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  1. hi he was statemented for social interaction behaviour difficulties and learning difficulties as he was statemented before high went to high school he was supposed to have one to one but if he refused it they used his helper on other kids in the class and they kept excluding him and sending him home so his helper helped other and not him . they used to review his statement and say we will do this that and the other and how hes got on and i just went along with it all in the last year they made him do a new start course at college which they said cost him loads of money i just wish i had asked for help but since i have 5 kids and i had lost my mum at the time and ive been in depression and not wanting to leave the house for 5 years ive jusr mulled along but now hes left school age hes worse he has a problem and his behaviuor is worse he shouts and swears all the time i cant cope with him his phsychiatrist hasnt got back to me since the beggining of the school holidays . isnt he too old for the statemnt now ?? i dont know what to do for the best the connexions are are waste of time told me to stop mummy cuddling him
  2. thanks very much for your help i will see the advisor and try to get my son off cannabis
  3. i as his mother think he does need to go to college to stop him hanging around and doing something to help him get a job i dont think he is ready for a job yet he needs another year at college and if they let him do a course in bricklaying or plastering he would enjoy it but they wont give him the choice . he needs to b given a chance and then i can get my family allowance back lol
  4. he was sent on this course because its for people who are as my older son calls them retards . who are too young to sign on but need to claim there £30 ema and have no qulifications and they do job searches tasters in different things like engineering bricklaying plastering etc they do driving test theory practice . and one to one work in maths and english so it should of been ideal for him . connexions in my opinion are a waste of time they do know he now gets dla but they as good as told me i mother him too much and he needs to stand on his own 2 feet . they want him to see a disability person at the job centre to see what sort of job he can do thye think he wouldnt b safe on a building site
  5. hes doing e to e entry to employment but hes only allowed to do a few hours as he didnt behave in the bricklaying tasters they he has had out bursts at the college but it was swearing and shouting out bursts when he didnt understand the maths he was doing with the tutor his reading and writing and spelling is about age 7 or below and he doesnt retain the information he learns i think they dont like him and just want to get rid of him to make there life easy
  6. yes he had one to one which he didnt like and refused at times i have took his statement to the college but they say the funding isnt available and they are restricted . yes we applied for dla and was awarded it in june this year and they awarded him middle rate care and it is paid to him but i dont give it to him just buy him the things he needs when he needs them . hes only had a couple of months of it im annoyed at all the years we missed out on it was money we could well of done with for him and all the things he broken in our house and holes in the walls and doors etc
  7. i am worried about this too as they are linking ritalin to heart attacks in teenagers but i need him to settle down and do something with his life if he can im sure if had had the help earlier he might not of got like this now and i might of got some help with him too
  8. so called mates give it to him as he hasnt any money to buy it . hes so easily led i try to keep him in all i can but its not easy when u have 5 kids to look after as well
  9. i want to try it to see if it helps though he smokes cannabis at the moment that i dont like though
  10. hi thanks for your reply ive boughtb all the items and earned the points legitamally i written asking them waht they accusing me of exactly and am awaiting a reply
  11. my 17 year old son who was statemented at school for specific learning difficulties and behaviour problems at school at age 11 . he was always being sent home from school and excluded every time the school was no help at all. anyway i thought he had adhd but didnt know how to go about getting diagnosed and didnt realise that i should apply for disability living allowance. anyway the doctor sent him to see a specialist who has diagnosed adhd and autistic spectrum disorder now and wants to start him on ritalin . hes on a e to e at college but thye only let him do a few hours as his behaviour isnt good and he keeps forgetting what hes learned and they are going to give him one more chance but really they dont want him there and will look for any excuse i feel that hes been totally let down by the system and if he cant go to college i dont know what he can do hes tried a job but after a few days they make excuses on getting rid of him. the connexions want him asseses by the job cetre as they are not sure of his diagnosisits making me ill with worry im in despair
  12. i need help with boots cancelling my advantage card and taking the 521.00 thats was on it in points i had earned legbitimaly saying 3 people joined the baby club in my house and other issues ant help please i want my points back
  13. hi i would just like to introduce myself im jo cidergirl i would like help with a problem i have with boots they have stopped my advantage card saying that 3 people at my house joined there baby club they stopped my card and took the 521.00 ive been saving for 11 years saying they can do this as they suspect something was funny it wasnt they took my money and i paid for goods any help please
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