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  1. I seriously think the banks and EGG are clutching at straws!!!!!! Its verging on pathetic. The state that they are all in financially, and the 100,000s of thousands of people defaulting they couldnt even afford to take defaulters to court. And nor will they. This is all a game. They scare people into paying. People who cant or wont, simply dont and there is jack they can do about it!!
  2. Hi Craigers, That agreement is the same as mine and I am rufusing all payment as its unenforcable. Any letters from them or they have even tried to reassign it, All I do is write to them and state "This account is in dispute - no further correspondence will be entered into" This shuts em up time and time again. I have no assets apart from a joint mortgage (They cant touch that) so I am really wanting them to push me into court and get it over with. I have no income either. Cant get whats not there. I really wish they would push me into court as there is nothing anybody could do. So in my case I am sort of ignoring them. (Im probably wrong, but they have an unenforcable agreement at the end of the day) Wey up your assets and if poss i would advise what I do. Take care
  3. HFC have now instructed Weightmans solicitors!!!!!!!!!! Does this ever end???
  4. Hi PriorityOne - How are you? Many thanks for that. I would appreciate a properly executed letter if you can help. I dont just want to go silent on them. Cheers my friend Regards Tommo
  5. Ok thanks again for the help. I will give it a go. Kindest regards to you all....
  6. Well there has been no other communication since so does anybody know / can advise as to what I should do next? Does the above apply? Many Thanks Tommo
  7. Thanks for the response and advice - I appreciate it. Does anybody have any ideas of how I should write to them or should I just go quiet and wait for them to try whatever next???? Cheers, Tommo
  8. Hello again all, and Merry Christmas to all of you. Im back after a very long wait. I have final had a response from HFC (In the form of a final response from them) I have copied and attached the letter with my details erased. I dont know if your still here priorityone, but can anybody please advise as to my best course of action and response to this letter? I would be most grateful as Im now totally stressed to bits again. Many thanks in advance - sincerely hope someone can help. Regards Tommo hfcfinal1.doc hfcfinal2.doc
  9. No, thats ok, I very much appreciate the advice. Many thanks to you indeed. If I owe them, thats fine as along as its legal etc etc. I jus didnt know whether they had any real legal claim. I gotta just get on and pay them now! Thanks again. Tom
  10. Hi All, I have been here a few times in the past and as such this is the first place I come in times of trouble and need. A new problem has reared its ugly head for me this morning with my mail!! This problem comes from a utility company called Total Gas & Power Ltd. I went into a public house tennancy agreement and immediatley approached and signed up with British Gas for my utilities. The pub was getting its utilities from Total Power at the time but I refused to go with them. (I actually had NO communication with them at all - no contracts, no credit agreements etc) The previous tennant had contracts and agreements with Total Power. Long story short, after a very long time Total Power have traced me (Im no longer running that business) and are stating that I owe them money for the period that I entered the premises to when British Gas eventually took over the supply to the building. My question is? Do I have any liability to pay them? (Total Power) I have NO contracts, either verbal or written and no credit agreement. I have never spoken to them, written to them or anything. They didnt even know who I was, but they have obviously dome some detective work to find out that I was the person who ran the pub at that time and then traced me through the electoral role and ultimatley finding me at my home address. Am I legally entitled to CCA them? or S.A.R them? Total Power have passed this over to a collector called "Sloane Portland Associates" - "TNC Legal Services" I gather that when I took over the pub the last tennant was contracted to Total Power and was in arrears with them, therefore there was a big delay in British Gas taking over the account. (As Utility companies wont allow change overs if there are arrears at the property) So, really, all I'm saying is that I never chose Total Power and have NO agreements / contracts to prove otherwise. Do I need to pay them nevertheless? Or just S.A.R or CCA them? Anybody know? I would be very grateful for help with this as I do know that generally Utility companies have extreme power and NOT to be messed with. But if I have no legal ties to them I WILL challenge them. Many thanks to all here. regards Tom
  11. I think I will just sit tight for now till Christmas maybe and then if nothing has happened I will come back to my good friends here for their guidance.... Unless anyone else has any other suggestions?
  12. Hi All, Ive heard NOTHIN, Zilch, didly squat!!! I even checked online, and that tells me nothing!! So I phoned the court and they informed me that the case is "stayed". So I guess its just a case of sitting and waiting now to see if they ever want to persue this again? Just thought I would let you know. Thanks again to all those involved - you people in the know here really are brill. (Very SPECIAL thanks to Andyorch - I appreciate what you did for me) My regards to you. Tom
  13. So what do you suppose will happen next? What do I do next? lol, im still fingers and thumbs!!!
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