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  1. Another win here v MBNA(Credit card), thanks to the help of members of this forum £4205 in premiums and £472 interest + £150 gesture of goodwill has been repaid Now to resume the battle with Nasty West Donation to the site on it's way
  2. Thanks aa, I would not have been able to do it without yours and painty's invaluable advice :D:D
  3. Hi all, this thread has been dormant for about a year due to ill health and personal circumstances. I was considering resuming the battle when out of the blue, yesterday, I received the letter below. Dear Mr XXXX I am writing in relation to the previous response that was sent regarding your PPI complaint. It has been brought to our attention that in our original response we advised that the FOS would not be able to deal with your complaint due to it being out of the time limits for referral. This was an oversight on our part. Although we still believe this is the case, it is
  4. Thanks Alan, The account is still open so that's good. I am looking forward to getting home now to check the comms log again, I strongly suspect that the call they are referring to is probably the card activation call. There was absoluteley zilch, zero, nothing, nada in the SAR pack referring to PPI.
  5. 216 pages and the internet connection in my office out here is almost as slow as dial up!!!! Might leave this till I get home. :) Surely for any type of contract (assuming ppi for a credit card is a contract) whether it be for PPI or pet insurance they have to send out t & c's and a contract for the applicant to sign. If the above is correct are they not legally obliged to keep a record of that contract/agreement for 6 years?:?
  6. Thanks Alan and Painty for your replies, I will post their full response on my return to the UK also the entry in the call log for the date they claim.
  7. OK folks bear with me on this cos I am out in India working at the moment, I am not due back for a week. I phoned OH tonight and MBNA have responded negatively to my request for money back. They claim that I agreed to PPI over the phone some weeks after the application form was filled out and NO was ticked (a fact that they aknowledge). I am sure that I would not have agreed to PPI at any time. There may have been a phone call on the date they specify, but there is nothing in the call log from my recollection that indicates ppi was ever discussed or agreed to. My general questi
  8. Hi all, Got a response from MBNA this morning to my claim for my money back, not my complaint about incomplete SAR. ''Thank you for our letter Blah blah. We are currently investigating your complaint and we will issue a response within 28 days'' Being a reasonable person I will wait 28 days for their response
  9. Hi Sandia, I am also going after MBNA for the same reason, have a look at this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/158462-robin-banks-mbna.html From what you have said I think you have a good case if you want to go down the court route. I would send a SAR (template in the stickies) straight away. Keep checking your thread as there will be someone far more experienced than me along to hold your hand through the process of getting YOUR money back. Good luck
  10. Hi all, I have drafted the below, based on Alan's information if someone could have a look and advise on beefing up and/or improving I would be most gratefull. Dear xxxx Thank you for your letter dated xxxxxx, I acknowledge the fact that you claim not to hold any recordings or transcripts of telephone conversations held between your company and me. However I must point out that the information you have provided is incomplete in that you have not complied with ICO guidelines. Under these guidelines I am entitled to any personal information that is held about me and if it is, to
  11. Thank you Alan, Most helpful, I can't thank the likes of yourself, Paintball and Hellhasnofury enough. This site is a godsend to people who are unaware of their rights and the legal process.
  12. Thanks Alan, I have been through the comms log, but to be honest they don't make a lot of sense as everything is abbreviated. They did send a list of abbreviations but it only covers about 25% of whats in the logs.
  13. HI HHNF, Thanks for the response, reading some of the threads on here it appears that you help a great deal of people, so I am extremely grateful for your time in helping me. I have answered your questions (In blue). Should I send the non compliance to Edinburgh? Should I enclose a copy of the original SAR and a copy of their initial reply? Thanks again for your reply
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