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  1. hi, a liitle update. i received a letter today from ace informing me that they are going to pass my account on to moorcroft, that they will add legal costs to my account for a courts summons and that a record of default will be maintained on a national record. Please help, where do i go from here? is this just another bullying tactic by ace? thanks loopips
  2. HI, thanks for the above replies. i did send ace an account in dispute letter- thats when they sent their waffling letter. i think i will write to them to point out that they are in breach of the dpa as bazooka boo says. any tips on how to go about wording a letter. many thanks loopips
  3. hi all, i took out an ace cards and gifts account in 2001. i have been on a repayment plan for a while due to financial problems. i wondered if i had a proper cca with them. so i sent them a letter asking for an original signed copy of my cca. of course they couldnt and sent me a blank copy. so i sent them the follow up letter putting the account in dispute. i had an interesting reply: http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac150/loopips69/SCAN0004.jpg http://i894.photobucket.com/albums/ac150/loopips69/SCAN0005.jpg what i understand from their letter is that they agree legally they dont have a leg to stand on because they havent got an orignal signed cca, but that it doesnt matter because they are still going to chase the account. can anyone give me some advice as to what to do next? is there another letter i can send them? can i say they cant puruse the account as it is in dispute? any advice much appreciated. thankyou loopips
  4. hi, i sent a letter to ndr using firstships advice. although its been a few weeks i have heard nothing back. perh aps they have got the message!!!!! after reading your messages it makes you realize how much these companies try it on and how underhanded they are. i wish you all the best in your battles with these companies and will keep you up to date. andy
  5. thanks for all your advice. will try fs advice. will keep you all posted.
  6. hi, think i have managed to scan the letter. hopefully this is the link: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y151/andyskelly/SCAN0003-1.jpg
  7. hi, yes every month they send a notice of "default sums under the consumer credit act 1974", since feb this year. the letter they sent saying they would not pursue was from shop direct as are the default notices but the statements are addressed from ndr. i know they are the same company. i just dont want the debt to keep going up and to keep receiving default notices. will try uploading onto photobucket. thanks andy
  8. hi, thanks for your replies. i have tried to upload the letter i was sent but havent quite figured it out yet. initially i sent a cca request letter in december 2009. they sent back a blank copy of their current cca. so i sent the follow up letter as advised on this site disputing the account in january. they sent a reply on the 27th of january to say they would not be pursuing the account and would not add charges. since then every month i have received a statement with a £12.00 missed payment charge along with with a notice of default. so you would recommend i send a copy of their letter to remind them that they agreed not to pursue the account. can i ask the charges to be reversed on the account? also should the defaults be reversed? will try to figure how to upload the letter on to here. thanks for your help. andy
  9. hi, i need some help with ndr. i have a debt with them and had an agreed monthly repayment with them, which expired. they were unwilling to come to a new agreement which i could afford. i have followed the good advice on this site and sent a letter asking for a true cca. they sent me a copy of their new agreement. so i sent them the follow up letter as advised. they replied and said they would not be pursuing the account and "any future charges will no longer be applied". the problem i now have is that each month i receive a statement with a £12.00 missed payment fee and a notice of default sums. i thought they would not add any more charges or expect payments after saying they would not pursue the debt. can i claim back these charges and could i have some advice as to what i need to write to them. many thanks andy
  10. hi. my name is andrew. i have been recieving letters from the lovely lowell portfolio. its for a debt with abbey national supposedly over 10 years ago. thanks to the advice on this site. i have not given them a penny.
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