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  1. thank you guys for the info, i'll send them SAR letter, to whom am i going to address the £10.00 postal order?
  2. I received another follow up letter from them saying they recently bought the account i held with Barclaycard Littlewoods and still forcing me to pay the debt, otherwise, they will take further action. How can they buy such an account which is more than 5-6 years now? Can i send them a letter saying they have failed to send me a true copy of the agreement & the time limit has expired? Shall i just ignore their letter, anyway, they still don't know my new address now. They've sent the letters to the old address & it just so happened that my friends live there & gave me these letters. What do you think shall i do?
  3. i couldn't remember the last payment, i think sometime @ 2004-2005. they are forcing me to pay the debt because they have sent me some photocopies of the agreement from the archive. what should i do now? what letter can i send them? do they have the right to chase me for the debt some 6 years ago with photocopies & not the original agreement? pls. help me, i don't know what to do thanks in advance.
  4. hi everyone, can someone please advise me of what to do with this bloody company chasing me about this debt originally from littlewoods some 6 years ago? Last year when they first sent me a letter i replied to them with CCA request. They failed to send with the time frame & now they sent me a letter again dated 25 september 2010 with seemed to be a printed copy of statement of account & the agreement was not original, seemingly they have just printed it off from somewhere with very dark ink. i just want to show this bull**** company that they are actually annoying & for them to stop sending me a threat that they will obtain a county court judgement against me & force me to pay the outstanding balance which grew more according to them. i would appreciate it if anyone can advise me regarding this. thanks a lot
  5. Hi Martin3030. Thanks for the reply. There's Vodafone which as far as i remember i had no balance left bec. i have paid my phone bill then up-to-date. The current balance said there "satisfied" but i couldn't understand why vodafone defaulted me. It was defaulted on 25/07/2005. Then there's Raphaels Bank ( CCRT UK ) which i never heard of. It says credit card/ store card which i never applied for and the balance is around £1,076.00 and defaulted on 28/08/2007. Who the hell is this Raphaels Bank i have no idea. Could this be another debt buyer? Default yanks your credit rating isn't it?
  6. Thank you so much for the reply . I just need to dig up from my hidden files and bills in the attic to see whether it was in 2003 or 2004. Thanks guys, really appreciate that.
  7. Hi 42man, it's me again. I recently checked my experian credit report and it didn't show there any default from Littlewoods in which Cabot Financial is chasing me to pay them in behalf of the above. I couldn't remember the last payment i made to Littlewoods, all i can remember it was sometime in 2004. Why is that?
  8. Hi everyone, This is in connection with my experian credit report and i was surprised to see some of the defaulted account in behalf of my name were in God's name I even couldn't recognized. First, Lowell Portfolio defaulted me for the balance of £478.00 from the original charge they made of £1,075.00. This is in connection to the credit card I owed to MBNA in which the original credit limit was only £250.00 and how on earth it reached the amount of more than a thousand pounds i don't know! Anyway, after paying them of more than £500.00, I sent them a CCA and discontinued paying them in which now, they said they are unable to provide me the true copy of the agreement and stopped chasing me. Then i saw my experian, they defaulted me for the balance grrrrrr:evil:. Does anyone know how to send a letter to the companies ( there are 4 companies ) some of which I couldn't recognized but they defaulted me anyhow that will clear my name? Please enlighten me again regarding this matter...thank you so much !!!
  9. Thank you so much 42man. I'll send this letter to them. Actually it has mentioned in their letter that for the meantime, Cabot has suspended all collection activity until such time that the relevant info is supplied to me. Even so, i will send them this letter and see what's gonna happen. Again, thank you so much. Will keep you posted .
  10. Hi everyone, Last June 25, 2009, I sent a CCA Request to Cabot with a £1.00 postal order. They replied to me returning my £1.00 stating they do not accept the statutory fee required under section 77/78 and that they will provide me with anticipation the information within those time limits. They failed to do so. Just today, July 15, I received a letter from them saying they have made several urgent requests to the original lender to forward any documentation relating my account to them. Unfortunately, they haven't received yet any information due to a delay in retrieving this from the lender's archives. My question is, what letter should i send them telling them that they have failed to supply me with the information within the timescale? I'm worried that they might send me letter enforcing me to pay the debt i owed to Barclaycard Littlewoods way back 2003-2004. Actually, as far as i can remember, my credit limit to Littlewoods then was only £2,800.00 but has now exceeds, according to Cabot, up to £3,303.57 which i do not remember spending it that way. Couldn't be Littlewoods has charged me for failing to pay them then that's why now it has reached more than the original amount? Can anyone please help? I would really be grateful . Thank you so much in advance...
  11. Hello again everyone...this is just a follow up regarding the letters i received from Lowell Financial. I got a final letter from them yesterday stating that after liasing with Compucredit in an effort to obtain the original credit agreement, they have been advised that it is no longer available due to the length of time since the account was opened with me. Therefore, they are closing their file and will not make any further contact concerning payment. I hope everyone who had experience the same problem will soon find their way out of this...Thanks for the help and advice of everyone on this site...
  12. Hi everyone! I have sent Lowell Financial a CCA letter last Dec. 13,2008 and they replied to me on Dec. 17 saying that they are requesting a copy of the agreement from the original lender and that they are advising me that it may take longer than the prescribed period. Two more letters arrived few days later saying that their client Compucredit, which is not the original creditor, it's the Monument credit card, is still trying to retrieve a copy of the original credit agreement. Once this has been sent to me, I am required to pay the whole outstanding balance, but has offered me a final settlement of £ 191.60 to bring this matter to a close. I have not responded anymore to these letters and just waiting for them to send me a copy of the original agreement, if they can, and I am hoping that I did the right thing. I would like to thank everyone on this site, those who have responded to my thread and at least now, I am relieved from unnecessary threats and things.
  13. Hi there everyone. I have just received a letter from Roxburghe saying I have to pay £477.12 from an old debt ( Littlewoods ) which I have a balance long time ago - 2004. I haven't received any phone calls yet from them and I am planning to send them a CCA request. Could you help me what is the proper CCA I can send them? As far as I can remember this is an old balance debt, year around 2004 and could it be possible that an old unpaid debt can be statute barred? Thanks a lot in advance
  14. Thank you so much. You've given me courage to to do so.
  15. Hi there folks! I have a problem with this Lowell Finance Ltd. They bought my debt from a credit card company Monument and the original credit limit I have with this bank was only £250.00. Because I failed to pay the amount, they overcharged me until it reached the amount of £1,080. something. Now here comes Lowell finance from nowhere claiming that I owe them this amount and I should agree to pay them monthly of £89.65 until I paid it full. Since I don't want to be harrassed or anything, I agreed to pay them monthly direct debit and the payment started on May of this year up to November. Soon they will collect again for the month of December and to total the amount I have paid since then, it's now £600.00 plus, triple the amount of the original credit limit. I cancelled the direct debit for this December and I am planning to send them a CCA letter and I mentioned in the letter as well that I have already paid them in excess. Am I right to do this? Is it not too late since I started and agreed to pay them since May? Pls. help. I'm so worried and confused . I've gone thru a lot of stress lately and I'm really weak with regards to emotional turbulence. Thank you all very much.
  16. thank you so much PGH7447 for helping me. I will send them the CCA and see what it will come up. what is S.A.R.? and to whom will i send it to?
  17. Hi everyone! On May of this year, I agreed to pay £89.65 monthly to Lowell Finance which they said it's the credit card i owed to MBSN sometime ago. The actual credit limit to this bank was only £250.00 and perhaps due to charges for not paying it monthly, it now has become £1075.79. So then, every month it's being debited to my account. Yesterday, as i was checking my account, i noticed they debited £98.62 instead of what we have agreed £89.65 monthly. I phoned them and they said to me they sent me a letter stating that after 3 mos. review, they will increase it to 10% which i told them i never received any letter and in the end, the lady on the phone was trying to offer me another repayment method i think and i refused. I hang up. I was really upset by this, to think that i have already agreed to pay them every month and now, they increased the payment to which i think is too much. I cancelled the direct debit in my bank to my dismay. Do i have right to do this? Am i doing the right thing? Pls. help...
  18. I will send this, thank you so much. I'll let you know what will be the outcome and if there will be anymore problems and threatening. Also, I'd like to seek an advice from you regarding Lowell Financial. At the moment, I responded to their letter in behalf of MBNA which at first had also threatened me with legal procedures, blah blah blah because I never knew anyone before who could help me until I found your website. I only owed MBNA £ 250.00 as my credit limit and probably only exceeded more or less a hundred pounds. Then, they charged me and charged me until i can no longer afford to pay them. They couldn't get hold of me when I moved house 3x last year and now Lowell Financial traced me and asked me to settle the amount of £1075.79 which now I am paying them £89.00/month for a year. I started only last May of this year. Is it worth paying the whole amount where I only owed MBNA £250.00? It's really a pain in my wallet, having to pay other household expenses too every month. :o Hope you can advice me regarding this one too. Thank you so much!!!
  19. Hi, recently i received a letter from Ruthbridge telling me that i owe them £2,872.58 from a client named Cabot Financial Europe Limited. I don't know this company and never loaned from them. What I possibly could think of is this could maybe my long time unpaid credit card from Littlewoods way back i think 2004. I moved house 3times and I must admit, due to struggling paying loans and all that, I wasn't able to pay Littlewoods. Now here comes Ruthbridge threatening that they would declare me bankrupt. First I don't have any mortgage, I only rent. I tried to contact them thru telephone today but no one seemed available to take the call so I hanged up. What will I do? I've read some of the advice here already. Where and how can i get a CCA request?
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