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  1. Yep just read on after i asked question ha oh well....
  2. So what does this mean for 1000s of Stayed case, mine included?
  3. Hi Guys just updating regarding this matter. No heard anything from Rossendales since they clamped my friends car until today, was out all day and come back home to a Final Notice of £160 for council tax. but i have a letter of payment from council showing im paid in full, now this £160 is for the fees they charged me on the day of clamping my friends car ' clamp is still in garage' What do i do, are they going to try seize goods or clamp another car for these fee's? Thought id seen back of these, but its a different Bailiff thats attended today
  4. Hi im a bit confused, is Advantage car finance part of Welcome or MKDP? Just got a letter today for Attachment of Earnings on partners wage for £3797 and case number from court, just found Judgement on partners credit file so it must not of been Welcome who was taking out of his wage it must be Advantage Finance, has anyone got their address to send SARs please, was originally 8k so been charged for the whole car looks like
  5. what do i put for account number or reference dont have any for either car company.
  6. Will get him to ring once he's back as he works away during the week, but will get both sars off asap. Thank you dx
  7. Yes just looked and listed below. So does he send sars to Welcome? Also is there an Address for them and Yes Car Credit too or is it Advantage thats linked to YCC , thanks dx Judgment date 02/12/2008 Amount £ 8,040 Court name Northampton Account start date 29/09/2003 Opening balance £ 1,919 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 01/01/2010 Default balance £ 1,919 Just to add looking at payment history it states account opened in 2003 and defaulted 2010, now partner has been paying them up until he left his last job via wages which was 8 months ago, so why is
  8. lol yes Attachment god im thick, just going to register to Noddle in his name see if i can find out on there if it was Welcome as its such a long time ago, plus partner waiting to hear back from his last employer who was payments going to or anything he can get off them.
  9. Thanks, whats VS and VT? He has to ring his last employer for detachment info, but was about 3/4 years ago they started taking out his wage, dont know where court paperwork went but he knew he owed money for repossessed car so didnt argue the fact and just paid it out his wage up until he started his new job, now a company called Keynes Collections are demanding the 2k for MKDP LLP. Where is the SARS dx please
  10. Hi my partner bought a car years ago off Welcome Finance then had it repossessed, he is paying monthly via detachment of earnings and owes 2k now down from 13k he had PPI added to the finance wasnt allowed the car without it, can he legally request this back? I know they will knock it off the 2k but dont even know if some of what he still owes has ppi in the arrears he owes. getting a few letters and calls off a third party requesting the 2k now as he moved jobs 4 months ago so they not been getting any money out his wages. Also just read on here ca
  11. Hiya No Court papers went to an address i lived at in 2007, i moved address quite a few times since then and always been on Electrol Roll so not as if Wescot could not find me back in 2012 to gain a CCJ against me
  12. Forgot to also ask do i fill this expenditure form in for Reston Solicitors now as this interested is mounting up x
  13. Hi so sorry not been around had family problems. Ok rang Northampton courts regarding CCJ. Name of the claimant was Wescot and the address the CCJ was served too was address i originally got the loan from Provident, which was the address 7 years ago so obviously i wouldnt of got any paperwork from the courts and cant believe when the Judgement in July 2012 was done it was sent there 'confused' surely they will of found me on Electrol Roll knowing where i was? Original debt was £867 then when taken to court £347 was interest as they charged 19p a day from July 2
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