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  1. I was going to take them to Court over their many Infringments Their wording on the Original Charge Invoice and futher letters are taken from the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) Terms and Conditions hence words like Bailiff. Loss of Credit, Etc., The TEC come under criminal Law i.e. Penalty Tickets issued by Police or Traffic Wardens. CEL and Euro Car Parks are Private Companys and come under Civil Law but CEL are useing the wording of Criminal Law. But in a Court of Law the main facts CEL have in their favour being the Management of the Parking Area to charge you are:- Video Cama
  2. Bad News on the Court Action After Seeking Legal Advice on my hoped for Court Action against CEL Legal Reports from the County Court, Traffic Enforcement Centre, Community Legal Advice and a Lawyer it seems gave bad news. Provided they have addiquite signage with the Terms and Conditions in place, PPC can now use Camara Evidence to Justify their Case The £10 Charged for their Evidence is Classed as a "Service" So unfortunatly if this did come to Court we would lose under the current Law. Many that I have spoken to are not happy with the way the Law is over this
  3. Thanks again for that Interesting about their Past Name Changes 8-) And Accounts
  4. There Certainly Is enough for now...Phew Have Papers like a Book I do have the CEL Website but prob not the List of Directors Will look into that ...Thanks
  5. Thanks very much for that Lamma Have just printed off the lot (8 Pages) I will be going up to the Court in the Morning to find out the Proceedure for this type of offence and get a Form as the HMCS online Link is not working May have a Read of all 8 Pages tomorrow before I go to the Solicitors Thanks Again
  6. Hi Lamma Am here, Any additional Info would be wonderful
  7. I will be taking Legal Advice with my Solitor and will pick up the County Court Papers in the Morning I have found 9 Beaches in their Infomation so Far It looks like they have got all their Infomation for the TEC (Traffic Enforcement Centre) I phoned them Today and they are not Covered by their Rules as CEL are a Private Company The TEC were very Interested in CEL and have taken all their Info for their Files If they find that their is a Case (or if there isant) at least we will know our next Step then
  8. Re my Post on the 15th July I have just receieved a Telephone Call from the Friend that CEL have Cashed the Cheque this Morning. I will now be taking Legal Proceedings against them in Court
  9. I do not have the Cheque as Yet But interesting Point Thanks
  10. I have just Completed a Reply to the Usual Letter Number 2 although it will not be sent as yet as I will await the Cheque and your Intellectual Respose. Dear Sirs Thank you for your awaited letter dated xx/07/2008 (Copy Enclosed) I refer to my Original reply Dated xx/06/2008 and will now proceed as stated:- 1. My Client will now Issue the Enclosed Cheque for the Sum as stated being £45.00 2. The Parking Charge Notice is Paid "WITHOUT PREJUDICE" and by Paying this Fine my Client is not Admitting to any Incident 3. Encashment of the Enclosed Cheque will
  11. I was asked by a Very Stressed Friend about the usual Letter Received by CEL. Re a Parking Charge Notice My first Letter of reply stated:- Dear Sirs Re your Invoice Dated xxx June 2008 (Copy Enclosed) which has just been passed on it me from the Keeper for Reply. We have put your Invoice in Dispute, and if you Progress any further with this Case:- A Cheque will be Issued to the the Sum of £45 With a Letter that it is Paid "WITHOUT PREJUDICE" and by Paying this Fine my Client is not Admitting to any Incident and that I will then take them to Small Claims Court
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