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  1. CRA have to respond to full £10 Subject Access Request just like every other company. The £2 Request only covers your Statutory Credit History. This means if you send a full £10 SAR to a CRA they must: - list all their sources - list all the companies they have shared your data with This will be a very long and interesting list.
  2. Although the base rate change is *meant* to increase the cost of borrowing for everybody - most UK banks borrow money from Japan at 0% interest and lend it in the UK - this system is supported by complex forex risk transfer systems. But anybody getting a mortgage without having studied basic law, finance and economics is a fool. Most of these "consumer rights" issues only apply to lazy ignorant people who make no effort in the first place. Wake up UK turn on your brains.
  3. Please create a dedicated section for Credit Reference Agencies. Experian, Equifax, CallCredit etc. They have too much power and are not regulated properly.
  4. Anyway the UK population are too docile, petty minded and lazy to actually stand up for their rights - so this thread is a waste of time. We are just fodder to be ripped off and deceived by government and corporation. CAG is all very well but the banks will just rewrite their terms and conditions and adapt.
  5. That is an interesting point - but sending 50 million letters does not get the money paid - everybody ignores the letters. Then what do they do? You can not send bailiffs to every house - that is tantamount to civil war. Plus somebody still has to pay cash up front for 50 million court dates - which they can not afford! If more than a small % of the population have CCJs the credit history system collapses.
  6. The strategy is to increase citizens rights by direct action without anybody getting hurt - by hitting the government in the one place it cares about - its wallet. PAYE may be a convenience for citizens but it exists to remove our our only real power. HMRC took over £515,000,000,000 last year - about 75% directly from citizens. The government will do anything to keep that revenue stream. Currently they use the threat of violence from the police to get the money. My point is - the civil and criminal justice system has a *very* small capacity - almost any organised non-payment will break t
  7. But only if they pick on a small number of individuals. The system can not handle large numbers of simultaneous non-payers. It simply collapses - a council would bankrupt itself if it tried to take everybody to court - the court does not have the capacity anyway. The credit history system is the same - if everybody had a CCJ and everybody was defaulted by their bank - the whole system collapses. These systems only work because they pick on individuals - classic divide and conquer. Group action renders them instantly powerless. 5 million people cancelling their dir
  8. Please read my post carefully. I am not advocating "getting rid of PAYE" just making it optional. I am not advocating "getting rid of Council Tax" just using temporary non-payment as a way of uniting citizens into common action to effect changes in PAYE. As for point regarding magistrates court - that may be true - but they have limited capacity just the same. All we want is a country that is fair and pleasant to live in.
  9. You have achieved so much with the bank charges issue. You need to keep the momentum going! People get bored if things are slow ... Now people have a taste for "reclaiming the right" you need to pick a new SINGLE issue and focus on it. The issue needs to be: - easy for people to get involved and effect change - easy for people to understand - easy for people to agree with Here is one with universal appeal: - Council Tax The only power the citizens of the UK have over the government is TAX. PAYE is designed to remove our power to choose. But
  10. clumch

    Direct Debit

    Direct Debit is terrible. Nobody should use it for anything, ever. The Direct Debit mandate is a play on words - yes they give the amount back - for about 5 days - then take the money again. The only real power UK citizens have is withholding TAX payments. Council Tax is mostly paid by Direct Debit - we could teach them a lesson by getting the whole country or a whole town to simply cancel their Direct Debits and not pay - the system would collapse in a few weeks - the council has to pay cash up front for court dates and their are only a limited number ... PAYE is the other
  11. I have had good results with a recording adapter from Crucible Technologies (about £35) and Windows MP3 Voice Activated MP3 recording software called iSound Pro - this system automatically records all landline calls inbound and outbound from all phones in the house. Also Olympus sell digital voice activated recorders that work amazingly well - use them for face to face meetings or instead of a PC with iSound Pro - they give about 5 hours recording. Do remember that if you want to share the recordings with anybody not party to the original conversation you must tell the other party about the
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