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  1. Can i apply to the social fund for a grant? After nearly three years of unemployment due to redundancy I have at last started full time work with a local company. The problem we have is that it is monthly paid and as i started on the 17th of the month we will receive no wages until the end of December. I appreciate that we will get help with rent and council tax but as we have only received the £100 back to work grant and £81 end of job seekers allowance we will have a total of £181 to last six or seven weeks. This will not cover Gas,Electricity and fuel for travelling to and from work never mind food and bills. I made a point of going in person to the job-centre to sign off on the 16th and asked what help we could get, they informed us they could do nothing apart from the above mentioned.
  2. :(Given up, It looks like i will have to go it alone.
  3. How we doing Post, I know you are very busy. payment due soon.
  4. Sorry postggj typing error on my part Interest charge should read..£2159.36
  5. Thanks for your speedy response, I do have a copy of the agreement however I do not have the facility to scan it. These are the figures.... FIXED-SUM LOAN AGREEMENT. Amount of credit for cash advance £2500 Duration 36 months Amount £131.51 APR 59.39% Total charge for credit £2234.36 Acceptance fee £75 Interest charge £2159.36 Rate of interest per annum variable 55.55% There are no insurances on the agreement. Date of agreement 10-04-08
  6. I wonder if any one can help, at the moment i have no issue with Welcome however i took out a personal unsecured loan with them 2 years ago when i was in full time employment. Since then about 18 months ago i was made redundant but i have struggled to keep the repayments up to date, I have never missed or been late with a payment. Now my finances have become so stretched i must get in touch with them to get the repayment reduced. The next payment is due in a few weeks but i will not be able to make it in full. I pay by direct debit should I cancel this as the bank will charge me if it is returned due to insufficient funds in the account. I currently pay £131. per month and need it reduced to around £70. until i am back in employment. Can anyone please advise me on how to go about it. I have read with interest some of the horror stories on this site and do not want constant phone calls or visits that they will charge me for.
  7. Hi i am not used to claiming this as i have worked fot the last four years in the same job. the problem is i made a fresh claim on 30th of last month and because off a failure on their part to complete the paperwork correctly i have still not received any payment. i have tried to sort this prroblem out by phone but my partner has to go to the office tomorrow to sign paperwork as she is on lowest level IB,I think this some sort of exemption from work related form. My main question is can we get a crisis loan from them same day as i have already had a missed direct debit penalty 38£ today through no fault of my own. I would welcome any help.......JIM
  8. Thanks Sidewinder for your help on this issue i will seek professional legal advice on monday. In answer to your questions the minibus was hired by the company with a fuel card entrusted to me for use,i also was an office keyholder as my start time was usually 4/5am depending on the site i was travelling to, i also kept the vehicle at home when not in use. i had to book holidays at least 4 weeks in advance. once again many thanks for your help i shall let you know how i get on.......JIM
  9. Hi sidewinder tax and national insurance were deducted from my weekly wage i think they are saying i was a temporary worker the same as the people i transported although i never worked at any of their clients sites and was given a weekly work rota by the transport manager. I also received a computer generated wage slip by post each week. Thanks by the way for your quick reply........JIM
  10. Two weeks ago i was laid off form my job after four years and a few months continuous employment, i worked for a national recruitment company as a minibus driver taking temp staff for the agency to factories over a wide area for which the temps had transport costs deducted from their wages. I was called to the agency office by text to see the area manager who informed six of us that it was no longer legal to deduct transport costs from temps wages as this would take them below the minimum wage. We were then informed our jobs would no longer exist after a few weeks as they would be using local taxis that the temps would pay for themselves. That evening i received a phone call from the area manager informing me i would no longer be required. I emailed him two days later requesting what i would receive in way of wages and any recompense. he replied i would receive the 15 hrs i had worked that week plus 36 hrs in lieu of notice and any holiday pay due. as i was on a "contract for services" he would have to catch his boss in a good mood to try and get some severance. I would add i had a 100% attendance record no discipline issues no accidents or convictions during the 4 yr period. my position was as driver supervisor dealing with clients on a daily basis. If anyone can advise me i would be most grateful as i cannot afford a solicitor.......... Jim
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