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  1. I have submitted a complaint to my bank on 3 grounds... 1) the passing from different departments without anyone taking responsibility for the actual complaint 2) why a cancelled card was allowed to be used 3) why did they allow it to take me overdrawn on an account which can not have any overdraft
  2. I have been passed from pillar to post! From the call centre to visa card services to fraud team back to visa card services......am awaiting a call back
  3. just found this http://www.fsa.gov.uk/consumerinformation/product_news/banking/know_your_rights/payments and I am currently on the phone to my bank......
  4. I have had several payday loans in the past and have a repayment plan with some whilst others have not been so helpful and therefore no plan is in force as of yet. I have changed my bank cards and everything seemed to be gong fine until yesterday.....between 8 and 10 a 'transfer' was made from the account I used to use which is a basic account and therefore on overdraft facilities and only has a basic debit card attached to it. I called the bank and they admitted it was strange, but I needed to call them today when their systems updated to find out who/what/where etc this transaction applied to. Just called them and it is pounds2day that used a previous card to debit £5. After speaking to the visa team, they could only advise me to speak to them. I asked how they could use an old card, and they said it was possible if I signed up to this. She couldn't explain how this payment also was accepted when it took the account overdrawn I only use this account now for direct debits and my wages still get paid into this account (I transfer it first thing in the morning and leave enough in to cover direct debits for the month) but I really don't want to call them.....
  5. Just though I would share my experiences with MM..... I have them contacting me on a very regular basis threatening home visits and if I don't want to be embarrassed then I am to contact them to arrange payment. I sent them the information I learned from this thread and a couple of weeks later the same came through so I would re-send. This has go on for a while now, with every communication I have also said that if they confirm that they acknowledge that they will not continue to threaten home visits then I will enter negotiations. I have just spoken to them as this has happened again this week; the operator claimed that they are not harassing and they are well within their rights to stand on the public highway and assess my living standards. There was a lot of back and forth arguing when he claimed that if I was owed money by a neighbour then I would knock on their door.....When I told him that yes, but MM are governed by the OFT and I was aware that they had several run ins with them he claimed that it was a previous company and not MM. It finally got to the point when I said that I want to hear that MM will no longer threaten to visit my home and then I would happily enter negotiations he would not and said it was not threatening. I even told him that I had on voice mail that a member of this company had said '...the embarrassment of a home visit...' and he claimed that this wasn't threatening/harassment but they were legally entitled to chase this debt. I said that in future I will only speak to a manager and I would call on Monday and asked for the name of a manager. He gave me a name and I asked when this manager would be available he didn't know! In the end, he gave me a very broad time, but couldn't guarantee that 'his line manager would be working them hours..... He called back about 10 mins later and apologised, claimed that if I set up a plan then he could get my account from the home collections team, but if I didn't he couldn't..... despite my not being able to afford it, I have had to agree a plan, but I refused to give my debit card details and said I would only do a standing order
  6. I had a hand written note through my door yesterday (so clear that my mother in law saw it when she brought my son home from school) asking me to call a John regarding my park motor finance agreement. this note was written on the back of a financial information form. I am in arrears with Park, but the only letters I have received from them are monthly one stating that they have added a charge onto my account for being in arrears. I am going to call him today and luckily I have some cash available to pay some arrears - but any advise?
  7. Does anyone have any news on them? I am admittedly behind in my payments for my car. i have been receiving a general letter from them every month stating that they have added a charge on my account for being in arrears, but NOTHING else. Today, a hand written note was put through my door asking me to ring Able Investigations and Enforcement about my account with Park Finance (this note was not in an envelope and thus was seen by my Mother in Law who brings my son home from school for me). I am going to ring him tomorrow and luckily I have some cash to be able to pay some of my arrears, but I prefer to be armed with knowledge!
  8. I have just received a 'reminder' text from 247 and included in that message was a statement about the fact I have a new debit card! Doesn't this mean that they have tried for payment before it was due? I was going to clear this one this month but this has really annoyed me
  9. yes, had 2 texts from them I am curious but not sure about phoning and giving a lot of details
  10. I have had contact by a company called debt support that is offering a 'way out' of payday loans. anyone heard of them/worthwhile etc?
  11. I have recieved a text from a Karl Barton stating that he has been instructed to visit me and if I do not call and make an appointment then he will arrive unannounced can they do this? or can I state that I do not agree to a home visit?
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