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  1. Hi there, I received a letter from Newmans asking for some dosh, I didn't know what this was for so I asked for a CCA - they replied and advised me that they do not hold this info?, is their a letter i can send them, bascially saying how can they chase without all the info? Ta! Dave
  2. Hi there, Just me again!, I'm just wondering if a mobile phone contract is covered under the CCA?, Im thinking not but thought i'd ask. I have moorcroft chasing me for £300 on a mobile bill cancelled contract, I was up in arms with 02 as they were charging me for a contact I couldn't use. Cheers, 'punky
  3. It seems Natwest do not wish to talk to me...i feel quite hurt I bet they do when they don't get their payment at the end of the month
  4. I know, sorry andy I thought they would have given me my CCA within a few days.
  5. Hi there, cheers for this. I will get a S.A.R request off on monday. Orginally it was 7K, it is a unsecured loan with Natwest, I'm currently with payplan..paying natwest through them. Ta
  6. ..sorry, posted itself!! as i was saying, i am going to offer to pay them £5 per month until my CCA arrives, would this be a good thing to do? (as i can see this eventually getting to court, knowing my luck!!) Cheers
  7. hi all, just an update on this. I have had not letter or anything from natwest, i am now going to stop paying them........BUT
  8. Thanks for that, i shall wait with baited breath
  9. ooo, no 30?, is that a new change in law? This is for a bank loan. Cheers, 'punky
  10. Hi all, Just an update on this, natwest are coming up to the 12+2 days and i have not received nothing from them. What would anyone suggest i do?, Do i continue paying them until the +30 days are up?, or stop now? Cheers! 'punky
  11. great stuff, i'll see what happens and look forward to the fight
  12. Hi All, I have a major debt with natwest, after paying the debt for 3 years, it doesn't seem to be shifting, in fact the last statement i got showed extra amounts that i was not aware off?, So i have CCA'd them last week. I've read all the other threads and think i am now cluded up, although i can see me spending alot of time here asking for help. But just wonderng if anyone had any experiance with Natwest and CCA if they can't produce?, have they taken things further (i.e court) or just let the debt be?? Cheers, Dave
  13. hi there, what about a EBAY venture?, I do a bit of dropshipping, i don't make millions, but a little amount per week to help towards the debt. Have a look at the DROPSHIP FORUM (google it). Very helpful guys.
  14. thats the thing, i'm unsure of what is a "healthy" percent?, just looking for advise. Cheers
  15. ....of my creditors accepting low F+F's? I owe a total of 14K and have been on a DMP for 6/7 months, currently paying £117 to a total of 3 creditors (natwest loan, natwest O/D and MBNA credit card) I may be in a position to offer them to all 3, a family member has offered to help. And i would like to get shut of this debt!!!, well the creditors at least! does anyone have any experiance with this? Ta all!
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