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  1. The new owner has not registered I have a letter from DVLA confirming that I ceased to be the keeper from last year .THe authority has been explained of how the sale took place and they have confirmed in a letter that they will 'pursue the new owner with the fines ' In the meantime because authority have got in touch with the court - the court are sending me statutory declaration unaware that the authority are pursuing the fines with the new owner ............. In totla there are 9 fines - Do I keep going to the court to have these signed (statutory declarations) - Its geting to
  2. This whole saga is a pain - I have had 8 pcns and 2 statutory declarations which I have to do again - To add to all this I have had nother fine pcn for the same car - Does this mean I have to keep going to court and get these statutory declarations signed even though I have had a letter from athority tsaying 'that we will pursue this new owner for the fines listed ' SHould I go to court to get these stat declarations signed - or tell authoriy please stop sending me letter to do with this car as you know it does not belong to me .... it seems this is going to carry on until this per
  3. I phoned up the court today - they sad although I had it signed in the time allowed the court did not receive the papers ontime inthe northampton court. He said that they advise people to have it signed at county court rather than magistrate court - and advised that you bring the papers and send it yourself rather than the court sending it ....... Its really unfair that even though they can see I had it signed within the time - they will not allow that it was the court who delayed the process .
  4. what should I do - when I went to sign the stat declaration the court said to me that your work is over - we'll do the rest - soI presumed they send it - They have sent these decalration back to me together with 'statutory declaration out of time ' and I have to givve reaon for 'out of time' and have to go gto court again to get it signed. all this is from the court . From my council I have a letter dated 21st Jul 2008 saying We will pursue the new owner for the fines ..... Today I had a notice to owner (a new one ) for the same car which I do not own . This in total is 8 fin
  5. I took stautory decarations to court and got them signed within 21days of receiving them - the court kept the papers . Today I received a letter from court saying that 'We are unable to process your form ;and so your correspondence is returned . . You have sent in your stat. decllaration outside the time allowed. Please complete the enclosed aplication to file a 'Statutory declaration 'out of time' and return both forms together. Please ensure you have have given clear reasons for filing the statutory declaration out of time on your ''Out of Time' form ' and not your reasons for appe
  6. This is the The Parking Penalty Enforcement Process - I'm wandering why in my case there was not Rejection Notice and it also states that 'The owner is informed of the right to appeal .....' I was not informed - I started getting the Charge Notices and thats how I found out ... . Leicester City Council - New Penalty Charges Apply It doesnt make sense why I wasnt informed - its only when I phone dup that they say the address of the new owener is fake ??? How was I to know ???
  7. in reply to Conniff here are the scanned images of documents - http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p469/omi59/notice-towner.jpg http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p469/omi59/charge-certificate-1.jpg http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p469/omi59/predebt.jpg Thankyou
  8. Thanks for all the help and guidance I am receiving from all members - One of the members - Conniff has said - Can you scan and put one of these tickets up here for us to look at. Remove personal identification first - t's really important that someone sees a copy of these tickets before you do anything I have the scanned documents can someone advise how to get it uploaded on the forum ????????
  9. I have made Representations biut have not had 'Accept or Reject ' letter or a letter to Appeal - Looking at the Parking Penalty Enforcement process ' should there be not be wherby the Council Accept or Reject representations ???? Have the coucil missed any letter in between ?????
  10. When I received the 'Notice to Owner ' on the back of this there is 'Representation' section where I ticked the box 'I was not the owner/keeper of the vehicle at the time of contravention' - I have had no letter from authority to appeal - instead I had Charge Notice and then Statutory Declaration. Have they missed sending me the letter to appeal????? What do I do ??? Getting the Statutory Declaration to be signed by a solicitor will incur a fee – and 2 have arrived in the post – 5 are pending . Why should I go through this pain ???? Do I qualify for compensation as it h
  11. I have had 7 pcn's for a car I sold in November . The parking fines were committed fromn January onwards. The garage signed the V5c form and I sent that off to DVLA. DVLA confirmed in a letter that I ceased to be the owner of the vehicle from the date I sold the vehicle - but the new owner had not notified DVLA. When I got the PCN's (Notice to Owner) I notified the authority of who I sold the car to - their address . The authority wrote back and said 'We will pursue the new owner' . Weeks passed and then I started gettinfg Charge Certificate ( 7 in all) - I spoke to the authorit
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