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  1. Sorry, just a question for the legal buffs. In a scenario where a house is repossessed 2 years ago and judgment is awarded the same time as repossession, does that mean that a DCA acting on behalf of a lender has no further legal recourse to chase the debt ie Threaten court action etc. These are my own circumstances and the letter received today gives 14 days to repay the debt. they go on to threaten legal action if no reasonable settlement proposals are forthcoming. This is a "real" debt and I intend to pay it, although I disagree with the figure they are stating. It would be nice to know if
  2. Very interesting. Just got a letter today from Kings Legal re a mortgage shortfall (GMAC repossession about 2 years ago). Will keep you posted. (any help, pointers, always appreciated) FMB
  3. Coming from a car insurance back ground, we used to advise callers that we do a credit check. If they objected, no problem, we ticked the box on screen but they couldn't then pay by direct debit. The insurance company should inform you that a check will be carried out, and they should also make it clear that the check should leave no "foot print". hope this helps
  4. Hi, all. What you mention has/is currently taking up a large part of my family life. Several months ago I received a court order basically asking for an attachment of earnings. The courts had granted Drydens/Halifax a £54k CCJ due to a property that was repossessed 12 years ago. This was done nearly a year ago without my knowledge. I submitted an N244 and got a shot at defending the case. I was an easy defense and they didn't show up. It was set aside, an AQ was sent out and I requested docs under CPR 18, due to their counter claim to strike out my defense. Now I'm not sure what to do. The def
  5. To answer the first poster, huggy41, it is her first name and she had to supply her passport to get account in the first place. Account was with A&L aswell
  6. Hi all, don't know where we stand on this one. My wife when we met called herself Alyson. The correct spelling on her birth certificate and passport is Alison. She has had credit cards and bank accounts in Alyson, and it seems that she has been using this spelling since she was a teenager. She had been with one bank for 16 years. In 2005/2006 our business went under for various reasons and we ended up losing our home and she/we defaulted on a personal loan to A&L. The loan was in her name and she subsequently received a CCJ in her absence. We were not aware of the CCJ until recently when w
  7. Question: Could a DCA sending you an unsubstantiated or inaccurate request for money/debt be found guilty in the criminal sense of the word? 2 points from my own experience 1. You receive a letter/notice/warrant/ccj etc for £1,500. The particular debt is statute barred. DCA should know this, and a lot call themselves solicitors. They are making a false representation (by omission). This is surely fraud under the Fraud Act 2006. Sending a letter that they know is statute barred, on the hope that people will not challenge is theft/fraud on a large scale and they are using the courts to
  8. Sorry, let me just supplement that last question............. Halifax- "can you county court Mr Smith for me" Drydens - "sure why not? how much?" Halifax "£54k" drydens "ouch. ok" where was my information checked before it was acted upon? Drydens as data controller should have had some sort of oversite on this surely?
  9. Thanks palamino, I was thinking more on the lines of data protection. Should they and the CRAs also be sure of the data before the act/process or publish?
  10. Hi all. Yesterday 6th of October, after years of being chased by the Halifax and its cronies, I have finally had the debt set aside and is now statute barred. It’s not the end of the tunnel but with the information and support from this website I feel I can now accomplish pretty much anything. This case was set aside on simple grounds. The DCA Drydens had basically taken over the debt from 1 of the preceding debt collection firms (there had been about a dozen) and managed to get a CCJ on me October 27th 2007. I only became aware of it in July 2008 when I had a notice regarding an attachm
  11. Payment protection on car insurance payment. Supposedly to cover in the event of a job loss etc to cover premiums. Same as what’s sold on other products such as furniture etc. Problem was, if you had a 12 month policy and lost your job after say 3 months, you would be required to pay the premiums as normal and reclaim them at the end of the policy. This was under the General Insurance Standards Council. Not sure if companies are still flogging them, but I know they were between 1998 and 2004 when I was in the industry. Can open, worms everywhere?
  12. Hi, having worked for a car insurance company, and I think this is standard, claims are to be reported straight away, points at renewal. Your case is slightly different because you have effectively gone back to a provisional license. You need to inform your insurance company of this, and they will advise you on what to do.
  13. OK - Insurance company A insures 10 bricklayers and 10 hairdressers on the same day on the street, driving the same cars. 12 months later 8 of the bricklayers have had claims and only 2 of the hairdressers have had claims. Costs for the 8 bricklayers will go up because of the claims, but the cost for the other 2 bricklayers are also up slightly because "statistically" they are more likely to have claims based on that data. the hairdressers may even decrease. The 2 bricklayers that don't have claims suffer even though they could be the best drivers in the world, conversely the 8 hairdress
  14. Hi all, first post and not good news. Before becoming an independent mortgage broker, I worked for 6 years in a national car insurance company. This was always a tough one to explain to customers, and I’m sure your initial response will be the same, but here it goes. Statistically, you are more likely to have a fault claim immediately following a non fault claim. I know, I know, I know – but think this through… how do car insurance companies calculate their premiums? Statistical analysis of claims data. E.g. a barman will pay a higher premium than a bank worker because they have
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