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  1. I hope the solicitors can offer you some helpful advice, I think I'm going to try and seek the same help. But yea, I can share with you the way I shall write my letter but you probably already the right idea.. - Ask for for lots more information - precise details and even more proof, pinpointing a PC on your network or something. - Make your tone authoritative and confident that your willing to fight but without being rude and ****ing them off I guess - Throw some of the the terminology they used back at them - Perhaps, looks some stuff up if you need, and use some computing terms to argue against the claims and make their evidence unsupportive. A friend of mine works in law, albeit in a different area, and he is also helping me piece together a letter so I will relay anything interesting he says Good luck!
  2. The point about disclosure of the technology and Logistep's unlawful processes should be enough, in writing, to deter Davenport Lyons from continuing their action no? Lyons will have sent hundreds of these letters out and it will be the unlucky folk who are scared into paying up right away that they're targeting. With any reasonable retaliation i'm sure they'll desist. Im sure the last thing they want is to actually end up in court as we're all aware; their evidence and protocol is shabby to say the least
  3. This is something Im also very concerned about! This is the Logistep company I referred to and indeed this article is something of interest! Though Davenport Lyons do not explain how they acquired their evidence or who did, all signs point towards Logistep and I will write to Davenport Lyons requesting this information..
  4. I have received, what sounds like, the exact same letter from Davenport Lyons regarding copyright claims from Atari... They claim that all or part of the work has been made available from two IP addresses with time stamps of a months a difference; only one statement report is supplied for just one of the IP addresses however. Was catching me once not enough? I don't fully understand that... Who are Cable and Wireless Telecommunication Services GmbH? and where do they fit into this? Im quite confused. In the "Computer Analysts" (Evidence) report it goes on to explain my IP address was obtained using sophisticated monitoring software. It also explains the trace (Hit) was made from Switzerland. If anyone has read into this a little bit like I have then I can assume they will agree that this points to Logistep...I have briefly looked into Logistep and right away I am just not happy with them and what has been said about them. It sounds so very, very grey. I am quite confused as to what make of this too...
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