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  1. Get in touch with Fitbit directly, they have a 2 year warranty and they are VERY good. I have the Surge, its known for the strap to come away. I just got in touch with Fitbit and the replaced it with no fuss and without returning the original. I've had 3 replacements already Replacements arrived without a couple of days!
  2. I'm a broker and work with these sort of products. There will be no need for a SAR, if he speaks with his employer they will be able to arrange for all the medical notes to be sent onto his GP. The insurers will not send it anywhere other than the registered GP. You have every right to appeal and from experience they are successful. But you MUST provide additional information along with the appeal such as GP notes and other evidence. J
  3. Note this thread mentions Netflix. I currently don't have any TV Arial so have no way of watching live TV. I was cancelling the TV licence with effect of 1st June but I do use Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Are these allowed without a licence?
  4. Perfect, thank you for your prompt and comprehensive response. In this instance BT are increasing prices for both the Line Rental and Broadband so I should be OK to cancel all! J
  5. Received an email from BT confirming that my contract will be increasing by £3.50pm from July 2016. I understand that even though I am in contract I can still refuse this increase and leave the contract early, can anyone confirm? Their email states "if you're within your minimum term and want to cancel, you'll need to give us a call within 30 days of getting this email to avoid paying a charge for leaving early.". I assume if I call they will offer to remove the £3.50pm, does anyone know if I can still reject this and leave? I am looking for a way out of this contract so this seems like a golden opportunity. Thanks, J
  6. Hi All, I'm being chased for an amount of £100.10 by Moorcroft on behalf of EE (formally Orange). Back in 2012 we took got a mobile broadband dongle for business purposes on a business contract (or at least i believed i was). This was done so on a 1 month rolling contract. The business is no longer trading hence why this was cancelled about 4 months back. I attach a copy of the contract signed. As you can see it does say customer type 'Limited Company' but my name is under customer information. Can i be chased for this amount personally? My biggest concern is my personal credit rating. The amount they are chasing also seems high giving the monthly amount was £35 but the contract clearly states it was only for 1 month. The initial contract was for 1 month and it was kept for much longer than this. Thanks
  7. - What types of goods are you selling, are they brand goods that the manufacturer may not allow or goods that may be considered counterfeit? - Have you logged on from anywhere else? Such as another house who may also sell on Ebay? Even WiFi?
  8. Couple of questions: - Did you submit a claim while still in the deferred period? - What is the definition of incapacity on your policy? - What is the nature of your illness? It would be useful if you could scan up the policy documents for your cover, please ensure you block out all sensitive information. James~
  9. It does - The debt personally belongs to you and as a sole trader the van also belongs to you. If you were a Ltd company then the van would belong to the company and not yourself so could not be touched. From the sounds of things they may very well be able to take the van. There may be rules regarding taking work 'tools' but this is not my area of expertise, others will no doubt be along shortly with some advice on the personal side of things. J
  10. Did you issue your customers with any sort of terms for the said order. While my company does not ship orders in the region of £1,500 we receive loads of this value and more. Reading the terms from the supplier, all of them have clauses which state missing or damaged orders must be reported within 30 days. In anycase, the main fall back would be that the company is the one that handled the transaction is liable. You have no liability as a director unless it was fraudulent which would be impossible to provide.
  11. While I am not able to assist on general 'personal' advice, bankruptcy will affect your current on-line business. If this is a Limited Company then the company will be wound up as a result of your bankruptcy by the official receiver. If you are a sole trader then any stock you may have will be sold by the official receiver. If its a Limited company you should resign and appoint another director to run the said business, remember to sell your shares too. Remember, technically speaking you are not allowed to run or promote any limited company until your bankruptcy is discharged.
  12. Outlook Express is simply a viewer of your emails, they will be stored on a server elsewhere. You should be able to type in a URL in the address bar to gain direct access to your emails. From your post it sounds like you know this and are unable to access this with your password. So it does sound like it may have been hacked. Attempt to do a password reset if the option is available. When logged in, you should be able to access and outbox here which will show all the emails that have been sent directly at the source as opposed to through Express.
  13. It usually only prompts for your password if it has been changed. Its worth checking that your actual inbox has not been hacked. They could be sending this Spam from your email address directly. Is this a gmail or hotmail account?
  14. From reading the thread the only creditor is the Advertising Company/HCEO and with a debit of £944.00. Its extremely unlikely that they will initiate winding up proceedings as it will cost in excess of this amount and there is little hope of them securing the original sum back let alone the winding up fees. The original poster needs to cease trading for 3 months and then submit a DS01, chances are there will be an objection to the strike off by either the HCEO or HMRC. If that's the case then they will need to wait a further 3 months and submit the DS01 again. They can keep objecting but unless they take it further (extremely unlikely) companies house will eventually strike the company off regardless.
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