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  1. from my experience.. Stop paying them and put the account into dispute. I have done so successfully with 3 accounts/2lernders and am 11 months from it being statute barred because of their lack of proper record keeping.
  2. To me that looks like an aplication form not a credit agreement. if it were an agreement it should ahve the total loan amount or credit limit on it. enforcability - not a clue sorry!
  3. I have had several "reduced amount" offers from HSBC from some£14 k down to £11k for my loan and £4300 doen to £3200 for my CC. Persaonlly if they were genuined and i could afford them (ha!) i would but at most if i really scraped begged and borrowed i'd maybe be able to get my hands on about two grand which i doubt they will take! it is a ploy to get you to call them (i've never had the money tofind out!) and a moot point as the debt is passed onto a DCA and they ask for the total amount again (bizzare that they seem to legally yo yo up and down the amount they want to extract from you!) Given your circumstances and divorce as well it's not going to be easy at all!
  4. Texanbar i too had my EGG debt initialy (mis)handled by moorcroft - various letters and a visit from a portly unentusiastic middle aged egntleman too. after some 16 months (the last 5 of which i'd get a threatogram letter a month to whcich i'd refere to my CCA req and they'sd shut up) it's now been passd on to ARC europe. however due to my circumstances the bloke on the phone (i called them) actually didnt want to deal with me and i'll just have to wait n see now. it does seem that they dont sell the debt but farm it out to various DCA's who try their luck. Stay calm and repeat the process as per moorcroft (i figure if it's an 16 - 18 month cycle then i have two more DCA's to go with EGG after ARC before it the debt becomes ststute barred.) Though i would if i cold pay my debts, that just isnt happening right now with me.
  5. ASs long as you ahve prooof that they ahve recived letters from you tan that can hardly refute your lack of comms - keep tracking recipts and print off tracking/recipt confirmation from RM's website too. ffrom my (limited by some on heres!) experience of DCA's thay just reply with a standard "form" typ letter unless you actually pay them off or if you pay them some they use it as leverage to get more off you. stick to your guns!
  6. Thnaks, no nothing can really help with any bereavement and Both my partner and self are in a state of zombie like shock right now. The only reason we're living as we are ATM is the money from my last wage packet and a generous sum of money given to me by my parents. Though i will be looking forward to letting the next round of DCA's know we're now pretty much benefits dependant (as much as i abohr feling likea state sponger) and have no viable mans of income as yet. I imiagine i will be able to return to work as son as the Dr sees i'm mentally fit enough but my missus will probably never work again TBH. AIC is (or at least the person i dealt with) very agressive and non understanding. i immiediatly sent them a letter ststing all further comunication is to be done via letter only, though this was after i sent them the letter from HSBC ststing thay had no credit agreement for the CC debt anyway!) Suffice to say i lost my cool with the person and in future the will get the level of respect and help from me that they give All in all thay stsnd sod all chance now as both myself and partner onre both signd off sick and on ESA (myself having had my temp contract ended a few weeks back and my partner was our daughters carer)
  7. Subbing in as i'm getting greif off AIC. Joolzy it looks like AIC have pretty much nothing and are also now out of time so to speak (that's if they had anything in the first place!)
  8. Sorry for a such a long time between updates. Things seemed to gi very quiet on the DCA from from both HSBC and EGG. Which was nice. unfortunatly i had a very very close and personal bereavement 3 weeks agao 9just after my trmp job ended too) which jhas left me at sea. then within a day of eachother i recived a "warning" card from Allied international credit Re my HSBC CC (whcih has no Signed agreement at all) and a letter from ARC cedit managment Re;' mt egg loan. i phoned ARC explained that i was in no situation and frnakly the guy oin the other end pf the phone line was genuienly sympathertic and TBH couldnt get ff the phone fast enough when i explained my situation. Allied international credit on the other hand are a bunch of bully boy **************'s who made em loose my cool. However i have photocopied all the releven HSBC "we dont got nuffink" documents and posted them off yesterday. I recived a txt from them today and folishly called them. The guy was frankly a big old bully boy and was really trying to push me. So i've sent them anther letter telling thrm my only correspondency wuill be by letter from now on. As a side not they will be hard pushed to get anything atm as my and my partnes world has fallent apart completely.
  9. Apologies for my lack of posts'/scanning documents i've had a bad bout of lhurghi anyway. HSBY have written to me about the loan and OMG they dont have an copy of my agreement! "i refere to recent correspondence in respect of the above mentioned account I regret the branc have been unable to locate a copy of the full loan agreement, therefore I am unable to provide a copy of the agreement to you. I can however confirm that page 1 of the loan agreement, previously forwarded to you is a true copy of your signature on thr document and matches the signature on record....." There is some other blurb about the font discrepancies and why a west country branch is on the agreement etc etc .
  10. The CCA was amended a few times. After a bit of research I've found that in December 2004 it was amended to include"electronic signatures" I did have a link somwhere - i'll dig it out again later. Though i'm going to wait and see if somone with a bit more experience on this can answer my question (as soon as i ahve it scanned and posted up of course!) The 2006 amendement s also one that appears to remove some of the clauses that are currently a boon to us debtors - section 127 pt1, 11 and 111 I belive. Your best bet is to start a thread of your own (in the relevent part of the forum) and ask the specific question you want answered.
  11. And an Update. A few threatening letters arrived from DG solicitors on tuesday. one dated the 29th of October stating a that they ahve been instructed to take action against me in a county court and that a "warrant of excecution" will be sought out. The 2nd one dated the 8th of november threatening to"employ debt collectors" but also taking nearly £3k off the total sum! Then a letter today from HSBC themselves ackowledging my letter of last week stating that I belived the account was still indispute due to the (blindingly obvious) innacuracies of said "credit agreement" and that they are currently liasing with the branch where the credit agreement was raised to "sort it out". Deary me.. Now EGG have also gotten back to me! it all seems legit the T&C's are there and the agreement is complete. it goes over 3 A4 pages and seems ok bar the signature. there is a box that say's "customer Signature" and in it is "please tick box" with a tick box (ticked obviously) and underneath it " this is instead of your signature" my name is not there at all. dated the 22nd Dec 2006 below this is the same thing for the lender - though their name is there. Again dated the 22nd Dec 2006 Below that it goes on about reciving a signed lonagreement withing 90 days (which they wont have as I never signed anything with them). The T&C's issued are very much the current ones printed off their website. A scan of the agrement will be up tommorrow. Is it enforcable? The T&C's issued are very much the current ones printed off their website
  12. thanks for that Gm TBH the moorcroft"agent" promptly departed when i mentioned teh case was in dispute - i'd put this down to EGG bein pretty poor in the maintaning up todate information department. I'm sure they will however get in contact when they dont get their pound this month. i suspect thet they will be unable to comply with my request As for the HSBC loan "credit agreement" Looking at it now it does appear to be a cobbled together job. At the time I was very mucg "bu**er they kept it and found it" A letter to the effect of it not being legit and lacking the T&C's has been sent and stating thet the account is still in dispute.
  13. The HSBC loan was taken out in January 05 (i for the life of me cannot remeber what date exactly). The Egg one was in Dec 06 (i found some paerwork for it today funilly enough). I stopped the Egg nominal £1 paymets this morning as well.
  14. moorcroft fr still sending me letters asking to pay the entire debt despite the account being in dispute as the original creditors have not complied with my request for a signed true copy of the credit agreement andf them for them dending a collector round to my house at five to nine this evening.
  15. Ok can anyone else offer some advice on weather the Loan agreemendt is enforcable? And secondly a "collector" from moorcroft turned up this evening (quite litterally 5 minutes ago!) asking if i was who i said i was and would i like to pay £XXXX in total. i told him yes i am me (well i cant really deny it) and that i would love to pay but dont ahve the money or a Job at the moment AND more importantly the account is in dispute so you shouldnt even be contacting me. Just as I was getting into the swing of it he turned round and walked off!
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