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  1. I think the DM deliberately lock their threads so noone can comment. I'm always posting comments that either get ignored or the thread just seems to be locked. Ps Don't think you are allowed to leave links either. You can on the Guardian Site.
  2. Yea I read that this morning. Get ready for the usual holier than thou comments from the DM lynch mob about how 'it's all our own fault' x
  3. Thanks for this info i've just pressed 5. Got a a voice text from Red yesterday.
  4. thanks for the replies. I get the message , trouble is, it's convincing my sister. In the last year her 2 lads have picked up 7 parking 'fines' between them while at uni. One was for parking slightly over the white line. Up till now she's just paid them but I think she's had enough now. Hopefully she'll listen now. I may even get her to become a member of CAG . thanks again Mandi
  5. thanks for the quick reply DBC. I've been trying to persuade them to ignore but I think they just wanted some reassurance. Mandi
  6. Hi looking for some advice on behalf of my sister and nephew please. Last week my nephew was staying down at High Wycombe whilst doing a short course at the uni. Last Saturday he went to Morrisons there. Now today my sister, being the registered keeper of my nephews car has received a letter from Europark saying she has to pay a £70 fine as he was 33 mins over the allotted 2 hours and they have 2 photos of his registration. Is it best to ignore Europarks demand or write back to them? I'm more used to fending off DCAs thanks in advance Mandi
  7. So sorry to hear you are poorly. Get well soon Babybear xxxx
  8. Advice heeded . It's nice to know they are doing their bit for the climate by not sending out piles of junk unlike the Leeds Losers
  9. thanks Maggie Moo but its not Natwest
  10. As much as i'm curous to find out what they are chasing, i've not yet got to the stage where I dare talk to them on the phone. When I got made redundant in 2008 and tried explaining my situation to the OCs they had me in bits so now I just ignore all the calls. Mr Green sounds quite intimidating in his tone
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. It's not LTSB i've never had any accounts with them. I've been asked to call Miss Black, Mr Green and the last one a Mr Davidson. Beginning to sound a bit like a Cluedo game lol . Mandi x
  12. I've had half a dozen messages left on my answerphone over the last few weeks to ring AIC. I'm just wondering do they ever make contact by mail? Obviously i'm not going to answer the phone to them or ring them back but i'm curious to know which debt they are chasing me for. Any ideas please guys Mandi x
  13. Hi Welshmam and thanks for the quick reply. Think i'll do what you suggest and ignore them at first. I cant quite understand why the letters are in the same envelope? And I can't stop laughing at this bit 'it is our aim to help you clear the indebtedness you currently have with ourselves'. Is indebtedness actually a real word? lol x
  14. UPDATE it's been almost a year since I heard anything from Cap One or any of their cronies. I wrote and told them to bog off when they couldn't come up with a proper CCA. Today (28/08/09) I received these letters in the same envelope. What next? Do I CCA Lowells or just ignore them?. Can I SAR Cap One and claim charges and mis sold PPI? Any advice as what to do next gratefully received. Thanks in advance x
  15. Yes I do need to sit down and do this. It just gets a bit overwhelming sometimes with 4 of them on the go and the paperwork just keeps piling up. I know one of the DCAs stuck £5 grand interest on top but cant remember which one without looking. I've just ignored them all anyway. thanks again for help and comments x
  16. Just a quicky cos i'm on my way out I've got a letter from them saying something along the lines of 'due to archival retrieval they cannot supply a copy of cca at this time'. As for the amount, there are an awful lot of charges on there. They were still adding charges last year even though the ppi paid out eventually. thanks all, i'll pop in tomorrow x
  17. Yes I always keep them now. It was sent by UKMail. Does the S stand for 2nd class?
  18. Hiya 300 thanks for the input the letter above is a copy of the original but I do write the date on the envelope nowadays.
  19. Ah ok thanks...do I have to pay for this?. Do I send it to DCRI ?(that makes me laugh...it sounds like a bloody hospital ) or to MBNA? thanks x
  20. oh well, story of my life. Thanks for taking the time to look x
  21. Sorry to be a thicko but whats one of them? I've done a CCA and a SARs. They've basically told me they have no CCA and I didn't get much back from the SARs request. A few statements, copies of a couple of my complaints letters, but none of the letters which I sent in the beginning asking for help because of my redundancy. And no telephone transcripts at all. thanks x
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