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  1. Hi Medievil Yes m8 i have questioned the dealer they said they did not no about the DPF problem when they sold me the van now i no thats a load of bollocks, and no i have never paid for any of the work they have carried out. Me and my solicitor have a meeting on the 26th of this month with a sales executive from MB but i no i wont get far with them BUT in the last 3 years i have had a load of problems with the dealer which has cost me thousands in lost revenue and stress, so the point i making is i want MB to see what kind of dealer they are and how they treat there customers then if i don't seem to be getting anywhere i will brand the SPRINTER not fit for purpose i will go to the papers (i will do anything in my power to let people see how the biggest know car/van manufacture in the world treats in customers. P.S And yes m8 i would of not bought this van if i had of known of the problem i would of bought a petrol van you no sumit m8 if this thing has damaged my engine and continues my 1 man band business could not afford to repair this type of vehicle so which means i could have to close the business.
  2. So shall i take it you are talking about the dealer and not me !!!! If so do you think the law should let them get away with that (but then again what law)
  3. So basically what that means is people who tell them (DEALER) their intended use of the van or car does not in the slightest matter.
  4. Hi guys After reading this post with great interest can i point out my issues. In 2008 i went to buy a new van i looked at different vans and the only one that was for me was a MB, thinking this will last the rest of my working life. So i approached Bell Trucks and enquired about the sprinter and asked them can this van carry the weight of a 600 ltr reach & wash system and ladders and cleaning equipment (basically my job is window cleaner) i work in the newcastle, sunderland areas and i was quite strong what my job was, anyway the reply was that this van will last you for years and is great on fuel around the town (boy they were wrong) All started at 6995 miles into my ever long lasting relationship with my beloved mercedes 315 2008 mwb sprinter i was at work and the oil warning light come on saying oil lvl to high, so i phoned bell trucks up they sent an engineer out, he said oil lvl ok needs to go in to garage was in for a day they phoned me saying all done come and collect your vehicle, so when i arrived at the garage, they said that will be £186 please £££ they informed me you put to much oil in so the price was £150 for the call out and £36 to drain the oil. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP I SAID Any way got that sorted. Well anyway over the next 2 and a half years the van had been in the garage a number of times getting oil and filter changes and they also changed the injectors last october (or so i am lead to believe) but the problem is still there. I was advised by MBUSA that !! 1 Avoid frequent short distance driving. (Window Cleaner) 2 Or large amount of idling. (I not an ice cream van) 3 Preform a major drive on the motorway every 500 kilometers to support DPF regeneration. 4 If this problem occurs, preform a premature oil service (YET MORE MONEY) on top of the £38,000 its costing me to buy this vehicle. How about this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ECO-START : STOP, START, SPRINTER they call it the the best van for the urban user. i think that answered the first point MBUSA advised My van has only done 27,571 miles My job is a self employed window cleaner. Do any of you guys think we have the RIGHT to be told of this problem before we spend this sort of money and they were informed what i do and where i worked. And to top that all off i had it in garage for some warranty corrosion removal they wanted me to pay 55% and they pay 45% is that because it was the day before my warranty run out i don't know. Thats just a bit among other lies i have been told about changing parts and they did not. Well thats me done for now sorry for me going on a bit. Jim
  5. Hi m8 the people who informed equity red star to decline my claim was a company called absolute customer in my eyes not nice at all
  6. Hi m8 ye its just with equity red star when i found out the transponder was different and also the time period the vehicle was stolen so i went on net to find out if it has happened to any one else and it led me here i tried to email moomin but got no reply
  7. Hi m8 not in some many words but yes they did say they assume there is a third key is in operation and the vehicle could not be stolen in 30 mins it would take an hour and you would need hammers chisels and stuff and it would make lots of noise and it would arouse suspision what a load of crap even i no that:(
  8. Thx 4 the reply Yes m8 i have written to both the chief executive of equity red star about this and the chief of absolute loss adjusters then if i get no joy i will go to the financial ombudsmun and hope i can salvage something
  9. Hi m8 ye they have declined it on the grounds that they assume there is a third key and it was used to steal the vehicle and the vehicle could not of been stolen in 30 min period u would need to see the report because some of it is a load of rubbish m8
  10. Hi m8 its as i feared the loss adjusters have writen proof that the transponder in key 1 which is the used key has a 1996 transponder in it which is a fixed code, key 2 which is unused key has rolling code so they are assuming that there is a third key in operation, was used to steal the vehicle, so what they want is me to come up with an explanation why the key transponder has been changed (that i can't answer) but i was thinking the other day and i remembered that early this year i had an employee which was sacked for bad time keeping was insured to drive the transit one day he finished work and brought the vehicle back to my home address parked the van on my drive give me the key then he left to go home. The following day i left the house went to open my van with the remote and the door's would not open (as lazy as i am i went in the house to get spare key & fob then i opened the door's started the vehicle then went to work. So the used key the one that has the wrong type of transponder in it spent months in my house) so what i did when loss adjusters wanted an explanation i thought of this? so i went to police station to ask them is this possible and would they look into it and ye just the answer i wanted SRY WE CAN'T DO ANYTHING:-( so ye thats the only explanation i can come up with . I no there is a lot of fraugalent claims going on but in my eyes they look at every claim now as fraugalent i have 7 years no claims bonus never made a claim always looked after my vehicles paid my premiums on time when the unexpected happens i am charged guilty i have been some where down the line been robbed of my lively hood and left with no help at all and now i have lost my buisness which was not in financial difficulty , what else can i say but apart from they have got it wrong but ye thats what happen's these days and i gota get on with it but thx 4 the replys
  11. Hi no never changed my story there is nothing to change you see the thing is this has never happened to me before so i don't no how it works i pay my insurance so i expect to leave it to the experts i did not expect any of this
  12. Hi there was no video footage the police has stopped there investigations so phoned equity red star yesterday they said they had the report in front of them and they were going to put it to the underwriters because there was a problem with the report which (absolute stated the loss adjusters) and he explained the problem to me and said the vehicle was left unlocked and the keys were left in it also but that was not the case the vehicle was locked, so they said i will get a decision early next week i have already been in touch with the financial ombudsman and a solicitor and he said it sounds like a farce HOW CAN THEY PROVE THAT ONE OF THE KEYS DOES NOT START MY VAN THEY CANT THE VAN HAS NOT BEEN RECOVERED
  13. Yes it is advertised that there it is but its a dummy sign
  14. Ohh ye sry forgot to mention it was stolen from my place of work
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