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  1. Also, do you think as long as I lodged the complaint with the dealership before 6 month mark, would it still be possible to make a section 75 claim after then.
  2. Hi Rebel11 I thought it may have a negative effect, if it was kind of like when you try to reclaim unfair charges and then they close your account down, so you don't think it would be like that? My son bought the car for cash with me adding £300 by card. It's my son's now useless car, but after he was ignored on the phone, I have taken over in writing to them.
  3. Hi Rebel11 Thanks for the prompt reply. I paid almost £300 on credit card of a £3000 car. Could I still make a claim if I wait until after the dealer replies as this may run until after the 6 month mark. I first complained 3 week after the purchase, the car was cutting out then, but now the mechanic says it can't be driven as he says the ECU is faulty and is burning out coil packs. Would making a section 75 claim affect the relationship with my credit card provider and the good deals they offer me. Thank you.
  4. Just making a brief post - I will add more details when I get a response from my letter from the dealership. Long story short - we bought a second hand car for £3000 from a main dealership which broke down 3 weeks after we drove it away. Rang dealer, received zilch help and had it repaired by local garage. We have had the car just over 5 months and during this time have had to replace 'botched job' on coil pack wires, power steering pump, HT leads, coil pack and spark plugs. Car cut out at 60 mph again and is now in garage and we are told the ECU burnt out the coil pack and the car now needs a new ECU costing £1200 + VAT, mechanic has tried 2 or 3 used ECUs and says they aren't compatible. All throughout this time, we have made several phone calls to the dealership and have been told we will get a call back and never have. We are now at the beginning of the 5th month and after been told about the latest possible cost and that the car cannot be driven, I am irate and have written to the dealership to ask for full refund and compensation for losses, such as practically non-use of insurance because the car has spent more time with a mechanic than on the road, for having to insure my son on mine while his is almost permanently in a garage and obviously cost of repairs. I did invoice them for the first repair which they paid up for because I told them the garage said it was a botched job with liquid metal and couldn't see how the dealership wouldn't have noticed this. I paid over £200 on my credit card towards the car. Time is ticking as 6 months will be end of May, I have just written the letter asking for them to pick the seriously faulty car up and refund (will post tomorrow). My question is - I am happy with the deals my credit card give me and I would rather not rock the boat with them - if I wait until I find out if the dealership are going to solve this matter, would I be able to try and claim from credit card company if I don't contact them until after the 6 month i.e. giving car company chance to reply and resolve. Thanks in advance and sorry for the lack of details, I Would rather they had received the letter before I am more specific.
  5. Also, have not had any letter back from Arrow, are they just Largo as well.
  6. hi dx, nothing adverse on it. I read that Trading Standards are taking an interest in firms link to Largo/Phoenix. I read on someone's thread that Cargill/ CarVal own Phoenix as a securitizing vehicle. funny enough in 2007 when I left a message at CarVal, I was rang back by the man from Largo who was hassling me in the first place. Maybe they should be forced to explain why post to Phoenix at Luxenborg gets returned. Are their 'clients' just them.
  7. hi dx largo have said in a letter that 'our file in respect of this matter is closed as settled, so why would they want to ring me?
  8. Hi all, After receiving threats of bankcruptcy from largo in 2007 over the phone 3 times, i wrote and insisted i only communicated via writing. In 2009 I they had rang me at home and my mobile and left a message (i never gave them my mobile.) After writing to them last week to complain because i agreed and paid a f and f on an unenforceable debt in 2010 with 'none of their associates chasing me for remainder' placed in the deal, i received the so called notice of assignment from arrow global. They have now been ringing me at home today. Any thoughts please.
  9. Hi Mr Hat Well done for standing up to these people. I have received a supposed N of A from them saying they had been assigned HSBC debt from Phoenix Recoveries and to send payment to Largo - who I had been paying from 2007 and had settled a F and F in 2010 on an unenforceable debt. Have sent CCA's again to both Arrow and Largo and repeated above. Anyway again, well done for fighting your corner and good luck with the future.
  10. Sorry, meant to add, nothing from Arrow Global at all.
  11. Had a reply from Largo yesterday saying ' As stated, our file in respect of this matter is closed as settled. Says they will look into matter and revert in due course. Was thinking would a SAR to HSBC affect my husbands credit card account which is solely in his name. I remember once paying a virgin card and the payment was paid off his mbna card instead, which was only in his name - probably because of same address.
  12. Hi Brig, Thanks, I think many people on this site would have been in alot more stress if it wasn't for the 'good guys' on here willing to help.
  13. For Arrow Global, Largo, Phoenix and Whoever is Sitting at the Next Desk If you deliberately send a claim to my previous address and obtain a judgement by default, I would like to inform you that while I am having the judgement set aside, I will be informing the relevant authorities that under the OFT Sanctions for non-compliance, sec 5.4 'misleading a debtor as to the enforceability of the agreement is unfair or improper business practice - highly relevant to a creditor's fitness to hold a licence under the act.' Omitting the fact that an alleged agreement is unenforceable is deemed misleading and unfair. Obtaining a judgement is deemed an enforcement. How you could obtain a judgement on an unenforceable debt would be up for questioning. Your companies collectively know you have not in your possession a valid cca with prescribed terms. I would be claiming for costs and compensation for unfair treatment. OFT - sanctions for non-compliance 2010 Further, in so far as creditors, debt collectors and owners of hired goods are required by the Act to hold a licence issued by the OFT, their fitness to hold such a licence will take into consideration their compliance not only with their legal obligations but also any evidence of unfair or improper business practices, whether unlawful or not. The OFT takes into account the general integrity and specific competence in the field of the relevant regulated business of the trader and of its employees and of its associates, which includes business associates. It should be remembered that where the OFT considers that the business is engaged in high risk credit activities, a higher level of regulatory scrutiny will be applied.
  14. If they send a copy of an application form a year or so after cca request which has little or no prescribed terms on it, are they still in default until they provide cca with prescribed terms? Is sending inappropriate app form considered non-compliance?
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