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  1. If i only make sure their is 500 in my account they wont be able to take more will they, then i could cancel my card... Its like banging my head against a wall trying to get their account details you see
  2. Really!!! What if i Pay them the 500 then cancel my card and order a new one and write to my bank saying under no circumstances do not authorise any payments to this company?
  3. Do you guys think this is good enough as a full and final settelment. Still can't get bank details off them.........................Thank you for contacting us to inquire about how to settle your balance. Please be advised, acceptance of the settlement offer constitutes the due date will not change and you will be ineligible to receive funds from Quick Quid or our affiliates in the future. The settlement we can offer is detailed below and the remaining balance written off.£500.00__________due 13/07/2012 via debit cardOur records indicate we do not have valid banking details on file which is needed in order to set your arrangement in place. Please contact us immediately to update your debit card or banking details. You can contact us via email, phone, and Live Chat. To update a Direct Debit please provide: Sort code and Account number. To update a Debit Card please provide the Card type, Card long number, 3-digit Security Code, Issue number, Card Expiry Date, and Card Start Date.Please remember to have funds available on the dates listed above. This arrangement cannot be cancelled and collection procedures will continue if it is not honoured.If you have any queries, our Collections Department is here to help.QuickQuid Collections Department
  4. I see what your saying i will try them again and try the live chat and see if they can give me something on that i can then save a screen shot off may be?
  5. I am calling them cause they wont send an email just saying that. so its fustrating me, as i just want to pay the £500 and have it over and done with.
  6. They keep telling me on the phone that the email they sent is full and final settlement and that the only was to pay is the methods i mentioned earlier... I can use a bank account that i rarley use i guess. But i am just concered about the wording in the email regarding it being full and final. How and what am i best approaching them back saying?
  7. Any ideas with the QQ one people, do i pay it and does it look like a F&F settlement if i do. I can use my mums card to make the payment of £500 but will they still chase me or settle it juging on the emails they sent me
  8. Also Wonga have now responded after my offer by email wanting me to call them, should I?
  9. When reminding them of their obligations any idea how i should word the email?
  10. This is one of the emails they sent about paying by card- ill will post the other one also to Customer # 1604792The acceptable payment methods used by Quick Quid are: Bank Account, Debit Card, Bankers Cheque or Cashiers Cheque. Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal, standing orders, giro slips, or provide an account number that you can make cash payments into. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You may also have a friend or family member call in the payment on your behalf. Both yourself and the card holder must be present at the time of your call. If you have any queries, our Collections Department is here to help.QuickQuid Collections Department
  11. Cheers.How will i get confirmation, as they are telling me that the email they set confirms F&F. I have also been told i can pay by cheque?
  12. I have spoke to qq and they have told me that this email they sent should be taken as full and final payment if I pay them 500 pound. They will only accept A card payment should I pay them?
  13. It was my mums account and i told them this surley they can not do that.
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