady:)
  2. Hi freaky leaky, that one is not about me, I am the one who states clearly that it is not 3200watt I measured the amps wattage by coupling it to a speaker out put of 5000w, then turn it up, the amp cut out at a very low volume so i tried 3000w speakers the same happened again, so i continued to change the output power until it was 750w before it was running properly.
  3. I am greatful for all of the advice so far, It happened almost 6 weeks ago. I have no contact with the woman and cant even remember her name. She apparently had a break down over these same allegations 4 years ago when he first started spouting them, I only found out about them recently. I am looking into as many avenues as possilbe whilst still trying to keep my own head and marriage together. The hosting site removed them at my request after legal challenges but that is as far i could take it with my limited funds. The small claims route I am going to look into tomorrow as it seems very viable but most importantly I hadnt thought about where the forum was hosted. What I am looking for is any advice as the whether an English/Welsh/N.I. lawyer can stand in a Scotytish court whilst legal aid is granted outwith Scotland ??
  4. Its not that i am not willing to pay for it, its that i cant afford it.
  5. I have spoken to numerous solicitors and they are not willing to take it on for spec only, even with a percentage of the damages, and you cant get legal aid for libel in scotland. I dont really think stooping to his level would help or solve anything either though tempting as it is
  6. It is a rival comedian who has hated me for years. And 1 night I had a one night stand with a friend of his wifes. He concocted this story and since then it has grown arms and legs and turned into a farce. The police have stated that they cant investigate because the female involved has never made a complaint, (because its not true) Scottish law sucks, I cant beleive he is going to get away with it.
  7. The problem I have there is that I am not in contact with the woman involved. I really think it would unfair to her to read a very private story about her sex life in the papers. I have almost thought of everything except dealing with the guy myself, but that would hurt my wife even more.
  8. The guy in question has boasted how I will never be able to afford to take him to court so he say what he wants. In another thread he claims that he has enough money to take anyone to court. But worse thing is have been banned from the forum because I answered the allegations. The forum is run by people who work for this man and subsequently they all believe his lies. I am still distraught about it. my wife (married 7/7/7) hasnt slept in the same bed as me for nearly 2 months and our wedding anniversary was all show for the neighbours and her family. Its driving us further apart until I can prove my innocence.
  9. I applied for a loan of £5000 from advantage loans (same company) I was told that once I paid the £49 I was garuanteed to have the £5000 loan. I got offered £3000 from Flm, when I called to complain (1 hour on the phone) I was told that there was no way that i was garuanteed that amount, They sent me another offer which was a link to A&L website. This was declined, another phone call (42 minutes) another offer which was a link to Halifax. This was also declined. Several calls of complaint later (3 hours 56 minutes) and several letters with links to companies websites later I recieve a call from there complaints team who confirm that the person I spoke to garuanteed me the loan of £5000. yet all I received was a refund for £49. What is my next move
  10. Some one has alleged on an internet forum that 4 years ago I raped someone (lies) As I live in Scotland I can't get legal aid to fight these allegations and it is damaging my professional and personal life. I can't afford the £30,000 legal fee's to fight this myself and this means that person has gotten away with ruining my life. Can anybody help me by giving me advice on whether an English lawyer could take on the case through legal aid to fight it in Scotland. Although it is a cut and dry case no lawyer will take it on spec either. I dont know what to do, as for 4 years this person has been telling anybody who will listen these lies. Please help
  11. Hi folks, I am not sure if this is the right place for this but recently I purchased an amp from ebay under the guise that it had an output of 3200watts, when the am arrived it isnt even 1000watts. Upon complaint to the company (hifi-tower) they have offered my money back but I am not willing to allow them to rip off other less clued up customers about how to check amps powers etc. I raised an action through paypal and ebay and they cancelled it stating that as a refund was offered it had been dealt with. Is there any way I can follow this up. Thanks
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