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  1. made ages ago, i just ask them on the phone when they call for their yearly account status check. i will write the letters tonight and send them off with a cheque from my mum for £1. i think i don't even know the account numbers for some of them as i shred the letters but i am sure they can search for that?) Do you think it will be sucessfull. Is it worth leaving 1st credit out as last contact was 2008 so nearly 6 years?
  2. Hi Guys , i really hope you can help. What can i do next in terms of the debts below? is it still possible to send off letters asking for credit agreements or is that not longer effective? can i settle? ive tried before but they all want 50-80%. i can just about afford 20 tops Credit Cards Arrow global ltd default since feb2012 Owe 4,610 Currently paying 30 pm hfc bank HSBC credit card - took card out jan 2007 Default since june 2008. OWE 6120 pay 20pm 1st credit - default since oct 2008 owe: 10,400 paid nothing since oct 2008 Apex credi
  3. hey they sent me nothing. i spoke to them and the guy said he will get one posted out. it arrived today. it looks legit. i checked it according to the other post. what now? they asking for full payment ( reduced slighty), or a monthly payment. I cant afford either. They say next stage is CCJ then bailiffs. how likely is bailiffs? im scared.
  4. hi yes, carrys on from the other thread- sorry couldnt find it when i posted this. found it now using search author
  5. not paying them anything at present. and they not asked for it either in the past 2 months
  6. i sent a CCA request to hitachi on 12th july but have had no reply since? What do i do?
  7. the worse thing about this offset is that my hsbc current account overdraft was nearly clear but because they kept taking my hsbc loan out, it eventually went over the overdraft then they started placing charges on it!!! and when u call them to cancel the d/d they say sorry no not allowed. and they wont let u cancel the overdraft unless its 100% clear. ARGH:evil:
  8. Hey aaaaa , im keeping ur post on bookmark! keep us updated! Am going through the exact same process. Sending my first CCA letter on monday!
  9. Thanks. Is it worth me waiting for hitachi to sell the debt on to a DCA or wil they not sell the debt on? anyways ive written both the caa and sar and ill post them on monday. I take it i should put them in different envelopes attached the letter they sent to me. hoping history will help others once i get this resolved! letter.pdf
  10. Thanks. doesnt seem to work. Dead page once i press launch.
  11. Okay cool. i'll send a SAR by special delivery . i take it template letter is in the resources section? i'll keep you guys posted once i hear back from them.
  12. they added 25 pounds to this letter and im sure about 50 quid in the last year. not really sure. Can i ask them to send me a statement of charges?
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