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  1. Thanks for your affirming reply. I don't live in London and use oyster only when I come over, which happens to be once or twice a month. Didn't know that TFL has gone nasty.... Btw, I paid by card(AMEX), and the ticket checker was not knowledgeable enough to take the 4 digit pin(used only with AMEX) instead of the default 3 digit pin used on other cards. My hunch is, the transaction could therefore not go through and I risk being a defaulter. I am now thinking of talking to a station officer and pay it on cash before I leave london tonight.
  2. I just got a penalty fare today. I had 80p on my oyster pay as you go, and the barriers in wimbledon let me in through. But when I was in zone 1, the ticket checker said I am not allowed to travel through zone 1, but instead use overground. But my destination being Stratford(zone 3) and the minimum fare being £1, I would have been in negative figures anyway. I paid £2(zone 3 to 3 via 1) when I eventually finished my journey. I can't justify my fault for the penalty fare cause I would fill up my negative balance anyway when I top up next time, and there isn't any notice stating anywhere stat
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