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  1. Hello everyone, i hope you're all well! Ok heres my dilemma, natwest bank has charged me for taking more money out of my bank that was in there, this was a minor amount, at about £4 at a time. Previous to this year, this was never a problem as they always declined transactions if i did not have enough funds. But now they are charging me £28 a time and seeing that i don't earn that much, it's a real pain as you can imagine. In the last two months they have charged me four times, so i went into the bank and they offered me a £100 overdraft which i accepted to stop the charges. BUT on the 10/7/08 when i got paid again, i found that i had been charged £30 for a referral charge in june...i have no idea what this is or why they've taken it, can someone please explain this to me, because everytime i go into my bank it seems they only want me to sign up for things, i would also like to know how to claim some of my money back if possible. Any help would be welcome....thank you xx
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