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  1. This is still going on today. They were given my number by mistake and despite contacting Caversham they still make many calls to my home number even though I`m not a customer of theirs. best of all though, they`re so dumb they left messages on my answering machine saying who it was and who they were.
  2. I personally think the only way this will change is after someone wins a `medical malpractice` claim. I know for a fact I`ve got in writing that the AtoS nurse claims that in her `professional opinion` I`m fit to work and my condition will not change. A class action by people who have appealed and had the decision of the HCP working for AtoS over ruled by a real doctor is the only way I see the current situation changing. Just my opinion and you may or may not agree.
  3. I know what you mean about being pushed over the edge. Thanks to AtoS I`m now on even more tablets to help with anxiety, panic attacks and depression.
  4. Good luck. It only helps your case when they see you. I felt like a trapped rat with big ugly tom cat on my case. The tribunal isn`t there to get as many people off benefits as possible. Unlike AtoS they are thinking for themselfs, within the law, and are not being prompted by a piece of software that`s pre-programed to certify you fit to work.
  5. Unlike the profesionals who work for Atos the doctor at the hearing is actually qualified and knows what they`re doing. At least in my case anyway. Good luck.
  6. Hi Ruby, I`ve not been on here much lately but I remember you being the victim of AtoS around the same time as me. I had my appeal heard without my rep, who`s stuck out of the country at the moment. They asked if I wanted to postpone until a later. I told them that after 7 months I wanted to get it over with but was also unsure as my rep wasn`t with me. They asked the questions and asked me how I was feeling and coping with things. I was also asked about things I had complained of in my initial letter of appeal. The doctor was the one asking the questions. They wanted to know how I was at the
  7. Sorry for the late reply. Yes I`m a single person. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Hi, just a simple question, I thought. I`ve had the medical with AtoS, who say I can work. My Dr says different but he also says that he can not give me a sick note for the same illness. He did say he`s happy to provide a letter stating he doesn`t think I`m able to work though. This I find hard to believe but that`s what my Dr said.The DWP are being as helpful as ever. So can anyone tell me what benefit I`m supposed claim? I`m appealing against the decission and have sent the appeal form in and had the usual reply from the DWP.
  9. No problem, it`s just you`d not believe what some of the staff can be like. Although the majority are ok some are far from helpful.
  10. @MRSWESTHAM maybe because they insist on applying the rules with no leeway. They should all be taught that `things you can do` is not the same as `things you have to do`. If they can`t understand basic English then they should not be in a position that carries so much responsibility. Until you have experianced how petty and small minded some people who work in the job center are you wouldn`t believe what some of them are like. Not shouting at you, just a sad fact of being a `customer` of the job center.
  11. This is the best idea I have heard for a very long time. It is the very least we can do in memory of our fallen heroes.
  12. I`ve been in touch with CLA people myself and as far as i`m concerned they are FAR more helpfull than anyone at DWP/IB/IS etc. In my case the person dealing with me has said they can help finding someone to represent me at my appeal, whenever that is.
  13. @Ruby I will be watching this space. While I`m here, got lots a form filling to do, on my report they got my age wrong! How`s that for a medical report then. There are a lot more errors in it. They make a really big issue about things that I was not asked. They also twist answers and even say `claims to have` in other parts. I`ve now got more than enough, IMHO, to prove the the test was bogus. Got to get legal advice on this issue so can`t really go in to it much more. I really wish I`d had the forsight to record the entire assessment.
  14. I contacted community legal advice Benefits and tax credits There is a contact us by e-mail box. I contacted them and they are helping me now. They get back to very quickly.
  15. I can just picture being outside the place, with a placard saying `If you can get here then you can work` That would ruffle a few feathers.
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