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  1. lol mr browne Ps. i have added a link banner to the consumer forum on my website so this might help drive a bit more traffic this way
  2. thank you mr browne, Ps. i noticed the little link under you message, i have got it bookmarked and i will be making some good use of that sortly ,
  3. hi mr ton. sorry forgot about that, all info can be found here full info here which is in my main post, should have put a link to it in my first post sorry. again thanks to everyone here Jay
  4. i would just like to say thank you for everyones help, i am now completely debt free as is my mother. so thank you i don't know what i would have done without everyone here, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!!! :D with the greatest thanks Jay
  5. First of all, please let me just say a great big thank you to everyone that has both helped and advised me regarding this matter, i don't know what i would have done without you all and this site i am truly gratefull. Secondly i would just like to say that abbey have admitted that it was a "clerical error" on they're end and they have offered to repay everything to the value of £250 which means i will be in credit by £91 odd if i am willing to accept this settlement. so i think that it is fair although i would have been happy if they had just apologised and offered to clear the account and close it. Thirdly. the financial ombudsman has said that i can make a complaint regarding 1st credit regarding the way in which they have treated this situation, would this be worth doing as i know quite a few other people have had dealings with them. i would NOT want anything from them other than an apology for all the [email protected]@P they have put me through and a refund of the postal orders that i sent them for the NOA and the other thing ( £11 total). but it it really worth pushing ? again thank you for all the help that you have all provided. with the greatest thanks :D Jay Ps. thanks to the help on this site i have also managed to get 10 years worth of bank charges (nearly £24,000) in the process of being refunded and a charging order removed for my mum. thanks for all of your help and keep up the good work thank you from me and mum:D
  6. hi all its me again the pain in the butt lol, i am a little concerned as i am still worrying about this DCA i have not recieved anything from them nor abbey and the original letter that i sent them requesting the NOA as it is here Consumer Credit Act template - Consumer Wiki but i still have not heard anything and it has been more than the twelve days stated in the letter. what should i do? should i get mum to ring them and find out whats happening? anyways sorry i haven't been on much and i hope that you are all well, keeping busy and not worrying to much speak to you soon and take care J
  7. hi all sorry i have not been on i have not been very well but never mind. i was just wondering what i should do now i sent the DCA a letter requesting the notice of assignment and they sent me a letter back saying that the NOA has stayed with Abbey and they have passed my request over to them but i have still not recieved anything and it has been 10 days what do i do if they have not sent it within the 12 days (i think its 12 days?) do i have to send them anything else ? i hope that everyone is well and hope to speak to you all again soon J:)
  8. if debt collecors are so abusive with people on the end of the phone what the hell are they like with their families and friends ok ignore the last one anyone with the mentality to be a DC cant have any friends but i feel sorry for their poor families J
  9. i never recieved this "notice of assignment" doe's the DCA still have the right to persue this legally ? and if not what can i do. i have looked through all of my paperwork and i do not have anything from abbey to say they are passing to a DCA. thanks for the help forgottenone:D thanks J
  10. hi, i have been reading a few of the other post's on this forum and they mention something about an application or something before it is passed over to a DCA what is this as i did not recieve anything from abbey before it was sent to the DCA the first thing i knew about the DCA is when the first letter arrived telling me i had to make contact with them ? Thanks J
  11. hi forgottenone i have tried to connect my scanner up today but i cant seem to find any drivers for it to run on windows vista as i bought it when i had XP on my old PC but i can upload all of the letters that i have written as they were written in MS Word if someone can tell me how to upload them then i will but i am going to see if i can get my scanner to work on dads PC so i can put them on cd and then on here. i am also going to put a post on a deaf forum that i use on a regular basis to see if there is anything that can be done about them from a deaf persons point of view or there is any guidelines in place for dealing with deaf/ disabled persons and if there is i will post a link to it so other deaf/ disabled persons can use the information (but i will need to know how to post links please) touchwood OnMyWayOut the last two days all i have had has been the one letter that they sent to me today to which i have sent them an email explaining my situation again that i am on I.S./ I.B. of £45 a week as i am deaf and have a problem with my back and i am not in a situation to either fight or accept this at the moment and could they please stop proceeding's until i am well enough to cope with it (lets see what they say to that) and i have also asked them not to contact my mother by telephone again as she is not willing to speak to them on my behalf after the way in which she was treated by the companies staff (what will they say to that) i also used part of one of the letters but i have typed, printed and mum has sent them recorded delivery so i will wait now and see what happens. this is still being investigated by the financial ombudsman should i send them copies of the letters that i have recieved and sent via the DCA ? so that they have a record of them they know that it has been sent to a DCA but they do not have any of the paperwork (i think). ticktock, ticktock, ticktock, how long will it take. thanks all J
  12. hi all, recieved a letter from 1st credit this morning saying that they are taking me to court and that they are going to apply for a county court baliff to enter my property (it's not mine it's dads) and remove my possesions can they legally do this. they area also aying that i will have to pay all legal fees for their solicitor and the court there is no way i can do this as i am on income support of £45 a week is there anyway of stopping them from doing this as i feel as if i just want to explode at someone. thanks J
  13. hi all, the name of the DCA is 1st credit has anyone else had dealing's with these?
  14. Hi eastendboy, at least you can understand my predicament with the phone calls a lot easier being deaf yourself and i would just like to say thanks for the support i do appreciate it. i have spoken to mum and she is going to make a complaint and she is going to consider making a complaint to the police also i do feel that you are right in what you say fred about making complaints to the DCA themselves i don't think that anything will be done on their part to resolve the issue i personally believe that they must be the cruelest, heartless and brutalist b#####ds that walk the face of the earth and that something must have happened to them for them to have to behave in this manner but saying that i have been through some very tough times and i am not like them so who knows? again thanks for all of everyones help, support and advice hopefully we will be abl to get this matter sorted and i will not have to worry as much. one thing i cant work out is why abbey passed the account over to the DCA when it was already in dispute can they legally do this? speak to you all again soon and thank you J
  15. i think you just hit the nail on the head Berrylover LOL maybe it is the only job they can get as they spent so log torturing other kids the didn't bother learning anything ;)
  16. i never thought of it as assualt forgotenone but i will mention it to mum and see what she say's but it is a good idea why should they get away with talking to an innocent person they way the lady did even if she did it through the company surely she is just as responsable as the company themselves, should they not regulate the way thier staff treat customers more stringantly ? anyway thanks and great idea !
  17. Hi all, how is everyone ?, thnks for all the help,and advice i have found it really useful and its finally nice to talk to some people that understand my situation. i have typed out three letter's and will send a copy of each to the DCA, Bank and the financial obudsman that is dealing with the complaint. i have given them to mum and she is going to take them down and send them al recorded delivery (BT will have to wait for their money till i next get paid). Thanks again for everyones help:D
  18. Oh by the way the original so called "debt" was with the abbey thanks again for your help and goodnight
  19. Fred, Thank you for your kind words of support i can see from the replies tht you understand the situation i am in and that you can relate to it mum has all the paper work so i will get her to scan it and put it on cd so i can upload it to here so that you and everyone else can see it and let me know what you think. convincer, although you think that my story sounds incredible i have no reason to post anthing that is untrue or exagerated (i think thats how you spell it?) please do not take that comment the wrong way but i will say what i think and truthfully speak my mind. I do know that the lady that rings mum is always the same person and it seems as though she is trying to build herself up in the ranks perhaps she is new to the job i honestly do not know. mum has rung them once before and spoke to a man who had a completely different attitude towards the situation and said that they would get in touch with the bank to see what there side of the story was and that he we write to mum and let her know what the outcome was but we have never heard anything else from him. we only have 1 or 2 letters from them and these were the original letters that they sent out to say that we needed to contact them regarding the account (they had my full bank details) which to me say's that they are a genuine company and the letter states that they are regulted by someone (do not know who but wil tommorrow when i get paperwork from mum). however i would like to say Thank You for the links i have 3 letters to write tommorrow and send. Thanks fred, convincer i do appreciate the help and i do not mean to rant i just feel so stressed over the situation and feel as though i am just beating my head against a brick wall all of the time. one last quick question for tonight: is it ok to send a recorded delivery letter to a P.O. Box address ? and will it get there? Thanks to everyone for your help
  20. Thanks Caro for the link to the letter i will get it typed out and sent to them first thing tommorrow i really appreciate the help and advice Thanks for the support Postggj really appreciate it . i would rather not name the DCA at the moment as i would like to get things sorted first and i don't really want them complaining or taking legal action (if they can) for anything i say but i will when i know i can legally do so. Thank You!
  21. hi all, this is my first post and i have only just registered so please bear with me as i am unsure of how i should put this so i will not mention any names etc. what it is, is that i have a bit of a problem with a DCA l am partially deaf and have severe nerve damage in my lower back which is stopping me from woring at the moment that is problem #1 problem #2 is that no matter how much my mum tells the DCA that i am deaf and can not hear on the phone they still keep ringing her to speak with me and threaten legal action. my 3rd problem is the financial ombudsman service is involved with what is going on but they still will not back off even though they have been told this. here is the full story so you can see what is going on. i recieved charges on a bank account which i should never of got which comes to about £150 the account was overdrawn by £0.32p but i do not know what this was for and have no record of it or any purchases for £0.32p this is being investigated by the financial ombudsman but the bank did freeze the account while the FO was investigating but now they have passed it over to a DCA who have not stopped contacting my mum on the phone threatening legal action and literally shouting and screaming down the phone at her and telling her that i need to get my financial situation under controll and it is all my fault and if their wasn't so many *losers and waster's* like her son in the world then this would not be happening. the lady that rung my mother was told that i would not be able to speak to her as i could not hear on the phone to which she replied *b###s###* and that we we're just trying to get out of paying my mum was called a bi##h and a liar by her. they have never written to me or my mother and i do not know how they got my mums mobile phone number ? is there anything that can be done to stop this abuse from the DCA as my mum will now no longer speak to anyone on my behalf as she can not cope with the abuse that she is getting and there is no way that i can speak to anyone. is their anyone that i can write or email to complain about this treatment that mum recieved for no reason ? there is no way that i can pay this as i am unable to work and recieve only £45 a week to live on and i do not owe the money as it is mainly charges on a dept which i did not cause or have any record of. please help as i really do not know what to do Thank you
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