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  1. What I mean to say is, what is the first step?
  2. Thanks for the advice, but how do I go about getting them to revise the £38 charge for every DD. I have found out some DD's were cancelled with the Bank but not with the 'Company Concerned'?
  3. Some advice please, I have searched various threads and need some help. I am unemployed, I cancelled all my direct debits, informed those companies who I had DD's with. But, DD's still went through and Nat West charged me £38 per failed Direct Debit, plus overdraft charges for an unauthorised Over Draft. How can I er challenge this? Really get hacked off with the phone calls and letters. Your advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks.
  4. Spent the money and got a parkers guide price for the car. Glad I am sticking to my guns on this. Worth a darn sight more than glasses and the insurance companies valuation.... Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Thanks for the above, I have used that tactic already. Thanks for the Glasses Guide bit, as they are forever quoting Glasses. The car was in very good condition. But, in addition, I would like to know how to fight back re their constant value of the car. I have stated I would like between 950 - 1200. How can I get them to see reason! I know good joke..... But, honestly. This is my first ever accident in 30+ years driving... And I have no experience in 'fighting' insurance companies. Help needed. Forgot to say, £2k is what I insured the car for. Would seem to be no point on
  6. Accident my fault. No complaints about that. Rover 216 Cabriolet, Honda Engine, Very good condition, mileage - 134,000, Year of reg - M - 1995. Saga. Damage to car - Bumper, Bonnet, Headlights and bar which goes across front wings. Anything else needed?
  7. Need some help please. Unfortunately, I managed to insurance write off my car.... The insurance company have offered me derisory value for the car. I have sent them 2 emails back objecting to the offer they have made. On both occasions I have sent cars of similar age and mileage and still they refuse to up the offer, even though I have proved they have their facts wrong. I had my car valued at £2,000. The offer is less than half, almost a 1/4! We are now on the 2nd stage of complaint where someone else is looking into my problem....... What else can I do?
  8. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.
  9. Many thanks, but what do I do about C L Finance who knocked on my door?
  10. Paid in instalments. Cannot afford full amount! Cannot really afford monthly payment due to being out of work!
  11. I paid the correct amount to the COURT by the required date. The letter said I pay the court. No mention of the DCA and the court said I need to contact Northampton Court, which I did requesting details and I still wait!
  12. That's okay, I understand you need to ask questions. The letter was from the court, saying I need to pay x amount by x date, if I do not pay then the baliffs will come round a take goods, or words to that effect. When I made payment in the Court Office, they did give me a receipt.
  13. When I made payment to the court, I took the letter they sent to me. I have not received anymore letters from them since the one for payment to be made by the 18th July. All the agent left was a card telling me to get in touch with her ASAP, all it contained was a name and a mobile telephone number. No references numbers on the card. I did fob her off saying all my debts are managed by mt debt management company (which is true - but not this debt) just to get her away.
  14. I do not have any paper work relating to this debt. I can honestly submit, I do not remember receiving any paper work, even though I must have. I do not remember or received any paper work from C L Finance relating to this debt. Sorry I cannot be any more help. I have moved due to my house being repo'd by Lloyds... And a few bits and pieces have been lost since last year.
  15. Hi, I have just had a knock at the door from a debt collection agency - C L Finance in relation to a debt with Lloyds TSB. She called it a pre bailiff visit. Apparently the bailiffs are due at my addresssoon... I have made recently two payments direct to the court on this debt and I am presently unemployed, because I did not know who was the DCA - now I know! I need advice as to how to deal with these people whilst I find employment. Most of my debts are handled by my debt management company, but not this one. I do not know why this is the case..... How do I go about
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