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  1. Hi Brigadier, The Solicitor has returned my CCA request and cheque advising that they will contact the client and provide the requested documents however they have said that I cannot make the request under CCA 1973, not sure why but anyway thats beside the point. They also wrote that as Arrow have a valid judgement against me they may still enforce it and that I should submit my repayment proposal within 7 days. My question is should I do this or request a response on the other letter I sent advising my intentions to set the judgement asside as I havent received a response nor did they re
  2. Hi Brigadier, I've posted off a SAR to Virgin Money this morning and a CCA request to the solicitor, should I reply to the letter they sent me to advise them of my intentions? If I do apply for the judgement to be set aside what sort of defence could I expect to file? Depending on what the SAR comes back with can I dispute the amount owed? Many thanks B
  3. Hi Brigadier, Thanks for your reply, the judgement is in Arrow Globals name as it was filed 22/02/2013 and they purchased the debt back in Nov 2011. Regarding having the judgement set asside what does this entail? Obviously I am happy to setup a repayment plan but like you said they were awarded by default because I never got the documents. I'm kicking myself now because last year I received a couple of letters from Arrow Global at my new address and just binned them as I didnt recognise the name or the amount. Does being on the electoral roll at my new address at the time which the
  4. Hi Guys, Hope someone can help me. I received a letter 2 weeks ago from Blake Lapthorn regarding a claim that had been entered against me advising that it was still outstanding and they would like to help me set up a payment plan etc etc. Now I knew of the debt but hadn't been able to pay anything for over a year and up to this point hadn't received any letter up until now. The debt relates to a Virgin Money agreement taken out in 2007 with the last payment being made in Nov 2011. I stuck my details into the Trust registry at a previous address and lo and behold they had been granted
  5. Fortunately not, it was very similar to their letter but normally with them you get the 72hr notice letter, well at least you did when they were after my parents. Either way no one came round and no one rang, bit difficult without a phone number I guess. On saturday I got a letter from "HL Solicitors" which turned out to be "HL Legal" which I did a fair bit of reading on. I gather that these guys are your standard threat for hire akin to "Russell and Aitkin" and "Midas Legal Services"? I wonder if someone could explain to me at what point this is going to get serious, most of my acco
  6. Hi mike I think your right, I reread the letter and it doesn't mention anything about visiting just calling. Should be interesting they don't have my phone number. Thanks Dan
  7. Thanks!, I have just noticed that there is no date stated on which he is coming round just a time? Although the letter is dated 11th May that was nearly a week ago and its turned up today. Thanks Dan
  8. Hi guys, Its been very quiet since my last post however today I received what I thought was a pay slip from work which turned out to be an "appointment notice" from Debt Managers and I quote: "This is to confirm I will be calling at your address between 5:30pm and 7:30pm to discuss repayment of the above account, if this is not convenient please contact Mr Whyte on xxxxxx, Regards Mr Scott" Surely this has to be a wind up, coming from Scotland is a long way? The names don't sound particularly convincing either? I don't have an issue with people knocking on the
  9. Hi Guys, Thanks for the advice, I think I will hold out and see what else I get. Before I moved and stop paying anything the debts where on the DCA merry go round. I don't understand the logic in this process. The letters get more and more aggresive then you get the "As you have not responded we are passing the account back to our client" letter. It goes quiet for a couple of weeks then it starts all over again? Some of the debts have been to the same DCA twice, Lloyds appear to like Wescott? Many thanks for the advice Dan
  10. Hi Guys, Back in 2007/08 I got myself into a bit of debt, around 22k worth. Ever since then I set up a DMP with the CCCS which collapsed exactly a year ago when the house we were living in got repossessed (not my house thankfully) We then moved to another house which got repossessed in Jan this year (Again landlord not keeping up with payments). we are now in a decent house with a beautiful baby boy and I now feel ready to fight my way out of this mess once and for all. I'd lost contact with all my creditors after the two house moves so I stuck myself on the electo
  11. Hi Guys, So I have spoken to agent who is acting on behalf of the bank. Had a nice chat with the guy there and basically the landlord has failed to keep up with mortgage payments so they have taken receivership of the property and they effectively become our new LL. Now I don't understand what this receivership thing is, is it the same as a reposession? The guy explained that they would send someone to inspect the house and decide whether to sell it or keep it as a going concern with us paying rent. In his words whichever paid the arrears off quickest. Now I've been through a repo an
  12. Hey guys, Thanks for the advice so far. I have spoken to the landlord, she owns a farm across the road from us so we are on very good terms. She said they had some problems keeping up with the mortgage payments as the house had been empty for some time. She assures me that everything has now been sorted, I gave her the letter and said she would ring them first thing on Monday. I have rang the estate agent and explained the situation, they said they would get head office to call me on monday. My initial thoughts were also to complete the new agreement however I am not happy to pay the
  13. Hi Guys, Me and my partner have been in a property for 6 months and this month we are planning to renew tenancy however... this morning I received 2 letters, 1 addressed to the landlord and the other addressed to the occupier so I opened the one addressed to the occupuer. It's from 'UCB Home Loans' and it reads as follows: Now to me this sounds like a home repo or the Landlord has gone Bankrupt can anyone confirm what this means. The advice sheet attached is entitled "Law Property Act 1925" again doesn't really mean a lot but judging from experience of my parents home re
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