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  1. Hi, I recently took out a loan with my bank and was advised that it was a condition that I took out life insurance to cover this, obviously i took out the life insurance - i did feel pressured into taking out the insurance in order to get the loan? Can I go back and cancel the life insurance now or will they tell me that i need to repay the loan??? Thanks
  2. Thank you I will go back to them to advise I will carry on making a monthly contribution.... I am in more of a panic with me being a sole trader I know I am presonally liable, the annoying think in the industry that I am in at the moment ltd co's are folding and owing millions out and starting up again nearly straight away under a different name - think the amounts I owe are just a drop in the ocean but they know being a sole trader I suppose they have more chance of getting money from me.
  3. Hello, I would be really grateful for any help or advice, due to the last several months of the credit crunch I have had to pay a few o/s debts monthly on accounts I had outstanding I have struggled to make payments but kept to them. I sent the Companies a full and final settlement letter offering a reduced amount of the balance o/s - but they have written straight back to me know threatening court action if the full amount is not settled within 7 days. I am in despair I don't know what to do - Shall I send them a pleading letter that I try and carry on making the monthly repayments
  4. I have looked on the agreement which I have, and it is through ING Lease The name on the agreement is Lease agreement, there was a 3 month rental deposit - then 48 monthly payments then 1 monthly payment of a balloon payment???? It does say within the Financial details Primary period of Hire..
  5. Thanks, I take it from reading the information my only option may be to swap the lease and try maybe to downsize..... I presume that there is a fee for this too.
  6. I have the terms of Lease Agreement but there is nothing under cancellation, ther ar over 17 headings, being consolidation, sales Agency, Return of Goods and Disposal, Repudiation and Termination all the others are not really relevant.
  7. Hi, This is my 1st posting but I would really appreciate any help and advise? I am currently in a lease agreement for a vehicle which is over 48 months and then has a final balloon payment. Unfortunately due to the current climate I am going to find it a struggle soon to be able to carry on paying the high monthly instalments. I have looked on the internet and there are sites that advise that as long as you are 50% of the way through the agreement you can voluntarily terminate the agreement, my only query is can this be done on a lease agreement as most advice is about hire pur
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