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  1. thanks for your reply we have followed all the advise so far given, we have sent letters of rejection via recorded post to all involved.allstating about the sale of goods act, Finance company say it is not their responsibility if we are not happy with the quality of the vehicle ,down to dealership. dealer said when asked in front of us at the arranged meeting by vauxhall representative who was supposed to be, according to vauxhall, there to help us if he would take the car back? that he would not take car back. Vauxhall representative denied all knowledge of emails that had bee
  2. Hi all update on "BRAND NEW OF THE PRODUCTION LINE CAR" we were sold by vauxhall dealership located at the Avenue in Southampton ,that had concealed scratches and cut marks in light cluster with damaged roof rails and incorectly applied paint protection. Refusing to take the car back despite rejection letters sent via recorded post ,to head office,dealership and GMAC. We were forced to settle for promises of help from vauxhall as we were told the only option was to go to court at our expense. As an offer of good will "admitance of blame" the dealership returned the cost of the se
  3. Hi we have been having the same problems since buying a vauxhall corsa first posted a thread on here about rejecting because of scratched paint work and other defects that had been concealed by the dealership before the hand over. After lots of talks with vauxhall and assurances that if we were not happy they would help us with a new vehicle we found out it was all lies. We rejected the vehicle in writing and by recorded post with in two days of receipt, vauxahall persuaded us to allow repairs to the scratched paint work damaged roof rails and cut in light cluster to be repaired with assurance
  4. Well here's the latest They totally refuse to take the car back as they say they have done all the required work to the car to bring it up to standard. We went to the arranged second meeting waited an hour "and having already lost wages attending the first meeting because they would not hold it at a time suitable for us",only to find the vauxhall rep did not even show up! The manager of the dealership said he would speak to him to secure a decent financial offer if we took the car back.we said we would only take it in its present condition if a decent offer was made. We left the car wi
  5. Hi, Just a quick one to update you all on the developments so far. We have continued talks with Vauxhall. They asked us to allow the dealership to carry out repairs to the car.They assured us that if we were not happy with repairs to car the that we could still reject it and they would go through all our options including possibly help us in acquiring a replacement. The dealership have only told us it is with their solicitors. This Saturday 02/08/2008 Two weeks after the dealership first took the car back in for repair. ( I did put on the slip that we did not agree to the repairs as
  6. I can appreciate that but why has the system changed. As I said earlier a few months ago if I sent a payment to another bank or paid a bill on Monday the money left my account on Monday and disappeared in to that mysterious banking void until it appeared again at its destination. That was fine at least I new on Monday the money was on its way. Now if I make the same payment on Monday it does not leave my account until Tuesday or Wednesday, then it disappears into the mysterious banking void and finally on to its destination. so the process is now taking longer!
  7. I'm talking about bill payments and transfers. A few moths ago when I went on-line or to the cash machine to make these payments. All I had to do was click on the already set up receiving destination ,be it another bank or company, that I wished the money to go and of it went from my account on that day it would then arrive at its destination 3-4 days later. Now when I click on where I wish for the payment to go it my halifax account gives me a date for when that payment will be sent from my account generally the following day or as is the case today when I made a payment on line it tells me t
  8. does anyone else's bank take longer to initiate a payment transfer from one bank to another. We have recently been told that this process is to be speeded up yet now it seems to take longer to start. A few months ago when I wished to transfer money from halifax to another bank the payment showed as going from my account on the day I initiated the payment. Now when I initiate the payment to leave my account I can not start it on that day, it has to be the following day or, as is the case today when I went to move money, not going to be sent until Friday that's two days after I want to send it.
  9. Thank you for all your replies so far. As the dealership and finance company just ignore me or talk about their legal departments in order to try and scare me, I am currently having discussions with the manufacturer. They seem to be moving things on, all be it slowly, I will let you all know how things progress, One things for sure though ,I will not give up or stop fighting for what I paid for and was entitled to no matter how far I have to go.
  10. thank you for your quick reply. The marks on the door that we noticed at the point of the hand over of the car were so minuscule they were barley noticeable you had to move about at different angles in the light to be able to see them.It was only when we washed the car 2 days later on the Monday that those marks showed as large scratches and it was obvious some one had used something like T cut on the paint work to cover it up. It was at this time because the car was wet that it also became obvious the paint protection we had paid for had not been applied properly. The stained roof ra
  11. Hello every one . I have been reading more material on the internet then ever thought I would need to because of this problem. Ordered a brand new of the production line corsa with factory fitted accessories in may 2008 . Collected it sataday28 June. The original sale man (boy) was not available as he had gone of partying for the "weekend" so we went through the paper work with another sales man. When looking at the car on the forecourt we noticed 4 very faint almost non existent scratch like marks on drivers door.The sales man told us this was nothing and common on new cars as it hap
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