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  1. i spoke to them on phone and they said under terms and conditions i agreed to they are entitled to take the money. could you point in direction of template letter please and thank you no need for template...thanks...letter is sent demanding refund of all charges..will update here on reply. thanks again rebel11
  2. thanks for the reply rebel11 and for link/info i will get onto the bank and post how i got on
  3. i read somwhere that its illegal for banks to take charges from benefit money. is this true and can i can get any charges back. to cut a long story short , i missed a payment that was due out my account and was charged an unathourised overdraft charge even though they rejected payment and technically i wasnt overdrawn. due to bad money managing this has happened several times . i think i read that social security act 1992 states that benefit money is minimum amont of money needed to live on and therefore they cant deduct money from it. please advise to if true or not and what action if any should i take...obviously paying bills on time is best idea but the bill is due off again tommorow and i wont have enough after charge is deducted
  4. hi me again...need more advice same debt different company again Roxburghe debt collectors wrote to me to today and the debt is now £116 i asked for subject access request over phone and they didnt have a clue what i was on about, so i said run along and ask someone more superior which they didnt appreiciate but duly did..came back on phone said in a ****ed off way to apply in writing sorry for raising an old topic but didnt see point creating new thread on same debt. im just wondering what i should do after i apply for this subject access request, and should i just dispute the debt as i have no idea who to pay, this is 3rd company writing to me,and dont want to hear from a 4th
  5. i was reading about there on ur link///16 c or 13 c if physical labour....its way below that ....it also states that themoters should be visible to employess...i feel they are in breach of this regulation....can i refuse to work in these conditions?as im not in a union what can do about it?? its a catch 22 one there ...we need to open a big shutter door to ensure adequate ventilation ...which in turn probarly makes it even colder...its cold again today and im not lookin forward to goin in again today its also in our contract about the stocktakes....it is expected you attend 4 stocktakes throughout the year...we dont get paid for this but recieve a bonus if we do all 4......last year this was 100£ and that is well less than minimum wage for the hrs worked
  6. my workplace doesnt have a union...can i just join one anyway?
  7. hi all wondering if some could give me some advice. i work for a company and we have just relocated to new premisies ..its a big warehouse type building...anyhow to cut a long story short ...i have been repeately complaining about the lack of heating and the recent cold spell hasnt helped much...i have been told it s '' getting sorted'' but its colder inside my work than it is outside most of the day..i work from 830-5pm and get a 15 min break at 10am , and a half hr break at 12.30 ,,,,rest of day i can barely feel my fingers. is there any regulations which cover this and what are my rights in this case....i have been told to stop complaining and work harder to heat me up more...they provided us with a diesel powered fan heater which is inadequate as it only heats directly in front of it and gives off a lot of exhaust fumes in process. and 1 more thing they also expect to come in at weekends to do unpaid stocktakes....is this legal?...i expect to be paid for any work i do and as these are outwith working hours shouldnt overtime rates apply? thanks for any advice given i appreciate your time
  8. well thought i was finnally rid of them phoning me ....turns out they failed to carry out any of threats and have sold the debt to another company.....buchananclark and wells....this lot seem a lot more professionial in thier conduct and the lady i spoke to was really helpful when i asked her to send me proof of debt...could someone run me through wat i am meant to ask for after that ...a sar or sumthing??...any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks
  9. when i was just outta school i had a bank loan and a credit card with clydesdale bank.,and a small loan with a private loan firm.....i moved away after losing a job and heard nothing of it....as it nearly 10 years since then i thought the time had to come that i shopuld repay this but they have no records of it....should i just forget bout it or will come to bite me at a later date
  10. thanks for quick reply dpick....appreciated like i said in post i have said to them to send letter but they keep saying its past that stage....i will tell them again later today as no doubt they will phone again....why do they withhold their number....isnt that illegal....i was thinking it is a [problem] but after readin this site i see they exsist and many others hav same prob
  11. hi i found this site while browsing and thought id ask u guys for some advice this company hfo services keep phoning me claiming i owe them £99.they say they bought a debt from 3 mobile. i did used to have a 3 mobile few years ago but am unaware of any debt. they insist i have to pay by giving my bank details to them over the phone which i am unprepared to to as when i hit 1471 after the call it is an unregonised number and the people who phone me speak very poor english...they say i am refusing to pay but i keep sayin to them if they send me out letter with bankgiro slip then i will pay no prob but they say they cant do that as it ''past that'' i was also advised that i would be crying like a baby if i didnt pay now....i halso hav a threatning message saved on answemachine saying if i dont pay we will doo a ccj thats for sure. personally i think its a [problem]...they hide their number and i have received no other communication from them even if do owe 3 mobile money then why are these foriegn people harrasing me everday on phone... i have no problem payin the debt i just dont see why i should give my details to some random person that phones me claiming to be from a comany.....it could be anyone on otherside of phone. what do you guys/gals think?? any help advice would be appreciated
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