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  1. Cant believe it's so long since I created this thread. One interesting thing CAB advised - As one of my wife's creditors was the bank we both held a joint account with, CAB said we should change banks as they might take money from the joint account! How they can do this is beyond me. The update is that the CCCS are going to manage my wife's debt. It will take a considerable amount of time to pay the debt off. Thanks again for all the help
  2. I really cant see how I am liable for my wife's debts. I looked around on the net to try and clarify this and found two websites with Q's & A's that totally contradict each other:
  3. YB HO were supposed to call her back today and they did not. So she called the branch around 1pm and spoke with the Asst Manager who said she would look into things and call back. She did not! Now it seems they have totally screwed up - they started her old loan afresh - took £200 payment out of my wife's account causing her to go £200 overdrawn. This is not the new loan in my name - it's the one she's been paying for 2 yrs using the bloody cash she took from ATMs using credit cards. She's been passed from person to person and it absolutely sucks. They say they cant sort out
  4. Just found out that when the bank canceled the loan they did not allow her to go back to the original loan but started a new one! This means they have completely disregarded her requests. This is becoming a bloody nightmare!
  5. My wife has started to receive replies from the credit card companies after she wrote to them (as per CAB instructions). Halifax look like they will be nasty Evans look the same Tesco are ok M & S are ok The person at the YB, the guy who was supposed to cancel the new loan and didn't, did not put a stop on the existing loan as he said he would do in a letter to my wife. This means the Bank has taken £170 from her own account taking her into the red by the same amount. This was Monday. Despite calls to this prat and the Bank's HO this has yet to be sorted. I have pos
  6. My wife has spent a small fortune of credit cards and has a loan - all without my knowledge. As all these items are in my wife's name, am I liable for her debt? If not would my finances need to be put on a budget planner when she has to complete one? Doing this would mean I am paying for her debts? I would be obliged for some answers on these important questions. Thanks
  7. Thanks for all your posts Well the loan has now been canceled. I must say YB are lousy and we had to hassle them to cancel it. We'd booked a holiday months ago and after we've taken that in 3 weeks time she has to call CAB to make an appointment with a debt advisor. I'll let you know what happens.
  8. Still waiting for confirmation the loan has been canceled. The personal loan guy at the bank doesn't seem to be a man of action so I asked my wife to call their H.O. They said that as we have asked for the loan to be canceled it will be but to get it sorted asap they will need to speak to someone - This will be Monday, so my wife will call them again. My wife is waiting for a letter from CAB which will ask her to call to arrange an appointment with a debt person. This effectively means our life is on hold.
  9. I haven't and wont praise her for going to CAB - I'm not even sure she's said sorry yet! We have a joint account and I am watching every penny. As for the late payment / min payments - well, my wages wont cover the min payments on all the cards and allow us to live. I have asked her what CAB said but apart from the advice re sending the letters I have been told nothing else. What are her options though? Small monthly payment to each card (for the rest of her life) Bankruptcy (that might effect me with the joint mortgage)
  10. The update is: Wife went to CAB on Monday who advised her to write to the 6 credit card companies and inform them of the situation. She then wrote to each one with a token payment. On Monday she went to the Bank with the loan cancellation letters but no one was available to help! This was because the personal finance person was not there and neither the Bank Manager or Asst Bank Manager could help. She made an appointment for Tuesday. She spoke with the finance person on Tuesday advising him in writing and via conversation that 'we' wanted to cancel the loan. Two days la
  11. Letter written to hand into bank to cancel loan. Wife is going with her parents to CAB tomorrow.
  12. Not even an option. I have a daughter who is only 9 and very sensitive. This would cause too much trauma to her and leave us even worse off. As I spoke with the Bank's personal lending yesterday and asked them to look into the £36k showing in the account, tomorrow I have to call them to say an error has been made by me and that I understand what the amount is for. This is extremely embarrassing as I told them I yesterday I had not taken any loans out (yet my wife forged my signature only last Wednesday). They of course tape everything so I will have to be real candid and tell them tha
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