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  1. Any updates as to what happened with this?
  2. Well technically I'm not paying the claimant on these CCJs. It was CL Finance who originally made the claims and is the claimant. CL have now sold the accounts to Hoist and Robinson Way collect on behalf of Hoist. I received the claims over 6 years ago, long before I discovered these forums and knew about CCAs and SARs so I just didn't bother defending them and admitted liability. It's annoying really though as if I had known what I did now I would definitely have CCAd both debts and not just admitted owing the money. I'm not even sure what the debts actually re
  3. Hi dx100, I cancelled the direct debits created by Robinson Way shortly after they were created and before any payments were taken. Now I pay them manually using online banking at the end of every month. I have totalled up everything and nothing has been added and all payments have been applied. On both CCJ debts I am paying £10 per month. The first debt has £370 outstanding but the second £2930 so I'll be paying that for a long time to come!
  4. An update to this thread: I wrote a complaint to Robinson Way about this and asked for compensation, I got a shoddy response that contained many errors and didn't take my complaint seriously. I then sent them a follow-up and received a response from the compliance department saying the matter would be dealt with and I would get a response in the near future. Yesterday I received a letter from Robinson saying my complaint was upheld and admitting some mistakes were made on their part and also said I would receive £50 in compensation. I am pretty pleased with this but
  5. I understand why you have to put the 'I do not acknowledge any debt to RW' but by doing this if there is any refund due then would they pay it as the payments concern a debt unacknowledged by you?
  6. Annie this matter hasn't been very time consuming and I am now not stressed out about it at all. You say it is the 'same entity'. I have only discovered this after posting on this forum and researching on the internet. This same entity has obviously set-up separate companies for its own benefit be it tax advantages, asset protection or other reasons. Just because it is the same entity is no excuse for its behaviour - 2 separate companies have been set up by this 'entity' and any transfers must follow procedures and the law. If for example I was paying 1st Credit a dir
  7. Just taking stock of all my finances and reviewing my situation I have a few debts that should be statute barred shortly. I can't find a definitive answer but say for example a debt for which the last payment was made March 2008 but the default wasn't registered until August 2008, when will the debt be statute barred and drop off my credit file? Is it 6 years from the last payment or 6 years from the date of the default? I suppose it is safer to assume the latter date?
  8. Got a letter re: this matter today from Hoist Portfolio Holding saying that on 13/12/13 Hoist acquired all the rights, obligations and benefits associated with the account from CL finance. There's also a letter from Robinson Way concerning the Direct Debit saying that as of 27/1/14 Robinson Way will collect the Direct Debit instead of Lewis Group. There is no need to complete a new Direct Debit instruction as details have been supplied to the bank. There's also a new reference number for the direct debit. It still seems untoward that they can contact a bank and change det
  9. Thanks for all your advice. I have sent a letter to Robbers Way and also my bank. I've had this problem of fraudulent direct debits with another bank account that I don't really use. A direct debit went through on my account attempting to take £450! I didn't have enough money to pay it so was sent a letter saying it had been refused. This alarmed me as I didn't set it up - I called up the bank (NatWest) and repeatedly told them I didn't set it up, had no knowledge or dealings with the company that did and in my eyes it was fraudulent. They brushed me off and claimed i
  10. Thanks Bazooka Boo for your response. Don't worry since these CCJs I found these forums and read the advice and never speak to any DCAs on the phone. Last week though I made an exception as I felt I had to find out what the direct debit was for. I didn't answer any of their 'Security Questions' though! The CCJ was awarded in 2006 - I got the claim and didn't defend as I was naive in those days. I just accepted it and proposed a payment of £10 per month. The claimant was CL Finance Limited and the debt was assigned to the claimant by GE Capital (it was a Debenhams c
  11. Several years ago I got a CCJ for a debt. This was before I found out about this forum and enforceable agreements, CCAs etc and I've no doubt if I had gone down the CCA route there wouldn't be an enforceable agreement! That's another matter though but as I couldn't afford to pay the CCJ off in full I agreed to pay a small monthly payment and set up a direct debit with the Lewis Group. This direct debit has been running for several years however I checked my online banking last week and noticed a new direct debit set up payable to Robinson Way (The Lewis Group
  12. I had a visit from someone working for Moorcroft a few years back. He wasn't very threatening and I just told him Moorcroft hadn't sent me a valid agreement, account's in dispute and if he sets foot on my drive again it'll be classed as trespass. He didn't argue and just went away.
  13. Here's the order: Basically we went back and forth to court several times and the judge before the final hearing had ordered the claimant to reply to my defence but Blackhorse simply ignored all orders and refused despite warnings that the claim would be struck out. The solicitor at the final hearing just turned up and expected all the details of my defence from us and just expected us to agree to a settlement. Anyway, here's what the order says: GENERAL FORM OF JUDGMENT OR ORDER Before District Judge X sitting at X Court Upon hearing the Solicitor for the Claimant and the
  14. Excellent I have found all the details and previous letters! The judgement order was made in March 2010 and it was ordered 'the claim do stand struck out'. In may 2010 though I received a letter from SCM Solicitors advising that their client Blackhorse would be taking legal action. I sent a letter to them and copied it to Blackhorse advising that they'd already taken legal action and failed and that I wanted the debt written off in accordance with the judgement. SCM replied and stated despite the judgement the debt is still outstanding and proposed that I pay installments and si
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