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  1. its to do with ge capital (first national tricity finance) just wondered if i should send account in dispute letter
  2. just got letter from these acting for activ kapital threatening issue of a claim against me in my local court i cca'd thames credit in march 2008 for such credit agreement but never recieved anything.this letter also has a proposition to dispose of this at £40 a month installments with a attached direct debit mandate to fill in what is my next action as i have read on here that buchanan dont usually reply to letters please help
  3. can anyone tell me if a debt as been assign to someone else does it mean that you owe them and not the original creditor
  4. has anyone got a letter to use for cputr2008 thanks
  5. Had a overdraft with first direct but lost my job told them that i hadnt any money coming in now its with clarity and i have told them the same i now rely on my husband for our income now clarity have asked for income and expenditure. Question is it is my overdraft not my husbands what do i send them as i cant expect my husband to pay please help
  6. thanks uncle but i have tried that but they still come back this time with 10 pages outling terms and conditions nothing with my signature on i will send a bemused letter to them with the application with the application highlited to show themit is a application for a credit card not a cca i have seen other posts with cap 1 with the sameapplication formand people on there say it is totally unenforceable
  7. if you read my post i have put in capitals application to me this a application for a credit card not a cca
  8. the paper i have recieved again today has heading credit agreement with my name and address on it then underneath CREDIT CARD AGREEMENT CREDIT AGREEMENT REGULATED BY THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 please issue me a capital one credit card and pin.i confirm that all information i have given is true and complete.i understand that this information will be checked with fraud prevention agencies and if i igve you false information and you suspect fraud you will record this.i authorise capital one to search the files of any credit reference agency for my APPLICATION and to help you manage my account. i have read the terms and conditions setting out the agreement with capital one and ,if my APPLICATION is accepted i agree to be bound by terms and conditions by signing this APPLICATION you agree that information about you may be used like this regardless of whether or not you APPLICATION is accepted i have made application in capitals as to me it is a application for a credit card not a proper c.c.a this is about the 5th time they have sent this after asking for a cca do i send them this back with the application highlighted to show them it is a application for a credit card not a cca and see what happens next sorry i had to write it out but cant scan
  9. lowell have said they have prchased a debt from capital one i had awhile ago can they ask for payment when i dont have a agreement between them only cap 1 which the agreement is dodgy any help would be appreciated
  10. couple of days ago been busy at work forgot to do it earlier
  11. now got a letter from graham white solicitors demanding payment but having reading on here they are from same address and probably a [problem] to make you pay and also people have reported them and they are under investigation for there tactics do i just ignore letter as i have sent out cca but havent recieved anything back yet
  12. lowell are saying that my dispute doesnt stand as capital one have sent the required information the so called credit agreement looks like one but in the small print it states if my application is successful they with give me a credit card thus i take it that it is an application for a credit card but with a heading of consumer credit agreement please help
  13. it is for a catalogue account it has been going on since feb 2007 last payment made on account was 1 june 2006.wescot was the original dca but after asking for cca they gave it back to littlewoods then it went to phoenix
  14. got letter of these today giving 14 days to pay but have already sent cca to original dca wescot who sent it back after they couldnt produce then went to phoenix who got a account in dispute letter they passed it on to frederick international now got letter from bryan carter. i am currently unemployed and rely on my husband for money so i havent got any money to pay these if it went to court can anyone help with a letter i need to send and who do i send it to bryan carter or frederick
  15. account has now been passed to wescot asking for full amount i have already sent account in dispute letter to other dca what do i do now
  16. it says in the letter please note that in the absence of payment or any valid dispute we will pursue this matter with or without your cooperation take this as they are just trying to bully me
  17. tried to but had to pay a percentage of the loan which i didnt have so i got told by wonga that i had to wait till it defaulted then would be able to make a repayment arrangement which i tried but they kept replying saying i had to ring them which i wasnt going to do eventually i got a email of them with a repayment schedule which showed the amount owed had doubled i emailed back and told them i wasnt going to be bullied into this arrangement and again offered original amount at 10 a week but got no reply now got letter of roxburgh with another 340 added on what is the next step i do any help would be appreciated
  18. can anyone help me here should i go back to wonga and offer to pay original loan or see what roxburgh come up with
  19. got a letter of these today concerning a debt with wonga which i had to default due to loss of job tried to get wonga on a repayment plan but they refused to reply to my emails which was for £400 now these roxburghe are asking for £1150 which i refuse to pay i told them this in a phone call that i was willing to go to court to plead my case i also asked them how they got this figure and they said it was 400 for original loan plus 410 for the 60 days interest and 340 for something else which they say is in the agreement so i told him to take me to court and see what the judge will have to say about this extortionate money they have put on in 4 months. can anyone please advise me if this is the right thing to go by (i am willing to pay the original loan not the extra they have put on
  20. Now got letter from lowell portfolio saying that they have bought the debt and they will be recovering never recieved the cca from other dcas what do i do now
  21. what email address did you send your letter to please
  22. got email from them saying broken repayment arrangement i never entered a repayment arrangement with them what are they playing at still dont get any answers to my offer of repaying loan just the latter ive emailed the main man hopefully will get a response from him
  23. i didnt roll it over couldnt afford to do it i have sent them a letter explaining but doubt i will get a reply so i will have to wait and see
  24. tried to access account to see how much i owed today but they are asking me to change my password so i dont know how much i owe should i change password or just dont bother
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