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  1. Thanks so much Michael, I have my claim number as I paid online so can I email them the schedule of charges or do I post it to them? Many thanks
  2. I have just submitted my MCOL but nowhere was I asked about my schedule of charges I just had the small box for particulars of claim and I couldn't see anywhere to send an attachmant. I have set out my claim amounts (claim+interest) and justified this but have not given them a full schedule of charges with interest amounts (though Halifax have this without the detailed interest calculations). I can't get hold of them until tomorrow morning now. DO MCOL need this? Can I send it to them by email? Help I'm paniking!!
  3. Many thanks Nigel I'm a bit wary about using their Trinity House address though because I have sent recorded delivery letters there before that they say they never received. Still like you said they should receive them whether I use either address. Thanks again
  4. Please! I know they are only minor questions but would really appreciate some advice from you wonderful lot. I guess it is the Halifax plc, PO Box 548, Leeds, LS1 1WU address I put as the defendant and we will claim in joint names but if anyone can confirm this I would really appreciate it. Many thanks
  5. OK just about to start my moneyclaim online but need some advice please! Do we put the full name of defendant as Halifax, Leeds address I don't think I need to name the person I have been corresponding to do I? Also as the bank accounts are joint do I put the claimant names as that of myself and my husband or can I claim alone? Many thanks
  6. Right here's the latest. My LBA went off on Friday 18th, 14 days after my prelim letter. They had responded to this letter by telling me they were looking into it and would take 4 weeks. I am sticking to MY timetable, so when the 14 days were up MY LBA went off. This morning we received a letter from the Halifax saying they would offer £410 as settlement. Although I was half expecting an offer I as still surprised to get it. However it is not even 10% of our claim so I have just sent off an offer rejection letter. I feel I am getting toward the exciting part. Still can not believe they will cough up the full amount, seems unreal they will actually do it! However I am determined to take this all the way - thanks to this site!
  7. Just received an acknowledgment of my prelim letter saying they will get back to me in 4 weeks. Yeah right, the clock is ticking, my LBA goes in next friday if they haven't refunded the total amount. DH and I are getting nervous and excited, can't believe they will actually refund the whole amount really, time will tell though!
  8. In my opinion, I would take it as it is still over the total charges you have claimed, it is like they are not giving you the interest you have claimed. Can you look back at your statements and check them again or photocopy them and prove the charges are right that you have claimed for? I'm new to this and starting out on my road and I am just saying what I would be prepared to accept. Good luck and well done!
  9. Well it's sent now, 14 days and I'll know if I need to send an LBA, I am certainly expecting to. Feel I'm on a bit of a rollercoaster, thank goodness for this website. Have already opened another bank account which has been open for a couple of months now, I just need to sit this next bit out. I'll keep you all informed of my journey here.
  10. Hi all I think I'm going to claim for the whole amount as it is under 5000 so would still be allowable in the small claims court from what I have read on here?? Is this the right thing to do I wonder? I feel a bit nervous about the whole thing any advice would be much appreciated.
  11. Well at last we have recieved our bank statements for the last 6 years. I requested them nearly 3 months ago and finally received them for our 2 bank accounts. It is not pretty reading and adding it all up this morning we have £2248 charges on one account and £2303 on the other:shock: . I am a little worried as this seems to be a very large amount to claim for and not sure if I should claim for them at the same time or one at a time? Or should I add them and claim it as one amount? Any advice would be appreciated. I'm now off to go and find the letter I need to send!
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