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  1. From what I can gather LCS "Solictors" work at desk down a bit from the threat monkeys at 1st Crappit I think some people have tried to report LCS Solictors to the law society without much success as they just seem to be another branch of 1st Crappit and nothing else?
  2. Yeah I'm aware of that, 1st crappit aren't though seemingly ;-) going by their letters from LCS et al
  3. Heh, I dont think theres any need. I've had some feedback to my previous complaint to TS/OFT today and in my discussion with them I mentioned they have been writing to me again. I can only stress the importance of complaining to TS and the OFT about 1st Crudit. The more people that do the quicker something gets done. Already they are being watched, but it would be great if more people complain if they are being hassled by 1st Crudit
  4. I guess it probably will swirl around for ever. 1st Crudit are currently doing their best to ignore the blatantly obvious fact that my debt is now statue barred - the fun thing is I get to complain to Trading Standards/OFT every time I get a letter from them now . All I can hope is someday someone with a brain will notice the fact that its statue barred now and that its probably best just to give up... or that the OFT will finally get off its arse and slap 1st Crudit so hard that they end up in the sun.
  5. Gah, another letter from 1st credit today (although not the "yes, we know the debt is statue barred and we will not pursue it any further"). Instead I get a letter from their "Debt help team". It mentions things like "Our department has been asked to contact you and make every effort to reach an agreement to clear the above debt. [...] If you are considering re-mortgaging your property or taking out a loan to clear your debts please advise us. Our debt help officers have been given full authority to discuss your account to resolve your outstanding liability. If w
  6. So, got a letter today from the OFT today (that was fast!) asking for my permission to add my complaint to their files on 1st Credit, hurrah! :)Of course I gave the OFT my permission and sent it back to them . Lets hope they get enough complaints soon so they can go slap the t**ts
  7. Complaint letter on its way to trading standards (also mentioned in the letter that I request the OFT to be informed of my complaint) . And 1st crappit still have not acknowledged my statue barred letter.
  8. Okay, thanks for your help babybear. I will write to my local trading standards office in the morning
  9. Coo, thanks That is a very useful thread, looks like a complaint to the OFT is needed then... Whats the best way to get in contact with them? Write to the OFT's address in London? (Sorry for what probably seems thicko questions, but the OFT seems to sort of want no-one to contact them or at least I get that impression from their site).
  10. Ah hah! I have a letter! From LCS Solictors (obviously dont realise I live in N.Ireland) - giving me 14 days to pay before legal action commences blah, blah... I guess the letter reader is still on holiday...
  11. Well they got the letter on Tuesday according to royal mail tracking and so far its all quiet . I'm kinda dissapointed cos I was sort of looking forward to a fight, but if it stays all quiet then I will be happy .
  12. Letter away to 1st Crudit Will update this thread with any correspondence from them
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