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  1. What I mean to say is, what is the first step?
  2. Thanks for the advice, but how do I go about getting them to revise the £38 charge for every DD. I have found out some DD's were cancelled with the Bank but not with the 'Company Concerned'?
  3. Some advice please, I have searched various threads and need some help. I am unemployed, I cancelled all my direct debits, informed those companies who I had DD's with. But, DD's still went through and Nat West charged me £38 per failed Direct Debit, plus overdraft charges for an unauthorised Over Draft. How can I er challenge this? Really get hacked off with the phone calls and letters. Your advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks.
  4. Spent the money and got a parkers guide price for the car. Glad I am sticking to my guns on this. Worth a darn sight more than glasses and the insurance companies valuation.... Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Thanks for the above, I have used that tactic already. Thanks for the Glasses Guide bit, as they are forever quoting Glasses. The car was in very good condition. But, in addition, I would like to know how to fight back re their constant value of the car. I have stated I would like between 950 - 1200. How can I get them to see reason! I know good joke..... But, honestly. This is my first ever accident in 30+ years driving... And I have no experience in 'fighting' insurance companies. Help needed. Forgot to say, £2k is what I insured the car for. Would seem to be no point on that! and I was offered £1500 for it last January. What I am asking for is help to get the 'write off' value to be in excess of the value they offered me.
  6. Accident my fault. No complaints about that. Rover 216 Cabriolet, Honda Engine, Very good condition, mileage - 134,000, Year of reg - M - 1995. Saga. Damage to car - Bumper, Bonnet, Headlights and bar which goes across front wings. Anything else needed?
  7. Need some help please. Unfortunately, I managed to insurance write off my car.... The insurance company have offered me derisory value for the car. I have sent them 2 emails back objecting to the offer they have made. On both occasions I have sent cars of similar age and mileage and still they refuse to up the offer, even though I have proved they have their facts wrong. I had my car valued at £2,000. The offer is less than half, almost a 1/4! We are now on the 2nd stage of complaint where someone else is looking into my problem....... What else can I do?
  8. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.
  9. Many thanks, but what do I do about C L Finance who knocked on my door?
  10. Paid in instalments. Cannot afford full amount! Cannot really afford monthly payment due to being out of work!
  11. I paid the correct amount to the COURT by the required date. The letter said I pay the court. No mention of the DCA and the court said I need to contact Northampton Court, which I did requesting details and I still wait!
  12. That's okay, I understand you need to ask questions. The letter was from the court, saying I need to pay x amount by x date, if I do not pay then the baliffs will come round a take goods, or words to that effect. When I made payment in the Court Office, they did give me a receipt.
  13. When I made payment to the court, I took the letter they sent to me. I have not received anymore letters from them since the one for payment to be made by the 18th July. All the agent left was a card telling me to get in touch with her ASAP, all it contained was a name and a mobile telephone number. No references numbers on the card. I did fob her off saying all my debts are managed by mt debt management company (which is true - but not this debt) just to get her away.
  14. I do not have any paper work relating to this debt. I can honestly submit, I do not remember receiving any paper work, even though I must have. I do not remember or received any paper work from C L Finance relating to this debt. Sorry I cannot be any more help. I have moved due to my house being repo'd by Lloyds... And a few bits and pieces have been lost since last year.
  15. Hi, I have just had a knock at the door from a debt collection agency - C L Finance in relation to a debt with Lloyds TSB. She called it a pre bailiff visit. Apparently the bailiffs are due at my addresssoon... I have made recently two payments direct to the court on this debt and I am presently unemployed, because I did not know who was the DCA - now I know! I need advice as to how to deal with these people whilst I find employment. Most of my debts are handled by my debt management company, but not this one. I do not know why this is the case..... How do I go about dealing with them, I may be calm on the outside to keep my wife happy, but now I am starting to worry.
  16. Pfc01

    Pfc01 v Lloyds

    That's along the line I was thinking. Like to appear thick, rather than open my mouth and.....
  17. Pfc01

    Pfc01 v Lloyds

    Hi, Many thanks for the information. When I have written down my plan and understand all, I shall post in the various places you suggest. Question: Why never give them a signature? I have a few idea's, but a definitive answer would be nice. Not one for panic me. Won't let the buggers grind me down!
  18. Pfc01

    Pfc01 v Lloyds

    Update. What I am trying to do is; I have a debt with Lloyds. Resulting in a CCJ. Overdraft and loan. Once a month I get a letter from my local County Court saying pay £xxx by a certain date or the bailiffs will be round. Okay, I need to know how I can reduce the amount I pay monthly as I am unemployed at present. Second. Upon reading the threads, I know that debt can/could be reduced if I make a claim. How do I go about getting the information on the debt? How can I get the County Court of my back? How do I go about making a claim? Does this thread cover both sites here? What a mess!
  19. Pfc01

    Pfc01 v Lloyds

    Hi, Thanks for the advice. My ex-wife was a redhead. Noted...... Has anyone (despite my searches) written a guide for novices on what actions to do first and in sequence? IN particular challenging debts? I notice a lot of use of initials, CCJ, DCA etc. I know I have picked the obvious, but some mean different meanings to me. I have looked at various stickies, but they seem to me as not particulary straight forward. Help needed and in return I would be happy to document etc. I have managed to delay the courts for 28 days, as my brother has made a payment for me.
  20. Pfc01

    Pfc01 v Lloyds

    Having read so much I am now confused as to what to do. Can someone give me a starter for ten as to how I am supposed to go?
  21. One massive amount of information on this site! Ploughing through slowly. Would I assume my outstanding debt and queries about it be on some site against Banks. My CCJ is due to Lloyds TSB on overdraft and loans etc. Would be grateful as to which site I need to post. Visited my local court offices today and they have advised me to contact Northampton CC. This I have done, by letter and email - no response. Would/should I contact Lloyds direct? I am unemployed and fed up getting letters saying pay this amount or the bailiffs will be round. My plan is to try and get a variation in the amount I have to pay and have a go at bank charges? Thoughts anyone please. Beginning to lose it sometimes.
  22. Hi, Many thanks, I have gone through your link and gleaned some good advice. Putting together an plan from all the posts. When I have a good idea of what to do, I'll repost there and ask the question; "Will this do"? I like the one about being harassed on the phone by debt collectors, if they phone today......
  23. Hi and a big hello from me! Like a lot of other people I have just found this forum and it has hopefully given me a lot of really useful information on how to deal with debt collectors, Bailiffs and other **** of the earth! Just wished I found this site 14 months ago when my house was repo'd! Anyway, still dealing with the fall out from that. Using this site to find out how I can deal with the CCJ's against me now that I am unemployed AGAIN - One of the factors behind getting my house repo'd. Any pointers from anyone will be gratefully received. Have until this friday to find £18k or the blighters will be knocking on my door and removing items... Deep joy.
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