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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi ThereI am a previous user of the site and sucessfully claimed back approx £2k in bank charges from Halifax a few years back.I wondered what the status of claiming bank charges is at the moment. I have acrued some charges from Santander and was going to have a look at claiming these back, but remember hearing something last year that these claims couldn't be put through anymore.I have had a look on the foums here but can't see anything obviously explaining the curent situ (apologies if I have missed something very obvious! Quite likely! )Any advice would be great. I can remember the procedure from last time, so know what to do, just need to know if I can claim still or not!many thanksSpringer
  3. Great thanks guys - Tilly, I was goin to look today at the difference between a N1 and MCOL, so thanks for that. Good luck to you too!!
  4. I paid the £100 pounds into my account today, as my salary cheque had cleared in my other bank account. I figure I will just get it back when they cough up with my bank charges. At least I haven't got to worry about them issuing a default or whatever they threatened they were going to do. I am now inside my £1k overdraft on this account (by about 20p!!) and have a £100 cr per month going in so hopefully this should look after itself until the bank charge bit is sorted out! Will keep the thread posted with any news!
  5. Hi All I send by Prelim approach for payment, and have had what is, I presume, a pretty standard letter from Abbey, saying acknowledge complaint, blah blah blah, will apply for a stay if I take court action, along with some very helpful leaflets on how to avoid bank charges! I am going to go ahead and send my LBA today (slightly over my deadline, should have been last Fri, but had sooo much on!). Am I correct in doing this and if so, should I continue with MCOL after 14 days, even though they are requesting stays? Thanks, I did do this ages ago, sucessfully, against the Halifax, but not done it since all the stays and whatnot came in, and never against Abbey before, so just want to double check everything!! thanks in advance! Springer xox
  6. Hi All I am looking for some advice please. My Request for payment letter deadline was up on Friday 2 october, so I wrote them the Letter Before Action and posted it Friday afternoon, recorded delivery. On Saturday morning, I received an 'Offer' (I use that term lightly, they offered me £35, I am claiming £2100) I have done 'Letter 4' rejection letter, saying I accept that but will take legal action unless they pay rest of calim in 14 days. Now, meanwhile, I have stopped all DD's from my Halifax account, and set up a new one, which my salary now goes into and my DD's leave. Fine. My Halifax account is now overdrawn by £100 OVER my overdraft. I have had a letter from them saying they have put a stop on my account and will take further action if I do not credit my account with £100 in the next 5 days. I can't afford to do this. Can they do this while I have the bank charges dispute on my account? Is there a letter template I can use to explain this? Many thanks in advance of ANY help you can offer. Springer xox
  7. Thanks Tilly, sent my prelim letter and schedule of charges today recorded delivery....will keep the thread updated if I hear anything!
  8. Thanks, I posted my prelim letter and schedule today recorded delivery....Will keep you updated! Not holding my breath though! lol!
  9. Thanks Scott, I appreciate you replying. I have done my schedule including all charges and it totals £1240. I will be posting this to the PO Box 1109 address in the morning, recorded delivery. Although they are staying, do I still stick to my 14 day timescale before sending out my LBA? Then what about MCOL? Help! ha ha!! I'll have a good read through the other posts tomorrow as not at work in the afternoon! Springer xox
  10. Sorry, meant to clarify too, do I claim for the £15 charges too? or just the higher £25/£35 ones?
  11. Hiya All I have been reading the posts on here. With the help of this site, I sucessfully claimed £2100.00 from Halifax in Nov 2006, and now am going again to dearest Howard. I thought I would do my Abbey account too, not many charges thankfully, but enough to make it worth my while claiming. Would someone help me with how Abbey are responding to these at the moment? Also do they have histories of paying out, closing accounts etc? I am just off to so my schedule! thanks in advance!! Springer xox
  12. Hi Well I have sat down with my highlighter pen and spreadsheet and worked out since Feb 07, the darling halifax have deducted £2149 in bank charges from my account. In the worst month, they deducted £273!! Nearly half of my part time wages! The swines! lol! I have done my schedule and my request for repayment letter, and will send them from the post office tomorrow recorded delivery. It has been about three years since my last claim. Are the banks still putting these claims on hold? I'm off to look at my Abbey account now...... Springer xox
  13. Hiya I posted this in March 2009, but had some health worries with my mum, so not got round to doing anything more about it, so am going to start tonight. What has triggered me to start again is that I have opened a new bank account, moved all my Direct Debits over and now have a Halifax Bank Account with a £1000 overdraft and a balance of £1160 overdrawn due to bank charges they have given me! I was going to pay my overdraft off monthly, but then thought I might as well try again to claim my new lot of charges back, which easily amount to over £1500. - As it's my second claim I also don't care if they close my account as I have new account up and running to handle day to day stuff now. I have one question though, are they still holding charge payments now, or are they paying again? Any advice would be gratefully received! Springer
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