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  1. Thank you all for your help. I shall contact Rickerby's and confirm they want it paying to the new person. Then amend standing order accordingly. Thank you so much for your help. K
  2. sorry Is there anything I can do, I am so confused and scared. and no worries about re-formatting. Yes, sorry, I couldn't find my previous post so tried to summarise in my post. thank you.
  3. I really hope you can help. I had a CCJ placed against me around 4.5 years ago, and as they served the papers to an incorrect address (despite having my actual address), I didn't know about it until High Court Enforcement officers turned up. I got advice here and asked for an order to make a payment plan (it was 3k and I couldn't afford to pay it in full). I don't believe that the people who are chasing me for the money are actually the correct people, but apparently the courts don't agree. I did get the order varied, and have been paying the amount I
  4. Hi, sorry, the e-mail alerts just do not seem to be coming through no matter how much I play with the settings. I actually forgot I SAR'd them - and am having trouble finding the receipt for proof of postage that I had, but they have not sent me a thing, and I SAR'd them on the 13th February 2012. Hope you can help.
  5. Got court papers for a c1 debt on 4th December. I was not in a very good place mental health wise (i was sure the world was ending on 21st and had made plans for it, and was being treated by the community mental health team and taking diazapam), and in my comfusion, was convinced I had 28 days to reply, so figured i could deal with it after my crisis. I have now got myself in a place where i can (kind) of deal woth things again (i was very close to suicide at the beginning of and mid point of december), but have just found out it is 14 days to reply. I imagine this mean
  6. A further development is that today, a letter dated yesterday, from the solicitorsarrived giving me an account of theirs that they say i have to pay £10 into by tomorrow or they will send the high court officers around. However, as i hadn't heard anything by yesterday, i sent the cheque to the uni asking for bank account details to put it into for a standing order from next month. I don't know what to do
  7. Hi all, Finally have an update. The other side didn't bother turning up - even though they were the claimant. The judge granted a variation order for £10 a month, which is more than the £4 I offered, but still just about manageable. He said he wouldn't remove the High Court fees - which are more than £1300 as the CCJ papers were sent to an address I HAD lived at - even though it was concil owned temporary accomdation and the only people I gave that address to were utilities and bank as we didn't know if we would be there a week or a year. He says that because I HAD lived
  8. Hi all, An update. turns out they sent the papers back to my old address despite being told several times on the documents i sent them that i had moved, giving the new address and stating my current address in the 'info regarding this case should be sent to' box. i hadn't included enough evidence of benefit so they sent EVERYTHING back to that address. i had to rewrite and resend everything again, and they granted the stay of execution and sent the variationorder request to my local court. i received a letter today giving me a date for a hearing for the variation order applic
  9. and sorry i didn't reply to last few posts, i didn't get any e-mail notifications. i shall check back here regularly.
  10. hi, i just received an e-mail from the HCE asking me to provide proof that i have applied for a variation order (it says setaside/variation order(. the thing is i have sent every copy of my court papers to the gloucester CC - i know i should have kept a copy but i am on a lot of medication for my mental health, and didn't think. i haven't heard a thing from the CC, i have proof that it was delivered as i have the royal mail thing. however i have no way of proving what was delivered. i haven't received any documentation from the CC and just assumed it was because they are busy. the
  11. Still haven't heard from Court or HCEO. What can I do if the bailiff calls again?
  12. Just to update. The HCEO have not acknowledged my e-mail, or the copy of it sent by recorded delivery (which arrived yesterday), so i have no idea if the HCEO is going to back off while the court papers are dealt with. i haven't heard back from the county court in cheltenham, and the stress of everything has caused a relapse in my mental health issues, and i am too scared to ring them to tell them it is urgent I really hope the court do things before the HCEO calls again. I accidentally put all copies of my court paper in the envelope i sent to cheltenham, so don't have a cop
  13. Got an update for you. Took the papers to the local County Court today, and they said as the CCJ and the High Court Writ were issued in Cheltenham, I needed to send them to there. I have herefore sent them today via special delivery, and will be phoning them tomorrow afternoon, to let them know about the urgency of the Stay of Execution form at least. I am about to e-mail the HCEO (and will be printing and sending the same to them via recorded delivery) letting them know what I have done, and lettin them know that I am classed as a vulnerable person. Just out of interest, and j
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