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  1. Hi Slick, no CCJ against me , they just went straight to repossesion. Seems they were determined to get my house . Their solicitor even said as much outside the courtroom before we went in. He said that there would be no terms for repayments , just full repossesion. Luckily , the judge thought different.
  2. Thanks for the replies slick and ims. The business loan was secured with me as principal debtor. After contacting the court , it seems that there was no judgement as such , just a suspension of possesion order .It looks like I don't have much of a chance to get Barclays to set a decent sum for settlement. I'll have to wait to see what figure they come up with . Thanks again.
  3. Hello . I have had some great advice in the past from members at CAG , and wonder if anyone can help with my latest problem. I took out a £30,000 secured business loan from Barclays when I set up my company in 2005. Long story short , the company was wound up and Barclays took me to court for the outstanding balance on the loan , which after all the interest had been added was £25,000 odd. Barclays did all they could to get possesion of my house , but the Judge ruled that I should be allowed to repay the debt at £400 per month. I have met all the payments since , and after
  4. Thanks for the advice. I will do a bit of swotting.Hopefully I will be able to bluff my way through.
  5. Don't really understand a lot to be honest. I just hope they don't ask too many questions . Thanks for all of your help guys.
  6. Hello docman , CCM . I've had a rewrite. Maybe you could have a read through if you have the time . Again, any suggestions greatfully received. In the Kingston upon thames County Court Claim number xxxxxx Between Bank of Scotland (Texaco Global)- Claimant and Mr XXXXXXXX – Defendant I would like the court to accept this amended defence as a replacement for my defence supplied to the court on 9th January 2009. Def
  7. Thanks docman. Are you saying that a lot of the first draft of my defence needs to be removed, or just add the bits you have included above ? With regard to the default notice, I don't seem to have received one. I had a formal notice which I have copied below. Not sure it is of any use. Formal Notice Your Account is in arrears You must now make an immediate payment to avoid further action Being taken. As a consequence , you must now return any cards relating to this account that you have in your possession immediately.Your credit facilities have bee
  8. Right , i will find it and try to get my scanner working. It's a bit tempremental.
  9. OK, that'll take some finding. Need to pop out now , but will get on it first thing. What sort of info do i need off of it ?
  10. I have the default notices from the debt collectors Wescot.I probably have some from HBOS , but i would need to search for them. Which do i need ?
  11. Hello CCM , I get the part about the S69 interest charges , but you have lost me a bit with the deeds and notices.
  12. Docman or CCM (or anyone else) . If you can find the time , I would appreciate an expert eye cast over my defence . Any suggestions for changes or additions would be welcomed. In the XXXXXXXXX County Court Claim number XXX Between XXXXXXXXXXXX- Claimant and Mr XXXXXX – Defendant I would like the court to accept this amended defence as a replacement for my defence supplied to the court on 9th January 2009. Defence I ,XXXXXXX , am the defendant in this claim and make the following statement as my defence to the
  13. Thanks CCM. I will work on preparing my defence over the next couple of days. I've got a day in court tomorrow for a reposession claim on my house. I'll get that out of the way , then maybe I will be able to concentrate a bit better on this claim.
  14. No , no prescribed terms.Only reference to terms is a section that says ' under the terms of this agreement as set out overleaf ' . Unfortunately they did not copy the overleaf.
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