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  1. I am a former plumber, and can assure everyone that toilet cisterns and seats manunufactured from the "asbestos reinforced plastic", Bakelite were very wide spread throughout the uk. As were asbestos cement cisterns (cold water tanks, and feed and expansion tanks) Both should only be removed im a safe manner by qualified people. Bakelite toilet cisterns, they are often dark brown or black, frequentley painted on the exterior. Bakelite toilet cisterns primarilypresent a risk because every time they are flushed there is a degree of abrasion at the lever point wether on a low level, or high level cistern. There is a risk af breakage of any cistern. I have replaced many. Bakelite is espescialy when old fragile. when it breaks, it releases particles of asbestos into the air. These cisterns should never be cleaned with a scouring pad or abrasive. Indeed they should not be touched. If you have asbestos get it proffessionaly removed. Please do not under any circumstances dismantle or attempt to remove it yourself. If you live in local authority, or Housing Assosciation housing, they will safley remove it for you. If your housing is now private but was formerly local authority built / owned, particularly if the asbestos / containing material was installed by them. They may possibly remove it for you free of charge. I am aware of one example of where the local authority did this in a then privatley owned house. Please, as a man who has witnesed seven members of my own family die from asbestos related cancer, please do not handle disturb or drill into anything you might slightly suspect to be asbestos. At my fathers inquest, it was stated that one asbestos fiber is all that is required to cause cancer. Degree of exposure is not neccesarily a determining factor in the likley hood of developing related cancer. There is information on various websites about where you might find it in your home. Every DIYer should be fully up to date on this before any works. The message is: Do not disturb it! Even something as simple as removing wallpaper from the inide of windows, or pinning christmas decorations to a textured cieling could expose you. Inform your selves, long may you live ; )
  2. Wing Long Brand, Red Flower Oil. Purchased from Chinese supermarket ( Cheaper ), or from Chinese medical practitioners ( Can be twice the price ), Amazon, Internet ( similar price to supermarket ). Is by far the very best treatment for sunburn, and burns from hot things like fire, stoves, blow torches, welding, etc. that I have ever encountered. I was a plumber, welder and keen home cook. So burns go with the territory. My GF and I once tried Yogurt for sunburn when on holiday in Cornwall and had left the Red flower oil at home. Yogurt didn’t seem to do all that much for the sun burn. It did soothe it a bit, but we are both very fair skinned. What it did do however, was to attract our damned dogs who relentlessly took every opportunity to take a swiping lick at us! And the flies! My GOD! They drove us both mad! We couldn’t wait to get home and showered and get the red flower oil on. It works much better. Dogs seemingly don’t like the taste, and flies seem to be repelled by it too! Red Flower oil comes in a small glass bottle, but it goes a very long way. Smear thinly over affected area. Almost total pain relief is near instant. - Depending on severity and nature of burn. Reapply perhaps 2 - 3 times per 24 hrs. If and when the pain returns. Due to its quite remarkable analgesic / pain relieving qualities. You should take utmost care when washing, dressing undressing. Perhaps best not to wash affected area for a couple of days. Or only do so only very gently when pain comes back so that you are aware and would not therefore scrub the skin. Rinse gently only. Only very mild moisturising soap like Dove if you must, as the burns heal. The product also seems to promote, or speed up the healing process, and reduce the sun stroke or burn shock effect. This may only be because it prevents drying and cracking. Keep away from eyes. I recommend the Wing Long Brand, solely because I, my friends and our families have used it for some thirty years with great effect and had no problems. I believe it to be a trustworthy reputable brand. There was / is an issue with some other makes containing different formulations. Notably: Koong Yick Hung Far Oil, aka Red Flower Oil Manufacturer: Koong Yick & Co. Ltd. Of Singapore contains, according to the USA FDA ( Food and Drug Admin ) a toxic ingredient, Methyl phthalate. - Phthalates are not something you want. Baaaaaad stuff! The ingredients of Wing long red flower oil are: Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Wintergreen Oil, turpentine oil, camphor oil, Cassia Oil and Clove Leaf Oil. - All known, plant based analgesics. - All Natural ingredients. Wing Long red flower oil can reputedly be used to treat symptoms related to arthritis, rheumatism, bruises, reducing redness, irritations, itching, swelling, sprains, muscle pains and cramps. I personally find it most effective for sunburn, general burns, and soothing of allergic, irritant rash. The only negative is the smell. Some people like it, - I don't. To me it smells something like Ralgex, Tiger Balm, or Deep Heat. Be aware that with sunburn / any burns, that if you feel dehydrated, ( keep your fluids up, sipping slowly. - Too much at once can exacerbate shock. Avoid caffeine and alcohol ). If you start shivering, blister badly etc. Feel nauseous, disorientated. GET TO HOSPITAL OR A DOCTOR QUICKLY! - THIS IS A CASUALTY SITUATION! - You likely have sun / heat stroke. Which can be fatal. Even in the UK. Throughout the world where cannabis is legal or tolerated. It has for centuries, if not millennia, been recognised and prized for its efficacy in the treatment / alleviation of heat / sunstroke. It has reputedly saved very many lives used in such circumstances. Even the formerly totally intolerant USA acknowledged it as one of if not the most effective treatments. Search Bhang Lassi.
  3. Also, little if any chlorine, and near same temp as soil so does not set plants back with temp shock or chlorine toxicity.
  4. Blanch coriander and herbs before freezing to avoid them going yellow!!!! I respectfully suggest total rubbish! Totally unecessary, and Takes all the taste away. Take any herb, washed, preferably spin dried in a salad spinner, but it really does not matter so long as you shake most of the water out. Put in a zip lock bag, almost close it. Hold bag to your chest. Squezze out all the air you can and seal it. Freeze it. Been doing this for decades. Works perfectly every time. Want chopped herbs like Cilantro / Corriander, Parsley etc. Take bag out of freezer, and immediatley squish / crush / rub bag and contents to desired consistency. Chopped herbs in seconds! Straight from the freezer. They are so brittle, they just shatter. You can store all herbs like this. But the crush chop method does not work as effectiveley, if at all with the more leathery leaved plants such as bay, or curry leaves. Fresh Lemon Grass can be so expensive. I buy when its reduced for quick sale or cheap in bulk and just freeze in bags as above. Never blanch herbs. That's just western bullsh*t. Fresh chillies freeze well same method too. I near organicaly grow almost all my yearly supply of herbs and veg and preserve it like this. Saves me a fortune. The longer you keep any fresh cut herb in the fridge or anywhere else. The more it loses its flavour! Do the above and keep the flavour! ; )
  5. Alternative to toilet paper! Use a fluffy pup like a certain loo roll manufacturer seems to hint at in their ads ; ) Ever wondered why Rhodesian Ridge Backs have that chocolatey stained strip of fur going the wrong way up their backs? - Because Bog roll can be in short supply in parts of Africa ; )
  6. ***** SERIOUS HEALTH WARNING! **** Using toilet tissue to blow your nose is not the cleverest thing to do health wise. I used to for years, and it can cause serious even fatal health issues. Have you noticed the huge fine cloud of particles that become air bourne when you unroll and tear off bog roll? You probably wont notice it under normal lighting circumstances. Everyone must have noticed it under bright sunlight. Or powerfull electric light. These particles we see with the naked eye, are only the larger ones. Their is real danger in the ones we cannot see with the naked eye. Especially those below 10 um in size. What is the natural thing to do before one blows ones nose? Take a deep breath. Typically while holding tissue near face. Then blow nose. In so doing you are inhaling vast amounts of these air bourne particles / fibers. Any one in the construction industry, or manufacturing (where dust is present ) will tell you that dust inhalation of any type, for any duration is strictly banned on health grounds. A Fairly recent thing, but for very good reason. Not only is it potentially irritant, but any dust. Even seemingly benign dust can, through long term exposure potentially be carcinogenic, and or cause very debilitating, often fatal medical conditions. Including but not exclusivley: Asthma (and or exacerbation of pre existing), causation of mesothelioma, lung, esophageal, gastrointestinal, laryngeal, and pharyngeal cancers. Typically, roughly half of many of the air bourne paper particles will be smaller than 10 um. Meaning that they readily cross into the blood stream, thereby travelling to all organs. These small particles go to the lungs, where they have access to the blood circulation. That Is the primary function of the lungs. That is to act as a primary interface between our bodies and the outside world. This increases the risk of chronic cell mutation at any site in the body. These particles will carry with them whatever they are compounded with. Carcinogens, toxins or not. - See later. SHAPE IS IMPORTANT: What is increasingly, over the decades becoming acknowledged among the medical and scientific comunity, despite much industry and vested interest suppression, is that fibres of many substances not just asbestos, appear to have a far greater potential to cause cancer than particulates of other shapes, eg spherical. WHAT IS PAPER? - A COMPOSITE, NONE THE LESS: PRIMARILY A FIBER! Toilet paper, as does most paper, unless it is unbleached, non - dyed / inked / printed, and dioxin free. Contains by virtue of its manufacture other dangerous, proven carcinogens and or other substances that can pose issue to health. These substaces are incorporated into the fibers that we breathe. There by allowing the active transport of them throughout our bodies. Bleaches inks and dyes are all well known carcingens as is dioxin all found in toilet paper. If you want to know what dioxin does to you Google: Dioxin, Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko. - An extreeme example. - None the less eventually proven, and true. I am not trying to suggest that anyone should stop using bog roll. Or, that if you have used it for blowing your nose on occasion, that you will get cancer or ill. These issues are likley due to long term / chronic exposure. Only that you should use it for its intended purpose, wiping your bum. Avoid breathing in the dust. Using it long term as I did to blow my nose, can cause problems. It hugeley exacerbated my hayfever / rihinitis, and induced / exacerbated my asthma. - Near instant reaction. In the season, Which is why I looked into it. In the season, I could often get through three or more toilet rolls or big boxes of tissues a day. If you don't belive any of the above Google it! To blow my nose, I use proper tissues, - expensive, or as a cheaper alternative, Kithcen roll (what I use most, as I am a cheap skate ; ) ). Both appear to shed dramatically less fibers / dust. On a humerous note, re the subject: Toilet Paper! Listen to this : You Tube: The Macc Lads - Thinking In The Dark, Link: : If you are easily offended, or dont like swearing, dont Listen. They are arguably the most viley crude, totaly non PC band ever on earth. But they are bloody funny! From 1.33 mins, pertinent to thread - And Totally Cracks me up! : ) I'm Logging out! Bye ; )
  7. Today the police seized my friends van. The vehicle is fully insured, has a valid MOT, and was taxed on line this Thursday (three days ago). The police officer stated that the vehicle was being seized for no tax. He refused to allow my friend to remove his property from the vehicle. - Is this (refusal to permit property removal) legal? My friend told the officer he had taxed it on line, the officer said the computer says not. It is recorded as untaxed. My friend offered to get a mini statement from the cash point proving the payment to DVLA. The officer was thoroughly unreasonable and said to the effect you can show me all the paperwork you like, your vehicle is seized and it's going. My friend had his twelve year old daughter with him and they were now bitterly cold so had to take a cab home. - He hopes to claim this and any other consequential cost or losses back from the police. My friend is a self employed builder and has several thousand pounds worth of tools in the vehicle. Without the van and tools he cannot earn money. He has canceled work for Monday and notified client/s. He has got a transaction number from the bank verifying the payment to DVLA, dated three days ago. What should he do?, what if any compensation, monies might be due. I suggested that he insist the police return the vehicle to his home at his convenience, not him go fetch it by cab. Is this unlawful seizure? Advice would be much appreciated thanks, Zombe
  8. Thanks mate! If I get stopped, road worthiness wise, I believe it will fail on emissions due to it needing full service having been off the road for a year, and due for a service before hand. It is otherwise safe everything works fine. Its very old, but its a Toyota Mike.
  9. Thanks all , I think the best thing for me in view of your advice is to reverse my original plan, and to sequentially do in line an amalgam of what you advise. In other words, I intend to book MOT first thing tomorrow, car will probably fail, drive car to place of repair and back to testers under exemption of vt30. - Would that be legal? From my understanding of what you say I think so. I hope not to get my car seized. Thanks for the advice - Mike.
  10. What is the legal position? My car is currently SORN (no tax, no MOT), I need to drive it to a garage tomorrow to get a full service etc. Then on to a separate MOT center. I have insured the car by phone. I have insurance policy No, docs posted to me today. Can I legally drive it for such purpose? I have searched .gov, VOSA, and Google - could find nothing other than must have valid MOT, Tax, insurance. Help appreciated!
  11. What is the legal position? My car is currently SORN (no tax, no MOT), I need to drive it to a garage tomorrow to get a full service etc. Then on to a separate MOT center. I have insured the car by phone. I have insurance policy No, docs posted to me today. Can I legally drive it for such purpose? I have searched .gov, VOSA, and Google - could find nothing other than must have valid MOT, Tax, insurance. Help appreciated!
  12. Hi, thanks very much all of you for your advice, - My friend is in quite a panicky! MUCH APPRECIATED THANKS! We have amended letter as advised, including pasting in Installsparks very usefully HB Regs. - Good to show the other party she knows her onions! Re: "admitted over site," the exact words from Benefit Services letter is: Dated: 2nd June 2009. I have reviewed the application for Housing Benefit from your Tennant Mr **. I must advise you that benefit has been stopped from March 2008 and you should arrange for the full rent to be paid from this date. As a result of this change you have been overpaid the sum of £2,573.21. The reason for the over payment is defective claim and has been calculated as follows: -----------------------------Benefit Paid--------------------------------- FROM TO WEEKLY AMOUNT NEW AWARD 31 March 2008 01 April 2008 £4*.** £0.00 01 April 2008 01 April 2009 £4*.** £0.00 01 April 2009 18 May 2009 £4*.** £0.00 An invoice will be issued for repayment. (End of letter) I agree with Aviva: Quote: Originally Posted by Aviva I think as per usual when it comes to debt collection involving more than one party they have gone for the person they think is most likely to pay or be in a position to pay rather than who actually is responsible for the outstanding debt. - But I would put it more strongly: I am absolutely certain the above is the case! Re: overpayment recoverable from Ben Claimant / tenant if receiving DWP Benefits. We believe the Tennant to likely be on benefits as has little realistic prospect of employment due to disabilities and "issues". - He left a note saying he was going to the Council Day Center / Night shelter. We think it reasonable to assume that they would have got him to reapply for benefits. IMHO I believe he should be on Incap Ben and DLA. Re: If the tenant has fraudulently claimed any benefit while working, the council should go after him. My understanding, and honest opinion is that tennant did not intentionally, fraudulently, or otherwise claim benefit to which he was not entitled. I believe the tenant notified Benefit Services that he had stated work, but the Housing Benefit continued to pay the landlord regardless from 31st March 2008 through to 18th May 2009. We are minded to leave much of the circumstances in, just put it more concisely, (which I am crap at!) as I have once had Judge significantly reduce a Claimants costs because I demonstrated that I had fully informed them of my position from the outset. On another occasion for the same reason, the Judge threw out the entire case and soundly admonished the claimant for ever bringing the case to Court. Further, that we are considering CC ing the letter to MP, MEP, Local Councilor, Local Paper, with cover letter. Thanks again!
  13. I have been asked to post this on behalf of a friend who does not yet have access. She is being pursued by The Benefit Services For some £2,500 in rent overpayment's for rent/services for a room she let to a homeless man formerly accommodated by the same Council Benefit Services that is now threatening her. The circumstances are outlined in the draft letter of appeal below. Please advise! I don't know what I am doing! Should she send this as is or what amendments would you suggest? ************ Benefit Services ************************ 19th June 2009   APPEAL   Re: Your Invoice Number: ***** Dated: **.06.2009 + Phone call. Appeal Regarding Your asserted overpayment of £2,573.21. I am shocked and dismayed that you are attempting to recover this sum from me with threat of further costs and potential legal action! I hereby appeal against this decision. My reasons and circumstances follow: I do not understand on what legal basis you have a claim against me. The money was part payment for rents due to me from Mr ("the tenant") for the period of his tenancy. Paid by you into my account. It should be noted that Mr ("the tenant") to date, owes me some £2,557 in rent and bill arrears for the period of his tenancy and was evicted for non payment of rent arrears. This money was paid to me, an individual, a small private landlord renting a bedroom in my house, by you the Benefit Services, for rent claimed by a third party. My former tenant Mr ("the tenant"). My understanding is: That you paid the sum to me for rent claimed by Mr ("the tenant"). That this payment resulted from claim/s for rent and or benefits by Mr ("the tenant"). - A matter between the Benefit Agency and Mr ("the tenant"). The detail of which is of no more concern to me than any other landlord in the U.K. save beyond that that the rent is paid. The eligibility of Mr ("the tenant") at any point in time is not information I am party to. It is again a matter between the Benefit Agency and Mr ("the tenant"). Benefit legislation and eligibility is something I know nothing about save TV adverts offering ongoing support for those re starting work. Which is what I assumed was the case when the payments were continued by you for the brief period/s Mr ("the tenant") informed me he was working. If you consider that you have made overpayment on behalf of Mr ("the tenant") due to his alleged in eligibility then you should seek to recover the monies from him. This a matter to which both Benefit Services and Mr ("the tenant") are legally, contractually bound,- not I. In consideration of the above I cannot see how I “have been unjustly enriched,” I request the claim be rescinded / estopped. I work hard for often very long hours and low pay as a care assistant. I struggle to make ends meet and pay my mortgage. I met Mr ("the tenant"), a Liverpudlian, through a friend and near neighbor. On arrival in *********, he was homeless and using the services of ******* City Council Homeless Persons Unit Day Center, Night Shelter, etc. He has a number of issues, and disabilities and I felt sorry for him. I had advertised the spare room in my house for rent as I was really struggling on my own for money. I let him have the room without the months rent as deposit I had intended. He was destitute, and penniless. I offered him the room, inclusive of food and bills, originally for £473 pm, which he claimed from you for a while. He later found employment as a security guard and paid the rent/bills himself in full to me for a while. I understand that he lost his job due to not having the ability to take the security guards exam, he went back on benefits. I had no idea when he was in work, on benefit or not, - other than his say so, the forms he showed me, and your payments on his behalf. I understand from Mr ("the tenant") that In March 2008, the Benefit Services cut his payments to £173.63 due to his declaring restarting part time work. He assured me at the time that he would make up the short fall from his wages. He failed to do so and grew further indebted to me. Other than renting him a room we lived separate lives. I often work a 60hr + hour week, I have two daughters, and grand children who live locally and I visit a lot. I have a busy social life. Home to me is where I sleep. What exactly transpires in a tenants life is simply not going to be on my radar. Matters deteriorated rapidly when Mr ("the tenant") borrowed money from me and failed to repay it. He ran up considerable debts and has caused me serious problems as people and businesses are pursuing him for the debts at my address, causing me considerable distress. I became aware that he has a serious gambling habit, and believe many of his debts result from this. We have had many rows about money and his failure to move out, keep the place clean, his rudeness to me and my relatives, etc. I gave him notice to quit in April 2008. This caused a number of very bad rows and I felt unable to stand up to him as he was mentally and verbally abusive. He simply ignored the notice to quit, and my every repeated request that he leave. This has been the situation for many months. I dread coming home to face yet another confrontation and abuse. I was greatly relived when he left. I have had the locks changed. To put it mildly, he has been an extremely objectionable tenant, and owes me some £2,600 in rent and bill arrears. When you obtain a forwarding address for Mr ("the tenant") please forward it to me so that he can be served with an injunction / non contact harassment order. I can send the people chasing him for debt on to him. I am sick of people pursuing him at my address. I received payment from you through your admitted oversight, - not mine. Oversight, and consequent situation of which I was neither aware or responsible for. I received payment from you upon which I acted in reliance upon. I paid my mortgage with it. Consequently I am in a position from which I cannot revert, In that the rent was paid into my mortgage account. In consideration of all of the above I cannot see how I “have been unjustly enriched,” I request the claim be estopped. I do not understand on what basis you have claim against me in law. - I cannot understand why you are pursuing me and not Mr ("the tenant")..     Yours sincerely ****** The above was written with reference to general advice on the Debt Forum, and posts on the Benefits Forum by Silverfox1961 and installspark in thread posted by Big Boss man: East Riding of Yorkshire Council Overpayment's - part 2. Link / clicky: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/benefits-tax-credits-minimum/203059-east-riding-yorkshire-council.html Advice would be very much appreciated, - Thankyou!
  14. Thank you for your advice. My questions arising from the application for Summary Judgment hearing of 21st January 2009 are: How to defend unjust enrichment through lost cheque? Or if Bank can’t prove cheque was not encashed, does their claim fail? At the hearing of 21st January 2009, Halifax applied for summary judgment seeking to enforce a Summary Judgment for some £10K plus costs and interest. Arising from an alleged shortfall in full redemption of a mortgage that took place in August 2003. In February 2004 Halifax contacted me to inform me that their bankers Barclays had lost a cheque for £6,908.00 this being part payment of a total of £68,907.84. The background is explained on earlier posts. In Court the Halifax Counsel referred extensively to “Chitty on Contract Law 29th Edition, Volume 1 General principles.” Without giving the Judge or myself prior copy. The Judge asked Halifax Counsel if he had copies for herself and me the defendant to refer to, he had none. The judge appeared displeased and asked the Court Clerk to photocopy the relevant pages. I have a .pdf and can post it if helps. I also have .pdf of Halifax / Optima’s Witness Statement, P.O.C. and evidence. Bear in mind the first I saw of this was when Halifax Counsel showed it to me for a few minutes just before the hearing. A main argument put forward by Halifax’s Counsel: That they claim that I have been unjustly enriched to the sum of £6,908.00 the sum of the cheque paid to the Halifax that their bankers Barclays lost in 2003. Unjust enrichment is the condition I have not found a solution to. Under questioning by the Judge, I said that I had no proof other than the Halifax claim that the cheque had not been encashed. I was asked if I had seen my mothers bank statements or asked her. I explained that my Mothers finances were and are controlled by my brother who denies me access to my Mothers financial data. The Judge instructed Halifax’s Counsel to prove to the Court, to both Court and satisfactory legal standard that the cheque paid to your client by my Mother, for some £6,908.00 was not encashed before the next hearing 10th March 2009. I do not know whether the Halifax will be able to prove that the cheque was not encashed. A friend suggests that that is unlikely that they will be able to do so. I have no idea. I wonder if there is mileage in the fact that I was sent the deeds and D32SE, the highest proof anyone is mortgage debt free. How can a bank do this and then six months later claim they lost part payment, a cheque for £6,800.00. - I do not understand! This is the Chitty Detail: Chapter. 3 - Consideration, page 264, 3-089 Requirements. For the equitable doctrine to operate…… Page 265, 3-089 - Discharge & Variation of Contractual Duties. - A promise or representation……….. Not mentioned by prosecution were: Page 268, 3-093 Reliance. - I and my Mother relied on the material (action in reliance) sent to me by the Halifax, the deeds and form D32SE and their written proof of full mortgage discharge. Importantly page 269, 3-094. Whether Detriment Required.- I wonder if this may offer me defence re unjust enrichment. I cannot sufficiently understand it to be sure. Which is why I did not raise it at the hearing. Page 270, 3-096 Effect of the doctrine generally suspensive. - Not extinguish but only suspends rights. I think page 270, 3-095. Inequitable. - Again not mentioned by prosecution, further assists me. In that: I, the promisee acted in reliance on the promisor’s highest assurances that I am debt free. Mortgage fully repaid, as confirmed by the Halifax. They sent me the deeds to my house, and form D32SE - the transfer to land registry document proving that the property is debt free, and in my sole name. I and my mother relied on this and my and my mothers position subsequently changed upon reliance on their assurances that I was debt free. My Mother relinquished her finances to my brother. From this point I and my Mother were unable to revert. Page 271, 3-097 Discharges and variation of contractural duties. - Extinctive effect in exceptional cases. Why the Halifax are using this one I do not understand. As I interpret it. If anything, this is relevant to me as applicable in defence. As it appears to undermine / invalidate their claim against me.
  15. Allocation Questionnaire N150. I am Not Happy About ticking yes to Box A! Halifax / Optima have selected No to question A.: Do you wish for there to be a one month stay to attempt to settle the claim, either by informal discussion or by alternative dispute resolution? Reference to this site would suggest I tick yes. The hearing (final) they have requested on their AQ is for March next year. Is there really any point in me ticking yes? At the end of the day there is no way I am going to be satisfied with anything short of a full strike out, or withdrawal with costs to me. This being core to my principles. Founded on my belief that the Halifax are simply wrong. It is their error, compounded by errors, and overcharges. After all Halifax have put me through, I will not accept anything less than complete withdrawal by Halifax. And If they won, I am looking at about 20K which they will doubtless enforce by repossession. It would appear to me from the Halifax AQ and POC they are of no intent other than to fight me all the way and are not even considering withdrawal. - The only out come acceptable to me is that their claim entire should be estopped. Or otherwise voided. OK,I can for see people saying there is a time advantage to be had. But honestly! in my circumstances, (Final hearing March 2009) I think ticking yes will merely be interpreted as weakness. In that it would potentially introduce the concept that I wish, or even consider, that I accept less than total withdrawal of claim + costs. This I feel Will, be interpreted by Halifax and court as a climb down. A diminution of my long argued position. As I understand it, estoppel, as relevant to my circumstances is pretty well an all or nothing defence. In ticking box A, pertaining to my case, what value is there in that? - Other than to have the final hearing in April instead of March 2009? Why give them more time? Or does ticking yes just make you look reasonable to the court ?
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