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  1. Ok, I'm getting the idea. I wont hold my breath then.
  2. Oddly enough I've still not received any answer from Vanquis. I've sent a complaint to FOS so I will be hearing something soon - I hope.
  3. Just an update to my situation. I received what looks like a stock "your complaint is being passed to the relevant dept" letter in reply to my formal complaint. I'll update the thread on receipt of their reply. Cheers.
  4. I was also invited by Vanquis, in their reply, to make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman should I not be happy with their decision. Should I also contact them or wait to see how Vanquis handle my next letter?
  5. I've just checked my records & the due date of the payment that was late was 21st Feb. The min payment was £22. I sent a payment of £80 which was confirmed as received by Vanquis on 28th Feb which was when I realised my error. A little bit of a hair trigger I'd say. I'm coming to believe this lot are the Ryanair of Credit Card companies. Maybe that's unfair on Ryanair though. I'll send the letter of complaint tomorrow. I just hope it gets to someone who can see how silly this is.
  6. Thanks for the reply. My apologies. Of course late payment markers are not defaults. Bad choice of wording. The letter I received was from a "customer action team representative" who asked me to write back to her if I wanted "clarification" but I will indeed follow your advice & address my reply to the data controller. Thanks again.
  7. Hi all. I never have liked direct debits. I prefer to make payments when it's convenient for me. Unfortunately my system came a bit unstuck a couple of months ago as I realised I was late in making a payment to Vanquis for my credit card bill. I immediately sent 2 months worth of payments but by then it was too late. They had recoreded a late/missed payment on my credit file which saw my already not brilliant credit score plummit even further. I wrote to them explaining that recording this default on my credit file is telling other companies that I may be or about to be in finacial ha
  8. Yes, all 3 accounts were aquired by Link in 2001. I don't recall if I've received discount offers from Link in the past but if that's important I can check that out but if I have said previously that I have then I must have done. I have always grouped the 3 accounts together as that is what Link as always done. I had previously been paying these accounts until I discovered this wonderful site. That may now work against me I guess? In Oct 2010 they sent me LBA's for all 3 swiftly followed by actual court action with just one of them. With the help of some of
  9. Hi Guys. I've been fending off Link for quite some time. I did manage to get one CCJ attempt struck out but they still hold 2 more accounts and they are not giving up without a fight. I had been paying to all 3 accounts until I found this site. They have sent me reconstituted credit agreements for both these accounts & pre contract application forms. Both accounts were from MBNA credit cards. I replied to these efforts by saying that while the reconstituted agreements may have satisfied the CCA request, they were still not enforceable in court. This is
  10. Hi all. As I've had many credit problems in the past, one of which resulted in a CCJ, I was only able to get credit cards with high interest rates. I guess I was lucky to get any at all. Now, before long, the balances of all these 4 cards began to grow until it became clear that I needed to do something about it. My CCJ has now dropped of the record because of it's age and I decided to apply to my bank for further lending on my mortgage as I have quite a bit of equity in the property. I was able to secure £6500 from my bank & immediately paid this towards my credit card d
  11. Great tip. I'll get onto them on monday. All 3 credit angencies show my file to be clean so I need to know where the hell they got their info from.
  12. I've checked all 3 & none of them show a CCJ.
  13. Hi all. I've been looking to pay off my credit card balances & some months ago contacted LloydsTsb to enquire about borrowing against my mortgage as I have plenty of equity in my property. I was told that they would not agree to further lending if I had a CCJ on file which I did. Now that the CCJ was entered over 6 years ago I checked my credit file with 2 CRA's & the CCJ no longer shows on either so I thought I'd try again. I've just been told by one of their operators that they won't help me as their credit check has shown a CCJ on my file. How on earth can this be? I think
  14. It looks as if the consent order did the trick as I've just received a letter from the court saying the case has been dismissed with no costs awarded. I'm delighted with this & many thanks to all who took time out to help me. It's much appreciated.
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