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  1. fanks for the response will wait till the 40days are up then see what happens
  2. Just recieved a letter from house of fraser today:mad:.. sent a S.A.R daated 19th july which they recieved .they sayin in the letter plz accept my apologies for delay in responding blah blahh etc that they have had large volumes of this type of request and that they are giving this matter there urgent attention..shall i write back to them ? and remind them they have 40days to comply etc or just sit and wait till i recieve information??? Not sure what to do as this is my first time trying to claim back .. would appreciate any help fanks.
  3. thanks karen am going to do it today and see what happens !!!
  4. hi karen just read what you are doing i am doing excatly the same do you know the proper address to send the S.A.R too? for dorothy perkins debenhams ???
  5. hiya fanks for your elp on this really appreciate it and i will go ahead with doin the letter and will get back to u if i need more elp.. dus any body know the address tos end i it to will it be on my statements ..i fink its GE money can sum one clarify plz for debenhams n dorothyperkisn n fraser card .. any body??
  6. hi fanks for the advise do i need to send the £10 request if they are with the same company?? in seperate letters or can i do it in one?? with account numbers etc. and where do i find the address to send them too??? am all abit confused
  7. hi fanxs kennythecelt just looking in there now !!!
  8. :mad:hi new to this and read through but still not sure what to do and where to start.. I have 3 cards debenhams,dorothy perkins and fraser card .how do i go about starting the process to claiming back charges ..are these late payment charges i can claim for.plz sum one elp me to get going and how i go about it..fanxs
  9. hi kennythecelt just looking through now there is so much to look at though!!dont know where to start!!
  10. ello sainty fanks for welcoming me am so scared n nervous dont know what to do arghhhhhh
  11. new to this need sum elpabout claiming store card charges back on a debenhams and dorothy perkins card!! elp!!!
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