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  1. I am having major problems with Barclays myself at the moment, whatever you do DO NOT TALK TO THEM ON THE PHONE always in writing. I have asked numerous questions which have been simply ignored by the complaints department. The FOS has advised me to request a Data request, if you do this they are required by law to give you all the data that they contain about you. I have been told by a "customer service manager" using the term loosely that they do not have phone logs, yet the adjudicator at the FOS has referred to phone logs held by barclays in correspondents with me. I just wish
  2. well, even though they threatened that the calls will continue, since sending the letter they have not phoned me, haven't received a letter either.
  3. There crafty aren't they, instead of the land line the called the mobile today. I have asked them not to call again, and they said the calls will continue, gonna print the letter off later and get it into the post. The ombudsman have advised them not to call me, so I am wondering why they aren't listening to them.
  4. May help if I read the information first, thanks for your help BankFodder
  5. I have a home studio (I am a radio producer that works from home) so I am planning on connecting the phone line to a TBU so when the phone I can route it through the desk and record it onto my computer. I will contact trading standards about this as advised.
  6. Hi I keep getting phone calls from the bank, they have phoned at 8 every morning since Saturday, even Sunday. I am planning on sending this to the CE, I have been told by the complaints department I am not allowed to contact them, and have been told not to go into the local branch. Does this letter look good, it is based on the template provided by The Consumer Action Group Your Street Town City Postcode DATE HERE Company Name Road Town City / County Postcode Re: Harassment by telephone Ref: XXXXXX Dear Sirs I am writing in relation to the
  7. Basically I only noticed recently as I was looking to pay off the loan as I am emigrating soon and would rather settle now rather than have to pay of a debt whilst abroad. Obviously I do not have statements for loans as they don't send them out. At the time the loan was taken out I was not mentally sound, I actually tried to commit suicide on numerous occasions, so hence I probably wasn't thinking straight when I saw the statements.
  8. IdaInFife that's right. But where the loan for 2000 should have paid the loan for 1000, they say it never, they then added the 1000 onto the loan of 2000 making it 3000, plus all the interest for both loans, even though the previous loan should have been paid off hence no interest should have been accrued.
  9. perhaps I am not explaining this right. Currently I only have one loan with Barclays, this should have paid off a previous loan, but it never, they just added that sum to my new loan. I only discovered this about a month ago. The loan was taken out in 2005. This extra debt that Barclays added to my current loan without my permission this incurred interest. They have now removed this interest. But my original agreement stated x amount, they are trying to get me to pay y amount, which is a lot more than the original agreement. I have stated I will stick to my agreed terms. They n
  10. The interest bearing loan will still be in force, but without the added extra that Barclays added onto the loan to pay off the previous loan (does that make sense). The interest free loan will be for the difference. But my feeling is that they increased my loan without my permission, they broke there own agreement. The agreement is for a set amount, they tried to get more money out of it due there incompetence.
  11. Many thanks Rooster. One other thing I forgot to mention in the previous post as well is that when I viewed my Credit Report it stated I was 6 month overdue on this new loan that I have. I have made every single payment. Barclays are refusing to rectify this issue until I have agreed to there new terms. Is this right? They say it is due to the extra money added onto the loan, but if that was the case I wouldn't have been able to get credit after that loan was taken out. Again many thanks in advance Squeak
  12. Hi All I am relatively new to all this, so be patient with me. I took out a loan with Barclays in 2005, this should have paid of a previous loan. It didn't, they added the previous loan onto my new one instead. This accumulated all the interest, and it wasn't until earlier this year when I went to check on the balance of the loan to see if it could be paid off early that I noticed this error. Barclays say that I still have pay back the original loan, and they have offered an interest free loan to cover this. With the loan that should have paid off the original loan and the in
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