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  1. Not heard anything from auto rescue regarding my items, although they got very nasty with person from hastings when she rang on my behalf, holding off for time been in case I get car and they try to charge me, even after stealing from my car, hastings won't let me but the car, I have 2 options, 1. Accept there offer and don't get another car, pay my excess. 2. Withdrawn my car from claim, my insurance pays for damage to other cars, I don't pay excess, get my car returned for free but pay auto rescue £250 Iv seen the car and can repair it for £300 approx, so it seems a shame.
  2. well the weekend has now passed and although i thought i was making some progress things have now gone back to square 1, . i spoke to some1 on thursday who said i could have my car back and withdraw from the claim and that they would deliver the car back to me,great i thought,untill now that i have just called hastings,who now tell me thats fine,but i now have a charge of around£250 for the storage and removal of my car which they wont cover. so i am expected to pay auto rescue of ramsbottom this money,even though they stole items from my car. and this £250 would have been the money
  3. Just a quick reply as I'm at work, got to the car today and in my opinion is a cat d, slam panel, bumper and maybe a rad, realised that the kids booster seats and say nav was also missing, rang hastings who called the people who had towed the car from motorway, they said they had removed them for safe keeping, really!!!! So now I'm expected to do a 100 mile journey to pick them up.
  4. i have currently been insured with hastings direct,i am in my second year with them and up until now never had a problem.... my issue has now come from me adding my partner to my insurance as a named driver,i did this in november last year. anyway on friday the 4th april,her car wouldnt start so she used mine,i must stipulate that it is very rare she uses mine,its only for emergencys,so on the m62/m60 to manchester in the smog/fog pollution that was around she lightly bumped a van in front in the fast lane but in very slow moving traffic,the highways agency came to move the car t
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