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  1. Asked for it in writing, as there was more interest and charges due to be added at the end of December the account won't close until then. Hopefully the written confirmation will follow.
  2. I never got a proper explanation from RBS but they eventually agreed to cancel everything they thought I 'owed' them.
  3. Very unlikely as I always insist on a free basic bank account. Never ever had or been interested in an account that charges me a monthly fee.
  4. The letter is from RBS. I have received nothing from them since I closed my account. Not had any letter from any DCA either.
  5. About two and a half years ago I had a current account with overdraft that was in credit when I used the account switching service to change to another bank after I became fed up with RBS and wanted to leave them. Today I received a letter claiming RBS have been trying to contact me as there hasn't been any money paid in to my account that RBS closed for me while in credit and transferred the credit balance to my new account with a different bank. The Sort Code of the account it is claimed I owe them money on is different from the sort code of my old RBS branch, I can not find anything at the moment to check if the account number is correct or not.
  6. I would ignore the toothless Michael Sobell T/A Graham White Solicitors. A bit of digging around on Google will reveal all. Michael Sobell T/A Graham White Solicitors has been attracting unwanted attention from the Solicitors Regulation Authority of late. So he has to pretend to be a bit more than a serial threat o gram sender out 'til the SRA look the other way. You could research and consider making a complaint to the SRA. Also Roxburghe need to mind their P's and Q's as the OFT have made noises about revoking their consumer credit licence. If Roxburghe are not behaving themselves then you should also complain about them to the OFT.
  7. In the past I kept my letters to the DVLA short and to the point. I think it was the delightful Mrs Wooley who was insistant I had to pay a 'fine'. Simply tell the DVLA the SORN for vehicle XXXX XXX was posted first class in a correctly addressed envelope to them on XX day of XX month. Quote them section 7 of the IA 1978 and tell them you will not pay any 'fine' unless ordered to do so by a court. The DVLA will probably reply telling you that you still have to pay the 'fine' and it is your fault for not chasing them up after 4 weeks. However I can not find any mention of the need to chase the DVLA up after 4 weeks in any of the statutes I have looked at. You could ask the DVLA to name the particular law that enables them to impose this requirement upon you. If you feel like playing the DVLA at their own game. You can impose your own requirement upon them, as it has as much basis as their made up requirement in law. Upon every correspondence you have with the DVLA in large red lettering put 'If the DVLA have not received expected correspondence from harrison26 in respect of vehicle XXXX XXX the DVLA must within 4 weeks of not receiving the expected correspondence contact harrison26 to establish if the document has been posted first class. Or something similar.
  8. Did you post off your SORN to the DVLA first class? If you did you have fulfilled your statutory obligations. If you did post it first class the DVLA have to prove that you didn't. If you do post anything to the DVLA first class in future do it in the Post Office and get the free proof of postage from the person behind the counter. See section 7 of the Interpretations Act 1978. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1978/30
  9. The new rules give the PPC the 'power to persue the registered keeper' if a speculative invoice containing unenforceable penalty clauses is unpaid. But it is still a speculative invoice containing unenforceable penalty clauses, no matter who is 'liable' for it. The new law doesn't remove the previous hurdles for the PPC around contract law, penalty clauses, ownership of the land, ability to contract with motorists on land they have no interest in and an inability to proove what loss if any was suffered. It doesn't change anything as I see it. Read VCS v Ibbotson and HMRC v VCS.
  10. Keep everything you get from TCP together in a safe place. Ignore everything other than genuine stamped court papers.
  11. Ignore VCS and anything other than genuine stamped court papers. If you want a laugh Google VCS v Ibbotson and HMRC v VCS.
  12. Ignore anything you get in the post, but keep it in a safe place. The law change imho changes nothing. Ignore everything apart from genuine stamped court papers.
  13. Was your dad parked on a private car park? The disabled bays on private car parks are just lines on the ground, the blue badge scheme only applies to council parking spaces. It may be bad manners to park in a disabled spot on a private car park without displaying a blue badge, but no law has been broken.
  14. If it was me I would sell the vehicles and try to remain below the DVLA radar. I certainly wouldn't speak to Inter-Credit International Ltd under any circumstances.
  15. Good afternoon, I will attempt to give you all the relevant facts in the hope that someone can please point me in the correct direction. Since being made redundant I am now retraining in a different industry. My employer is kind enough to pay my uni fees in regards to my day release degree course. My degree course is a vital professional qualification in my new career. I have been told I can claim from HMRC the cost of the textbooks for my degree course and the cost of my 1 day a week train ticket to uni back. Is this correct? I have trawled the internet and HMRC website for hours but keep going round in circles and getting no closer to the answer. In my current trainee role I am on a modest salary and PAYE. In order to help ends meet I also work part time evenings and weekends in my friends shop. NB these earnings are also subjected to PAYE. Any help / pointers gratefully appreciated cheers
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