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  1. Does the fact this is a business premises change anything? The OP is in breach of contract - so the LL has acted in this way. I thought non payment of rent for a business premise was a fundamental breach of contract and the LL could take back the property straight away.
  2. My rabbit loving alter ego didn't advise that you to ask here - I merely suggested you read the thread whith somebody elses experience. I also see that you've been over at LLzone too. Hope you get some useful advice and get this sorted out.
  3. I thought that the tenant accepted the increase if they stayed in the property?
  4. £40 for a freezer door is cheap. I dented mine and found out it would be £60 to replace, so I decided the dent wasn't that noticible and I'd live with it. £200 for a door seems reasonable to me - Probably about £40 for the actual door, 1/2 hour labour time to buy the thing then the cost of hanging it (trimming it to size, chisseling out sections for the hinges and handle, and if it needs to be painted; painting it.) When I moved into my house it took my dad about 4 to 5 hours just to fit security bolts top and bottom to 3 doors.I do agree that £300 for cleaning seems excessive.I sugg
  5. write to her giving 14 days to return your deposit in full or you will take her to court for the return of your deposit plus the 3x penalty.
  6. write to your landlord stating that they verbally informed you that water was included in the rental price and that they confrimed this as the water bill is specifically not included the contract so therefore you will not be paying it. did the LL protect your deposit?
  7. write a complaint to your bank stating that the debt was misrepresented and that they should have given you time to respond and pay it yourself. You can also state that the money was put aside for these charges but the mamagement company had not invoiced you for it, and that is the only reason it hadn't been paid. You should ask they put you back in the position as if they hadn't paid the "Debt" If you are unhappy with their final response you can complain to the financial ombudsman service. Also I would deal with the managment company yourself rather than via the letting agent. A
  8. I've registered just so I can give you my opinion. Your prospective LL said they were going to breach the contract, you told them the consequences and attempted to reach an agreement on the compensation you would be entitled to. The LL was adamant that they were going to breach the contract and asked for you adress to send the cheque to. You gave the address while re-itterating the course of action you would pursue should the LL go ahead with the breach. The LL sent you a cheque for the money there by confirming that she was breaching the contract By cashing the cheque
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