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  1. I defaulted on about £60k worth of debt 5 years ago, and have been making very small payments via a DMP since then (estimated debt-free date - 2045!!). Over the next year or so I'll be in a position to start making full & final offers to creditors. I know that some will mark my file ' partially satisfied'. My question is - will the 'black mark' remain on my file for 6 years from the date the original default notice was placed on my file for each debt, or will it be from the date of my settlement?
  2. A few months ago, I got a letter from Robinson Way about a Barclaycard debt... however when I checked the account number, it wasn't mine, and I didn't recognise the amount. I wrote to them informing of them of this, and got a letter back saying they had passed it back to BC. I assumed that was the end of the matter, until I received a message from Westcot. I'm wise enough to DCA tricks to never answer the phone to them, so I waited for the letter, which came through yesterday. They are chasing me for the same account that I have never owned!! Now, a bit of background... I di
  3. I haven't looked at it recently. Which one should I check? Have received another chasing letter today. Given em a written reply telling them of their mistake (sent recorded, of course). Oh my, what a bunch of knuckle-draggers.
  4. I think I'll do that if they keep chasing. Maybe they'll look at their records and realise they're wrong. I can always hope.
  5. I've just had a letter from Robinson Way informing me that they are now acting for Barclaycard, and I owe them £X,XXX I thought this was a standard reassignment, until I looked closely, and realised that A. the account number was wrong, and B. The amount was way out. My Barclaycard debt had been purchased by another DCA a while back, so I didn't understand why I got this. I've written to them telling them that I don't have an account with that number. Have mentioned the other account, but haven't given them details. Anything else I need to do? M99
  6. Hi there, I'm considering going bankrupt, but my situation is a little complex (involves my business), so I think I need 121 advice. I did try calling the Hull Bankruptcy Advice Centre, but they aren't available at the moment. Has anyone here got someone else they can recommend? Thanks M99
  7. I went through an interview with an OR for a company bankruptcy a couple of years back. He was really nice and friendly. It's a nice change after all those creditor calls. I think you have to remember - the OR has no reason to be nasty to you. He's just a civil servant finding out if you've been doing anything worthy of investigation, like gambling all your money away.
  8. I have spoken to several solicitors regarding this - and this is approach that all of them describe. They apparently set out to get a declaration of unenforceability.
  9. Hi there, Two of my creditors (Barclaycard and HSBC) have responded to my CCA request with a blank app form / terms and conditions. My next move is to send them a Data Proection Request. What do specifically I need to ask for? Surely if I ask for "a copy of my signed agreement", couldn't that be taken as an admission of having signed an agreement? Thanks, M99
  10. Putting your own details on the AOC could be a mistake. You may be better off allowing them to get a court claim against him (he'll be asked to repay at a very small amount if he has no income), and then supporting him with donations of cash to him as an when he needs it. It depends on your relative situations. A few questions - You mention a charging order. Who owns a house? you or your brother? Or both of you? Does your brother have any assets to speak of? Have you personally admitted liability (in writing) for the debt to the University at any point? Are you
  11. Just a thought - you might consider holding out a little longer before you send the "I acknowledge no debt to your company - prove it" letter. Remember that it will take a little time for them to process the letter, then more time for them to trying to find an agreement, all of which gets you closer to october 2009. Of course, it's a balancing act between dragging it out and not leaving it so long that they issue a claim.
  12. I was offered one too - however I knew the alternative was that they close my accounts, pass it to MCS, and stop charging me interest. Let me see.... Lucky escape that one, it's a real con.
  13. In the meantime, thank the solicitor for her advice and ask if she'd mind sending that to you on headed notepaper, then you'll consider it.
  14. Yep - big egg's suggestion is the best here - her email plus your verbal testimony plus receipts plus witness from stud farm should be enough, but she'll probably fold before it gets to court. One thing I would add is after the letter before action, just before you file the court claim (and pay the fee), fill in a copy of the court claim form, and send her a copy along with a letter saying this will be filed at 4pm tomorrow unless payment received in full. Sometimes that is enough to make people realise you're serious if they ignore the first letter.
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