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  1. 42nd man First can I just say thank you. I have filled out the forms but when I took them to the Court they said that they tdid not deal with bankruptcy. I have found 2 courts which deal with bankruptcies now. Should I ring them and ask them if a petition has been issued? I cannot thank you enough . I will get letter M sent Today and I will PM you my address. Thank you again and also creditcard mug. Please keep in touch..........Shannon16
  2. Dear All this arrived this morning. I have been trying to find the court I need to go and get this set aside.AM I too late.I have received no petition yet. Please can anyone out there give me clear and consice instructions as to what to do. I have 2 small kids and am just about meeting the morgage repayments. I am stressed to the nines . I have tried to get this set adise but I go to one court the tell me go to another . This is now serious . If their are any peolpe out there who can give me consise instruction as to what to do next , I will make a donation to the site of as much as I can afford. Please help me. I nedd to act on this today. This was sent second class and yet only arrived today. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONNOUGHT COLLETIONS UK LTD Purley Way.doc
  3. I went to the court I was told to go to by my local court which is an 1hours drive with 2 kids. When I got there they said that I had to go to another court who deals with these maters and Yes i did check before setting off with my county court. When I rang them later to complain they said that the court the gave me was one of a few courts that could be dealing with it.....now I have to teka another day off and head for this other court. Another day off from work and another 1.5 hours there and backa total of 3 hours.........With the Kids..............Its does not seem fair. Shannon16
  4. Hi again, I am still wondering what I need to do next as the court is not listed do ring the court that my locally county court gave me and ask if a petition has been issued or do I jsut drive to the court tommorw and swear an affidavit. i am almost sure this debt is moe than 6 years old and also it has trebled in amount, that was orignally owed. I would be greatful if palomino and PSB123 Could give me some advice . i need to get this resolved as i am not sleeping and cannot concentrate on work. Please help can you comment on the document as there is no court named I have to guess which one of the 2 courts my own county courtI should be dealing with. I have decided to take tommorow as holiday (which i can ill afford to do to resolve this now all need to know is what should I do. I have downloaded the forms , I have written the affitdavit and I am waiting for the next step. i do appreciate all your help. many regardss Shannon 16 Shannon16Doc1.doc
  5. Mr Collio Can you please take a look at the document It does not name the court so I have got the name s of other courts in the area. I can take thursady off and drive 30 miles with my kids to file the affiddavit. I have had to have time off already but if you think I need to do it I will. My court just said they did not deal with bankruptcy and gave me teh number of another court in the area . Should I ring them First to see if the have filed a petition. Please help Shannon16 Shannon16Doc1.doc
  6. Yes I am Should I take my affitdavid to the court as suggest or should I call them to see if a petion has been issued. As you can see on the form there is no court listed I went top my locally county court and they said that they did not deal with bankruptcies issiues. I can take Thursday off this week and make the tripnto the court although I will have to take my Kids with me . I have downloaded the Set aside form and filled it in. Should I just ring the company and make an offer of payment? Until this is set aside?? Please help Shannon16
  7. Hi All, I have applied to my county court who said that they do not do bankrupticies and that I must approach another court which is Miles away. I can take a days holiday this week to get over their I have filled out the Set adide form and also sent ist/connaught a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to which I have heard nothing. I have attached the Document the sent to me . While reading some posts on here some posted that I should ring the court and ask if a petition for bankruptcie has been applied for . Please let me know what you think of what the sent and also my next move. Thanks shannon 16 Shannon16Doc1.doc
  8. Dear Mr Collio and babybear39 I have now downloaded the forms for the court. do I sign these and do I put My name and address on them? Also the reason I feel it is not applicable is a believe the debt to be alot lower and that 6 yaers have passed so what do I when filling in the Form. Also in my sworn affidavat do I sign it or do I get a solicitor to sign it? In fact should I get a solicitor to sign all forms?? I will send the cca and Sar request to Connaught. Does this mean I am admitting liability if I send these forms. i am totally ourt of my depth here. Thanks so much for your help. Please get back as soon as you can Regards Shannon16
  9. Hi All On the 5th of July I received a letter from the people above re an outstanding Amex debt which I was thratning bankruptcy. I have been in search for a forum that could possibly help. This is a debt I have no memory of yet yesterdat the 14th I received in the post another communication from the same company Which is a statutory demand under section 268(1)(a) of the Insolvency Act. Debt for Liquidated sum Payable immediately. The Demand is served on behalf of 1st creditand signed by a debt collection agent who says the are authorised by 1st credit on behalf of connaught collections. On age 2 its supposed to set out the FULL particulars on the Sum that is Payable. page 2 says that a) the debt was incurred by monies due under a financial agreement. the Debtor is in breach of the repayment terms and has failed to adhere to the terms. b) the Debyt is in respect of outstanding Monies to the Creditor for non payment of a american express agreement.The Benifit of the debt having been assigned under an agreement to Ist redit Finance c) the amount due at the dat of demand is£5xxx.xx The next page goes on to talk about Part a)appropiate Court for setting aside demandAny application by you to set aside this deman should be made to the court. For confirmation of the court please ring conaught collections Part b)The Individual to whom any communications regarding this may be addressed. Part c) for completion if the creditor is entitled to the debt by way of assignement Orginal creditor: american Express Assignees : 1st Credit It goes on th say How to comply with a stutory demand(ACT within 18 days) The letter is dated 12 of July although it only arrived yesterday. If you wish to avoid a bankruptcy petition being presented against you you must pay the Debt shown on page 1within the 21 days after its service upon you alternatively you can attempt to come to a settlement with the creditor If you think you have grounds to get this debt set aside you should contact the person named in part b immediately within 18 days from the service date (5) of which days have passed due to the letter arriving yesterday. I believe this debt is more than 5 years old and is nowhere near the amount the are claiming for . My worry is that if aI call thenm I re connect with them and give them a heads up. The Letter concludes a) you have 18 days to apply to have the demand set aside b) You have only 21 days befoe the creditor may prsent a bankruptcy petition. I have just managed to get back on my feet I have 2 children and my salary just about covers our Morgage and living expenses . I could not bear to loose the house as it would destry my family and me with it. This just came out of nowhere . I am sure this debt was back in 2001. But how do I prove that and then what do I do. I have seen how you help others Please can someone help me. I am at the end of the Line.................
  10. Urgent help needed I received a letter from connaught Collections sayinging that they were acting on behald of 1st credit with regards to an C/Card bill which I thought had been payed off.This is a debt that is 8/9 years old but the letter goes on to say(and rember this letter just dropped from nowhere no prior correspondance) as we see no reason fro you not paying this debt if we do not here from you within 7 working days we will immediately apply for a bankruptcy order. If this happens I would lose my job my House everything. The letter arrived 2 days ago but was dated the July the 1st and that I have 7 days to reply. what should I do?................HELp I have a wife and 2 kids and I have made payment arrangements with any debt that I had run up when I was young (now coming upto 40) I really need some advice is this a scare tactic or can they really make me bankrupt without any prior knowledge of this Any advice would be appreciated ASAP
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